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Writing our Troops

Writing our Troops











December 23, 2017

Writing our heroes -our wounded and sick warriors & deployed troops who always need hugs is a bucket list experience ! Be original … Teachers, we prefer scribbles and creativity to coloring pages where every student colored in the same picture and wrote the same note … on vacation ? Make some now for New Years accepted through our new date January 5th !  Happy New Year ! 🎉






1.Our mailbox is empty and this is a super project for any child or teenager to understand who a hero is and how our freedom comes at great sacrifice . My son’s father was a USAF veteran and we lost him to brain cancer a few years ago. The kids are the real heroes left behind missing their Mom or Dad and personal hero .💙 But even my son will be writing some cards to troops overseas and our wounded that will be packed into care packages . He does this in honor of his Dad in Heaven.





💚In a positive way – your children and you can reach out to deployed troops and wounded and even our brave sick veterans who need a hug and smile . 🇺🇸

Please make your cards personal with at least 2-3 sentences on each card, your drawing or letter as we want your written surprises to feel like REAL support and a real Homefront Hug unless it is from a child . 😎 Morale is key when deployed overseas or healing from a wound or serious illness .


2. Please write your notes ( and you can draw pictures too and add a message) to a wounded or sick veteran , nurse , doctor , therapist ,or medic for Operation Healing Angel of Homefront Hugs and/or for deployed troops AND always put on a corner of each card, letter or banner (or envelope if sealing) WHO the card or letter is for ! 📬

📌 ” For a Wounded Hero ”
📌 ” For a Sick Veteran Hero ”
📌 ” For a Hero Medic ”
📌 ” For a Hero Nurse ”
📌 ” For a Hero Med Tech ”
📌 ” For a Hero Chaplain ”
📌 ” For a Hero Social Worker ”
📌 ” For a Hero Therapist ”
📌 ” For a Deployed Hero ”


YES ! You can put them all in one enevelope and ship but don’t forget to label somewhere on each envelope or card for WHOM each one is ! 


We have so many troops for adoption too if you are interested or have a group wanting to adopt a group – like a business, social or athletic club, place of worship , neighborhood friends , debate team , classroom or school !

Just email us :



3. Send them all in one big envelope or box to :

Homefront Hugs for Heroes 📬
1881 West Liberty St
Ann Arbor, MI 48103



4. Additionally you can add your address or email or both on what you send . Just know we make no promises you will hear back . Our wounded and sick vets are going through their own life challenges and our deployed vets are at WAR . But during the last 16 years – many Americans have heard back !😉



Slausonstudentmakescard for wounded


5. Additional items you can ship with your kind notes of hope  :

📌 2018 planners and calendars of all themes and sizes (we need 500 so even one is wonderful !)

📌 Plain white pillowcases decorated with positive messages for a veteran healing or a veteran far away from home at war …


📌 Burts Bees lip balm and lotion

📌 Spray Sunlotion

📌 Beef Jerky

📌 Neosporin

📌Deflated Soccer Balls
📌Chapstick of all flavors
📌 Smallest Maglites (Home Depot/Lowes)

📌 Cool Stickers to send home to their kids (Smilemakers Stickers) use coupon code “ HomefrontHugs” for free shipping and 20% off orders over $25.

📌 Brand NEW magazines of People or People in Spanish,


or US Weekly , Rolling Stones, Men’sHealth,National Geographic,Bark, Family Fun, Family Circle , Field and Stream,Oprah, Essence, Latina, Yoga, Spirituality & Health,Prevention,Maxim,the Atlantic, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Life, Bow Hunting,Sport Fishing, Flying, Boating World, Classic Car, Car&Driver, Popular Mechanics, Muscle Machines, Road & Track, Golf Magazine, Guideposts, Home Business, Readers’ Digest,Women’s Health, Money, Southern Living,


Remember another way to help us with magazines is to gift a subscription through to us to pack into care packages:

Homefront Hugs for Heroes
1881 West Liberty St
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


And save money 1st by clicking on Magazines dot com on the EBATES link first – (set up a free account for all your online shopping as you will earn so much money back )

You will get cash back, use any coupon found and save by going through EBATES to shop at your favorite stores and by using the link above help our wounded warrior missions . 



6. The messages should be of hope ,humor , spirituality (remembering we have many religions in our military) and some interesting things about the writer – ( your pets , your life , your city – or family ) . Again make them feel like REAL Homefront Hugs ! 💙


7.  Posters and banners are always welcome . Again add photos if possible and make them as personal as possible .
No last names needed for students and children but at least put first names and ages ! 


8.   Never just sign a card or forget to sign one at all – we will not pack them into care packages ! You would be amazed how many we get like this . Children should at least sign first name and age .



9. Beef Jerky , Girl Scout Cookies and even fruit cups are loved as treats – we never have enough 🙂







10. You can always adopt your own hero too here at Homefront Hugs USA but that takes a little more commitment . Email for info.

Or find out all about it here :

Ease of Adopting Your Own Hero at Homefront Hugs USA


Thanks so much for caring !






You can adopt a Veterans Hospital here or overseas to support for a minimum of 3 months and send letters,cards and needs under our Operations Healing Angel mission if you prefer . You must officially sign up as Veterans hospitals are very serious about security and working with registered volunteers of organizations . If this interests you , email us with subject ” Adopt a Hospital ” to .

💛💙More info about Operation Healing Angel :