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Where No Hero is Forgotten

When Troops Ask For Support

When Troops Ask For Support


Many ask us at Homefront Hugs how we respond when a service member emails us at for support of any kind, while deployed . So today we are sharing our response to Ricardo when he emailed us for support . 

And please know any friend or family member can submit a hero who needs support. We will not mention real names here due to Security (OPSEC) but we want everyone to feel welcome . Know we are a military family ourselves – and serve all branches . 

No one serving should ever feel forgotten or alone . If you are not getting mail or positive mail – or you need to destress – time to sign up with us for Homefront Hugs . Xxxxxxx



October 24, 2017

Ricardo 😎

You made my week. This is just the time that troops start to send us names and lists because of so many new deployments and the holidays approaching.
We love to spoil and we are proud of our 16 year old program at Homefront Hugs.
Can you send me all 11 names in your group  and any birthdays if possible ?

You did not list anything you needed so please send me your wish list .
Anything you need or miss please …
We are here for you …without conditions …at Homefront Hugs .

🔸And if anyone is Spanish speaking and prefers Spanish speaking Volunteers or magazines – please let us know .

🔸Also if anyone has a different religion than Christian / let me know so we don’t offend them during the holidays and remember their holidays 🙂

Do you have a family back home ? Where is home for you ? What do you need to stay warm or not be too hungry between meals?
Any activities needed to help time pass ? Anything you don’t like to eat or are allergic to ? Please don’t be shy .

Sorry – I am like everyone’s Mom here and a counselor so it’s important to me that we wrap you in personalized support but it’s all confidential …
I love you all and am so proud of you so please know you are in our prayers and will get supported by the best volunteers
(registered and screened) in the world who always follow OPSEC and come from all walks of life . They make me so proud every day .

As one of our troops, veterans, military families , or 1st responders- thank you for your sacrifices and always being there for us . Because of you, we live in freedom You are never forgotten here at Homefront Hugs USA.

Stay safe ! That’s an order, Ricardo.

Sincerely in peace , Shalom.

Alessandra 🌺

Alessandra Kellermann
President and Founder
Homefront Hugs USA
Recipient of Four Chaplains (& Rabbi) Award



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