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where we support all our troops, families and veterans without conditions

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November 25, 2015 Thanksgiving

First , let us express our hearts and prayers with our French allies and all victims of terrorism and remind everyone to have no fear. Fear allows ISIS to win . Our amazing brave heroes including our 1st responders are keeping us free and safe each day here and overseas .

Over 14 years ago, Homefront Hugs began, one month after 9/11 and the birthday of my best friend and husband Steve Schmidt – an amazing talented USAF pilot from Charlevoix and fellow Wolverine. We were college sweethearts at Michigan – Go Blue ! As a US Air Force family , we understand the sacrifices here .


Welcome to Homefront Hugs USA and many many thanks to all our heroes who sacrifice so much to keep us free and safe . Today we have 137 care packages for our wounded and deployed vets which must ship as soon as possible . Please donate before your turkey fun or after when you are relaxing and watching those football games …



United we stood 14 years ago. United we must stand again . With the recent ISIS threats – we need to be strong and unite across borders and with all our allies, across all politics .



Below are so many ways to help from the comforts of your home – letters and cards to lift morale :) and donations to help with filling and sending critical care to troops without support , our wounded warriors and military families with special needs . We do not need specific months to honor and help our troops and veterans and their brave families. 









We have many care packages for our deployed and for our wounded warriors   – we needed to ship for the holidays including troops in the middle of the harshest places fighting ISIS in harm’s way .

Each package costs $15.90.  Thank you so much for helping if you can.  The holidays are upon us now, our troops are busier than ever with the recent ISIS threats and attacks worldwide … we are needed more than ever .



If you can help: 

Sponsor even 1 care package for $16 or $50 for 3 , $110 for 7 , etc.  Thank you so much .




Click safely on the PayPal logo below to make a 1 time donation safely and securely.No Paypal account is needed to make a donation. Any credit card or checking account is accepted and kept securely monitored – never shared by Paypal even without an account with them .


  Click here to donate 



Thank our heroes and remind them they are not just remembered once or on holidays like Veterans’ Day or Christmas or Hanukkah but every single day and especially now.




Helping us send these  ” HOMEFRONT HUGS”  aids in preventing emotional isolation , depression and reduces the effects of PTSD and the tragic statistic of 22+ suicides per day.  

With any gift , 100 percent of your help is utilized for the postage to ship care to specific forgotten men and women in uniform overseas and heroes healing through our Operation Healing Angel mission . No one earns 1 penny here in 14 years of service to our nation’s heroes.


Is there another way to help ?

Yes. The very best way to help our troops is with a monthly pledge below since we ship monthly to heroes without support and our list is growing . Any amount is excellent help with 100% used for heroes in need .  Everyone can help somehow . Everyone is needed . 

To make a MONTHLY PLEDGE click here :

My monthly gift of thanks


l ******


To all serving, healing and who have  served…you are never forgotten. Sign up anytime for support at 

To our military and families of the fallen , you are not forgotten and in our hearts and prayers. We hope we are able to make a small difference in the lives of those who serve and never want any thanks. We do this in honor of those who have given their lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice.




At Homefront Hugs,  it is Veterans’ Day EVERY day for the past 14 years since 9-11, with all politics left at the door.  








We also have a mailing address to send a gift to help even stamps :

Homefront Hugs USA

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor , MI 48103







Thanks to to all of you who helped make past holiday seasons a success for our military children in need and families  in our annual Homefront Holiday Hugs events with the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor . We are always delighted to work with our fellow Wolverines in any way . Go Blue ! 



Thank you from our troops and veterans who may never be able to thank you themselves, but we thank you for them.  






We have heroes waiting to be individually adopted

Sometimes , troops have NO support at all, perhaps either forgotten by someone back home or there just are no funds to send anything. We welcome any medical professionals,hospitals or offices who may wish to adopt a VA hospital to support or a deployed or wounded hero . 


Thank you to Greenhills School of Ann Arbor who has adopted their first hero from Iraq and she is excited too ! She is especially looking forward to not eating only MREs. Meet the two leaders of their Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club Ed and Ben.  Our youngest generation is making us proud every day .










Yes. We serve heroes from all branches . Do you know the 5 branches ? 

Please consider adopting a sailor or soldier,airman or woman, Marine or coast guard hero for 4,6 or 9 month minimum.

We ask that you not request a specific branch as they are ALL heroes and we prioritize based on need. And if you can’t adopt now, help us reach others through social media and your community and friends . 

*****       image   








Our troops sacrifice so much…help us make sure No Hero is ForgottenTM.

To adopt a soldier, please fill out this form below FIRST, then take a photo of your application or scan it into an email, or send the answers to the questions to us in an email and send it to


You could be writing and sending some cheer in no time as we assign fast right now during the upcoming fall season  ! We think adopting a hero should be on everyone’s Bucket List. We do it ourselves because we love the honor and fun…

Adopt a Hero Volunteer Application


OPSEC Guidelines HomefrontHugs 


FYI…it only takes 1-3 weeks to receive your assignment at MOST depending on how busy we are and the needs of the soldiers applying for support.

We also need time to verify your information and assign based on the best match and in order of priority in terms of who applied first. Yes, you may adopt if you are NOT an American citizen and from an allied country , but a little more info is required and a copy of a photo Id that shows your name and address. We also get special permission from the hero you are to be assigned. Thank you for wanting to make such a difference in the life of a serviceman or  woman in war .


BUT if you have not heard from us after 3 weeks…please bug us at   


The beauty of Homefront Hugs:

There are so many ways for everyone to help regardless of age, ability, language or religion to help from HOME, your dorm room, fraternity, sorority ,or your place of business….

Just take a look and join an incredible group of volunteers from all over the USA and world who realize supporting those who serve and have served without conditions,without prejudice and without politics is essential


Operation Healing Angel Nurses



  • Email us  at for general info . You can also help us by downloading the information on our Info/Forms page where we have all our applications and brochures.



  • Adopt a Hero or a Military Family in need of a smile and a morale boost Homefront Hero Hugs. (details below)



  • Adopt a Military Family to sponsor for the holidays as a group ,family or business 
  • Write a Letter/Send small items to Our Wounded Troops & Medical Staff Heroes Operation Healing Angel sent here to headquarters or you can be assigned to one of our VA hospitals if you have a group

Items needed for Operation Healing Angel

  • iTunes Gift Cards of any amount
  • 2016 calendars 
  • Starbucks gift cards or actual coffee ( for our deployed heroes too ) 



  • soft socks with tread for men and women or slippers ( larger sizes best ) 
  • softest plush lap blankets / throws 
  • stamps and blank cards and Pens 
  • Adult coloring books with colored pencils
  • Postcards of get well wishes and holiday wishes from all over the world


  • Start a Homefront Hugs Kids or Teen, College or Seniors Volunteer Club in your community. Just ask for info at 


  • SEND us any condition iPhones, iPads, and iPods smartphones for our wounded warriors and families…You can even help us collect these in your community and then send them cheaply to us in a Flat rate USPS box. Chargers are not needed…and screens can even be cracked…5 have come in so far at all. This is a great volunteer project for a teens. 

         Send to:

 Homefront Hugs USA         

  1881 West Liberty St

  Ann Arbor, MI 48103

  • Sign up to be a general volunteer and help in an area of your expertise from home. We always need volunteers to help make PDF flyers and forms,  help update our website when needed, recruit volunteers and ask for needed donations of requested supplies- any or all of these areas. We also are looking for some IT experts anyone who knows how to make an app we could use for smartphones to serve our troops better. PASS the word and email us please !


  • Volunteer to RT  (repeat our tweets) on Twitter and follow us @HomefrontHugs and be sure to add that you are a  @HomefrontHugs volunteer on your profile….many of you have and we thank you !!


  • Volunteer to share our Posts on Facebook so troops and vets know where they can go for help and Americans know how to volunteer!



  • Office & Troop supplies needed :
  • color copies of  our brochures (100 min of each) 
  • color copies of our Adoptions Flyer (1000 flyers needed but any amt accepted)
  • 200 large white envelopes 9 x 6 inches 
  • 1-30 books or 10 rolls of stamps 
  • 1-50 colored pencil sets
  • 1-50 adult coloring books
  • 1-150 Christmas stockings
  • 1-30 Menorahs with candles
  • 1-100 Blank Hanukkah cards
  • 1-200 of 2016 calendars of all themes
  • Gift Cards to Office Max, Office Depot, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or Target gratefully accepted to buy needs and supplies for our troops and missions and needy military families 
  • 251 ink colored and black 


  • All types of holiday decorations for our troops by 12/7 please including New Years :)


  • Critical 1999 JEEP TLC NEEDED:
  • Help for our 17 year old Jeep which transports wounded veterans and thousands of care packages (inner lining of roof needs replacement ( we have it – just need installation ) , trunk door needs repair as it does not open ,and we have no heat ) . This is our personal car we have been using for 14 years for Homefront Hugs and on its last legs but we can manage another 14 years with a little tweaking .

If there is any car company like Chrysler Fiat Jeep or Ford that might donate a new vehicle to Homefront Hugs – that would be a wonderful surprise and help for our missions or even better perhaps a car dealership or repair shop that might donate services in SE Michigan where our headquarters are to make our Jeep more accessible , fix the heat issues and roof and rear hatchback door that will no longer open .


  • Contact to help with any of the above and if we ask for a certain number like 50 – you can send even 1 towards our goal ! 

Thank you so much ! Email us 



Any of these supplies can be sent to: 

Homefront Hugs

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor,MI 48103                                                              


Go to the FB Homefront Hugs USA page or the Homefront Hugs Kids Club page , see the photos of our missions, read and meet other volunteers. Help us gain more followers  help us get more




The Barbee family even got to meet their adopted soldier when he came home !






To adopt a military family dealing with either a wounded hero home or deployed Mom or Dad, there is an application which explains what is expected, with at least a 6 month commitment and complete confidentiality is required at all times . For the holidays however we do have a few families you can adopt just for December . 

Just 1 morale lifting care package per month is required to include any children who may be in the family. This is a wonderful gift to our serviceman or woman so that they can focus on healing or their mission in the war. Many of these heroes have submitted their families themselves and their words will remind you why it is such an honor to thank them for their sacrifices.

Adopting a family can be a super family project with everyone getting involved, feeling needed, and learning to give back at even the youngest of ages.















At Homefront Hugs, getting children and our seniors involved is a vital goal supporting our inclusion and diversity philosophy. We reach out to disabled and foster children and teens, children and adults of all religions, sexual orientation, and do not turn anyone away who wants to give back and thank our heroes for their sacrifices.

After all, our veterans and families come from all walks of life proudly just like all our heroes. We cannot promise you a local family or a vet within your state but they are all heroes and we will try to match you up locally.




To adopt a hero, is so easy and rewarding too…!

This mission also requires at least a 4,6 or 9 month minimum commitment and the utmost confidentiality as we are at war. Our heroes fill out applications and tell us a little about themselves if we are lucky, and we have many ideas as well to help you fill those care packages. You will smile when you read some of their answers as you get your very own hero anxiously hoping he or she might be adopted. Two care packages are required a month of any size,  even a large envelope with a magazine.some gum and a letter qualifies. The letter is the most important part, sending what feels like a hug from home.

Specific Details here :

Ease of Adopting a Hero




TIPS: You can also have others donate to your packages and help you with postage which is not much as it is US postage and you should use FLAT RATE boxes which allow you to mail anything up to 70 lbs as long as it fits in one of their boxes THEY provide.


Cost? It costs anywhere from $5 – $50 a month to adopt depending what you pack of course. It can be just a magazine and note 2x per month . 


Confidentiality/ OPSEC:

The address can NEVER be shared due to OPSEC which is a word we will teach you, or posted with anyone outside your immediate family unless they are signed up top.  If you are a group, place of worship or business, please make one or two people in charge and responsible for security of the address and info, and that is all who need to apply.

In fact, if you ever see names or addresses posted with any organization on social media or anywhere, this is a serious violation of security and privacy. Your information is never shared either.



Teachers , clubs and students only have to send 1 package a month as we know how busy you are and love having our students involved !

Our Kids/Teen page is a great resource too. We highly suggest adopting a military family as they will have more time to respond and give feedback to your students !

Our teachers take a soldier and his or her family sometimes as they only have to send 1 care package to each and it can be mainly letters or drawings .



If you can only afford one package per month , let us know and we will have you share your hero with another volunteer.

We will find the other volunteer and your information is never shared .


Parents,Friends or Loved Ones of Deployed Heroes ?

***We can adopt your loved one too, just ask especially if for whatever private reason you cannot send much support. Just email 


Anyone can adopt a hero who agrees to our rules and expectations to maintain quality of care and consistency of support to our deployed or wounded veterans. We welcome diversity and reach out to all Americans to join us, leaving politics aside just as our veterans come form all walks of life. We see the best of America at Homefront Hugs.


All our forms and applications can be found under INFO AND FORMS on this site ! If you have trouble finding the forms, email us at for the forms.




If you want your assignment quicker, you can send us all the answers in an email but remember to adopt we need full addresses, no PO Boxes please, phone number,and agreement to complete confidentiality/OPSEC and 4, 6  or 9 month commitment .  And please add why you wish to adopt. Then send your answers to

First Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club in the Midwest


Other projects include our Homefront Hugs Kids and Teens Volunteer Clubs which we hope our volunteers will start in their communities eventually especially if they want to involve children and teen, and even college students in giving back. Here is our new brochure:













Operation Healing Angel, is our special mission where one can adopt a hospital to send cards to at least 4 times a year, and included the medical staff who are heroes too.

You can also send cards here to us anytime of year for us to send to medical units overseas in the war zone or troops deployed, and to hospitals here which need the most support or in your own communities where veterans are healing. More info on our Operation Healing Angel tab above.

Collecting Blankets for our Wounded Heroes – this was our teen volunteer Jack Begley who was always there for the heavy lifting in Florida


This is a super project for children and any group wishing to thank our wounded in areas where support is low. Once you decide what you want to do, please fill out the application you wish , send us the answers by email or by regular mail, and please remember that we will need 1 paragraph as to why you wish to adopt a hero or a family. We take pride in our program and our volunteers and want to makes sure everyone is helping for good reasons. This is NOT a dating service and we stay in touch with the troops, families and you to make sure everything is going smoothly. 


          REMEMBER teens can receive volunteer credit and letters of reference for schools or college just by helping with any of the above or ideas on our Kids/Teen Page. Got more questions or need the volunteer hours sheet? Email us 


Please go look at our projects and endless photos on Facebook…and join us there with so many other volunteers and supporters to share ideas…we have 2 pages which we hope you share with everyone: Homefront Hugs USA with updates and interesting info on our veterans,troops and care !

Homefront Hugs Kids and Teen Clubs a fun place for teens to stay updated with parental permission as well as teachers and anyone running clubs across the country to place updates and share projects !



Operation Healing Angel Nurses