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A Nation in Denial – Our Military Suicide Crisis

A Nation in Denial – Our Military Suicide Crisis


Updated November  9, 2017

Daily suicides continue . We remain in denial and now there is a spin of saying we are down to 20 per day .  It just means we pick the numbers we like to make it look good . No explanation of how these are assessed and still no talk of training service dogs as we do military working dogs for our veterans . In fact, this is the news today : another service organization is cut from providing service dogs to our heroes . Their work is genuine and healing but painstakingly slow issuing only a few per YEAR but if the government is not willing to do their job – who will ?


We need thousands upon thousands of appropriately trained service dogs . No one is providing this as more heroes are deployed and even asked with big bonuses to come out of retirement . Where is our moral responsibility to our  veterans ? We watched in tears this week on an excellent show on Veterans Hospitals in our country on PBS , wherein a combat vet stated  he was so relieved when he finally was called in to the VA to see a therapist and then told “ We’ll see you again in 3 months . “ He is a father, a husband and wants to live . He wants help .

What and who is there for him inbetween those appointments? A service dog would make a huge difference besides getting him more frequent appointments. How do we celebrate Veterans’ Day knowing these facts of daily suicides ? 145,000+ have now taken their lives since 9/11 alone . How do we celebrate holidays knowing we are betraying our veterans by not offering them even adequate care let alone the best of care ?

Alessandra Kellermann

President of Homefront Hugs Foundation

Where No Hero Is Forgotten

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July 17, 2017

Please don’t forget our heroes hurting in 2017.  We are all hurting when we lose even one of our own to suicide . Imagine the 22-24 daily funerals planned even today .

Forget about the damn numbers or push-ups ,we are at crisis numbers after almost 16 years with female military suicides higher than ever. This needs to get priority escalation and if we are worried about terrorist attacks, suicide has taken thousands upon thousands of our best citizens .

The new motto ” Be There ” would have been useful decades ago. Our Vietnam veterans have suffered the most from PTSD and lack of support and treatment . Now everyone is slowly waking up but not fast enough.

Is it up to the public now to ” be there ” where the government has failed our best and brightest men and women in uniform ?

Where were they ? Where are they ?

We are losing 22-24 heroes per DAY America. We are living in denial. That’s 8700 of 40,000 suicides per year in the USA. If that number does not stagger you, try 140,000+ military suicides since 9/11 when we began Homefront Hugs USA. Military families planning 22-24 funerals every day is unconscionable .

We hope our President Trump will finally make this his #1 priority as he promised so many vets and families . THIS is a national health crisis and we are all responsible for letting this go on 16 years .

Before a massive buildup of weapons and military strength, before any wall  …  caring for our veterans is necessary especially when wanting to recruit new troops with heightened tensions in the world . If we cannot care for our heroes when they come home . If this becomes a political issue instead of a uniting patriotic challenge then we should not send one more man or woman into war until this is resolved and we are willing to pay the price of their care . 

We are in the trenches every day . When are we included in meetings to talk about critical changes and funds needed to help so many issues of quality and access of care with Secretary Shulkin ? 

He must appoint the best and brightest from private or public sectors and think outside of the box. The suicides are a national disgrace . How does any branch expect to recruit when they have no handle on the suicide crisis ? This will lead to a draft .

Where is the national outrage ? When is this a CDC concern? Do we need to call it a disease to get everyone’s attention ?
When do politicians stop giving it all just lip service and speak about this as the worst war our nation ever faced besides WWII.

In the news:

Task and Purpose – Failing Our Troops

Jake Tapper @CNN :


This is unacceptable . These numbers and statistics do nothing except make the topic even more impersonal and elusive . By talking about numbers we forget Captain Jamie had a sister and parents who loved her and miss her every day . We forget so many .











We forget that Navy Seal Commander Jon left a 9 year old daughter without her Daddy to protect and hug her ; watch her blossom into a young woman.












We forget Penny, a brave veteran and Homefront Hugs volunteer just lost her youngest son Ben on the USS Nimitz at age 26 one week ago to suicide , with no forewarning .



We will not be silent at Homefront Hugs USA .

🔹Our service men and women deserve better – they deserve at the very least a choice to get mental health care wherever whenever needed .

Gold Card for Vets

image🔹They need service /therapy dogs for inbetween appts and care issued like Dept of Defense issues combat boots !

We have shared lists of how and why these amazing best friends are needed for our troops and vets . No more studies please of cute articles about 1-5 veterans being lucky enough to receive a service dog when thousands need them and this is our responsibility as a nation .




🔹They need all types of therapies offered at EVERY VA – art,meditation,music,equine,sports,yoga and the latest therapies to come including the breakthroughs being done now with mindfulness therapy which are astounding :


image image













🔹They need buddy systems as some have in combat zones ( battle buddies)  as University of Michigan Depression Center is implementing with the VA where military buddies ( trained warriors in intervention and suicide prevention ) are assigned to any at risk service member from the moment they set foot back on the Homefront for at least one year ( as PTSD can present up to 6 months from trauma .)

🔹Our troops and vets need the sexual assault cases to be taken AWAY from Military Justice (as the bill by Senator Gillibrand emphasized and was rejected) and straight to civilian authorities where each case is handled as a CRIME and not within chain of command with minimal prosecutions approximately 3000 of 26,000 in 2014  and in turn a huge increase in suicides .

🔹The VA needs to open up more community clinics at greater speed to address mental health and transitioning home after deployments  …forget the stigmatized buses with VA decor all over them .. These give our vets NO dignity or privacy .




🔹The VA needs to pay and recruit the best experts and researchers for mental health care ! Collaboration with top universities is encouraged .

No more mediocre care.  Vets experience exemplary care in Washington DC area where the president and politicians reside. These standards should be evidenced in every VA hospital without exception .
Hire now – hire the best and pay them top dollar for the BEST  !

🔸the best social workers
🔸the best psychiatrists
🔸the best psychologists
🔸the best therapists
🔸the best behavioral experts

and offer to pay education loans off as part of incentives .


🔹Stop investing in TeleHealth except to make appointments or quick well checks.  If a vet in crisis lives far from hospitals or resources, then Telehealth could be used for crisis intervention on a minimal basis while 1st responders are on their way and for maintenance of care .

But overall, our veterans deserve better –  one on one contact and care whatever the costs – even if it means HOME VISITS and THERAPY.

Veterans ( in fact any patient ) in emotional pain NEED HUMAN TOUCH and care not the inhumanity of TeleHealth Skype type care .



🔹Stop investing in million dollar research projects as was done a few months ago to assess value of service dogs . The facts are there and cited weekly on social media by Veterans Affairs and all branches of service and media as everyone loves a helping dog story . It is a nice visual . It also is critical and service organizations can only provide a handful every YEAR with veterans hoping against hope they might win the service dog lottery .

Study examines impact of service dogs on veterans with PTSD ($2 million dollars !)


🔹Whatever the cost – include the caregivers and natural supports when vet is willing in therapies to provide a healthy supportive home environment . Caregivers are afforded the Caregiver Act but only if service was after 9/11 and many need to be included in therapies to ensure success and progress of veteran and his or her emotional healing . Caregivers also include older children who may be part of assisting their loved ones struggling with PTSD, mood swings , healing .

🔹Mandate that Tricare cover marital counseling . Right now not one cent is covered . The benefits are limitless to maintain stability and support in the family system especially for any children witnessing and feeling their hero’s pain .












🔹The Veterans’ Crisis Line is phenomenal but overwhelmed and needs millions more to reach all our hurting vets. It cannot be the only answer either. In fact, an article this week reported the serious frightening number of calls being forwarded to other resources because they are overwhelmed .

🌀Official Unacceptable News:

One-third of calls to VA suicide hotline roll over



🔹Ask the NFL charging millions each game to show appreciation to our vets to take those millions and help with the stigma of asking for help and getting help with emotional wounds for any veteran or family member concerned about a loved one before it is too late .

🔹Ask all college football teams to do the same as above but realizing they do not take millions off our veterans backs like the NFL .

🔹No one should trust the suicide numbers you are reading as many are having their loved ones buried or cremated with different reasons of death like auto accident, accidental overdose, respiratory distress, cardiac arrest . It is heavily under reported which should make us all even more concerned .


🔹The millions spent on the APPS for “relaxing” and “dealing with your PTSD” for vets to use are simply bandaids and not a replacement for care ; for authentic mental health care .

🔹Every single branch of service needs to take the lead and offer Predeployment stress management , meditation , suicide prevention, recognizing warning signs from fellow warriors, etc .


🔹As only a few units are doing – whenever feasible with mission – therapy dogs and trained mental health counselors (not just our dedicated chaplains) need to be deployed with our men and women in uniform.






🔹Sexual assault prevention and reporting needs to be taught and RE-TAUGHT with every unit and service member using actual survivors of sexual assault to teach these in services . Make the in-service workshops include physical interaction so they are not seen as just another politically correct assignment for service members to check off .


( Comments left on social media alone whenever these topics are in the news show the great need to re-teach this to all military units until their attitudes change and assaults are eradicated )


This is a national emergency . This is no longer acceptable to have an article here or there talking about escalating suicides and small attempts here or there on Suicide Prevention.

We have a national suicide crisis America. My son will not enlist in the Armed Forces as his father did because we see the pain daily and know so little is being done with so little urgency to address these daily suicides. I am not losing our son to Suicide because no one cared to address this emergency with adequate haste and attention. In the U.K. , much work is  being done with Heads Together . We need to reach across the pond, share ideas and research with all our allies . Time is critical .

This is a crisis no one really wants to talk about . Do we have burial ceremonies for men and women killing themselves while serving ?

Are these mothers equally respected as other gold star mothers?




Are we even lowering our flags half staff when a service member takes his or her life ?

This is not political . Today, at least 21 military families are planning 21 funerals of heroes who volunteered to serve our amazing country . May they know their heroes were our heroes too and they will never just be numbers or statistics.

Until this crisis is addressed , and suicides drop dramatically, our flags nationwide should remain at half staff .


In peace , Shalom.

Alessandra and Ed Kellermann

Homefront Hugs Foundation




You are not alone . If you are going through hell emotionally please know we care and so do millions of Americans despite the slow progress .
Call someone you trust . Call the crisis line anytime 1-800-273-8255 & press 1.










Share this please if you can and contact your elected officials .




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