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Faces of Fallen – their Emotional War






March 11, 2017

Where is the national outcry as we deploy more troops daily ?


We were losing 20-24+ veterans a day to suicide now– emotional wounds and emotional wars that take our heroes with hardly any notice . The number has changed – it is no longer 22 per day .

Suicides in our military have SPIKED as of  the latest report from Department of Defense on 1/5/16 .

We need to wake up . Every American needs to become part of the hope and support our heroes need . Without caring for our veterans and troops when they need us , we will need to  forget about a volunteer military force and look forward to the draft . That is the cold reality for anyone who wishes to keep sending heroes over to conflicts and wars , and any administration which does not help enough to ensure the VERY best care emotionally and physically of our veterans before ,during and after they come home . We are failing our veterans when the Suicide rate is rising .

 This page will show some of the 

imagefaces of the fallen to suicide where there is NO shame but only a desperate plea for our country to start paying more attention and help us end this epidemic …this national crisis . And now military women are on the rise with suicides.  

Rest in peace heroes – you should still be here with all of us. We have failed you as a nation .  In your memory, we will try to help your brave brothers and sisters still here and fighting their silent emotional wars. It is up to each and every one of us to #ReachaVet .

And it is up to us to push for action and better solutions to reduce these suicides as we have here :

Our Country in Denial


In peace ,

Alessandra Kellermann

President /Founder

Homefront Hugs USA










Are YOU in pain ?

If you find yourself lost or feeling despair – these wounds are real . Warriors call . We care . We need you here. YOU MATTER.

Call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1 anytime of day or night . This is completely confidential and there are vets at the other end who understand what you are going through . Give it a chance .

You can also text for help: 838255


(Anyone can call even if you are just concerned about someone who seems to be troubled or a family member. )









Do you know someone hurting and not sure how to help them ?

YOU can call too – anytime – without getting your loved one in trouble . It’s all confidential .

DON’T wait until it’s too late . Ask any questions and share your converns :

1-800-273-8255 and then press 1



* Did you lose a hero to suicide ?

If you have a loved one who took his or her life and would like to honor them here, let us know who your loved one was , help others never forget their names,  please email  and thank you for your courage as you deal with your unspeakable loss.


You did not fail your veteran who committed suicide – your hero . Their emotional wounds were too much to handle and did not receive the treatment and intervention needed .


Please know there is grief & loss support for you too .

Contact SOS : Survivors of Suicide :

YOU need support too and you are not alone.




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