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Where No Hero is Forgotten

Thoughts about Homefront Hugs USA

Homefront Hugs USA

Our motto- Freedom Endures.

I was told about this organization so I copy pasted the info for any interested parties.


At Homefront Hugs USA, we have missions for the wounded, missions to adopt a soldier or a whole group of hereos, freedom contest for children and a kids page.. and many missions to support the military families manning the homefront including advocacy and education along with crisis intervention.

We welcome everyone to join our missions or just sign up for our newsletter which we try to get out monthly. You can do this all from home and your computer or start up one of our missions in your comunity or state. You can join us at your convenience and help is always appreciated whenever it is feasible for you.

At Homefront Hugs we need volunteers to write cards to our wounded in over 7 key hospitals where little support is received, to help pack backpacks and lunchboxes for children who are disaster victims, or just join us as volunteers and help spread the word to obtain more volunteers. Teenagers and college students are welcome as interns and to obtain credit for high school with parental permission.

Bottom line, we need you ! Our volunteers are valued and we give each of you a volunteer card when you register with us. Giving back to our country and our communities- is what Homefront Hugs is all about – that no hero nor volunteer hero is ever forgotten.

We are proud recipients of the Legion of Honor Award and 1st prize national award for volunteering from the Points of Light Foundation because of our hard work and desire to unite Americans of all backgrounds,races and cultures in what Americans do best- sharing their compassion and empathy with one another beginning with our children and making this world a better place to live in- in peace and harmony.

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