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Where No Hero is Forgotten

The Day After Veterans’ Day

11.16.2015 – Foreword:

I wrote this the day after Veterans Day and never expected holew true some of the words would be due to the Beirut bombings, the downed Russian airliner , and finally the horrific attacks in Paris.

We mourn with every nation affected and all the victims and families . Paris was where I spent part of my honeymoon as we were stationed in Germany with the US Air Force . It is more important than ever to thank our troops,vets and 1st responders and to support them in every way without conditions .


It is critical to remind our children they are safe and the whole world is trying to make sure that peace and love prevail .

United we stand without fear .


Even the day after Veterans’ Day, at Homefront Hugs , is a day we pause to say thank you to the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces for their sacrifice and bravery. We say this through our actions not just our words at Homefront Hugs.


The day after Veterans ‘ Day is usually a time the nation forgets and citizens gets back into their busy schedules if they even acknowledged our heroes yesterday unless there is a terrorist attack somewhere and it makes the news .

Our work continues no matter what day it is and we make sure no veteran or active duty service member is forgotten at Homefront Hugs irregardless of politics , sex, sexual orientation ,religion, culture, or ability. After all, our troops and veterans never ask who we are or our affiliations when they serve and protect our freedoms and keep us all safe .


Let us remember that too with our Latino community , where so many have served our nation even paying the ultimate price .


Did you know that thousands of Latino /Latina troops have been promised citizenship it they serve in the military ? Next time you hear someone bashing a certain group – remember in the military everyone serves together in the foxholes .


They all are heroes . And at Homefront Hugs, we salute all our veterans not just some.


We have made great strides in the last few years for LGBT members of the military with the eradication of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the impending end of the ban on transgender military service, and the nomination of Eric Fanning to be Secretary of the Army, who would be the first openly gay head of a military branch. But there is still work to be done and for us it is not a political issue but a civil rights issue for heroes who have served this country and kept all of us safe and free.

  • We support the upgrading and correction of discharge records of LGBT  veterans who served honorably, but were discharged with a “dishonorable” record simply for being themselves. This should have happened yesterday .


We supoort recently signed legislation to extend rights to veterans who use service animals to manage the effects of post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.




This should be a no-brainer for all veterans and will help reduce the suicides in this country of our veterans .

  • We are still losing 8,030 heroes a year losing hope and taking their lives . That is 22 heroes a day from all walks of life . Where is the national outrage ?
  • We encourage all ​policymakers to make sure LGBT and all our veterans from all religions and cultures are receiving culturally appropriate medical care.


Again, to all our veterans and brave military families from all branches ,thank you for your service to our nation. We pledge to keep supporting all of you and missions for equality for all our men and women who are serving and have served our country at Homefront Hugs USA .

Anyone needing support while deployed or wounded, just send an email

We are as inclusive and diverse as humanly possible at Homefront Hugs USA and proud of this and the Four Chaplains Award we received .

Every child volunteering with us should know that no one is turned away and every human life is special and valued here at Homefront Hugs.
Every teenager from all walks of life and religions should know that we believe in you and welcome you. We say no to bullying because we know that you are better than that and we love you for being the creative different and fun individual that you are helping make a difference in this world with us in so many ways… Our not so secret philosophy is that kids who volunteer – don’t bully .
If you need ideas just visit our Kids and Teen page ! And remember ,helping and volunteering combats fear of the unknown too .


If you are disABLED like me – you are more than welcome because every human being has something special to offer and we will help you figure out what it is even if you are not sure …

Any volunteer project fits with Homefront Hugs as long as you are giving thanks for your freedoms that all our amazing troops and veterans have given us …as long as you are trying to make this world a better place for everyone .


It may be the day after Veterans’ Day , but we need everyone’s help more than ever . One never knows when the next terrorist attack might happen – and we can do our part in supporting heroes who help us sleep at night and protect our allies . We can give thanks for our freedoms .


Our brave troops keeping us free and safe expect nothing but your support helps keep them motivated and stronger as they conduct their missions.

If you need ideas explore our website or just ask us . Peace comes at a heavy price to our wounded veterans and our troops but we want nothing else for our children and future .
Sincerely in peace – Shalom .

Alessandra Kellermann

Founder and CEO
Homefront Hugs USA

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