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Personalized Care Matters to a Deployed Heroine

Personalized Care Matters to a Deployed Heroine


January 29, 2014


My name is Destinee . I love dogs,running and yoga and exercising in general.  I am married with no children.

I just wanted to share why your organization made a difference for me….

Homefront Hugs is by-far the most genuine, caring donation organization for the military that I have run into.  When I was scanning the website, I was immediately drawn to the fact that they provide personalized care packages for us deployed troops.  That in itself speaks volumes b/c anyone can pack a generic male/female box and mail it off for a random troop.  Every individual has different needs than the next person.  I could get an entire “female” generic box and not use one item from it b/c it may not pertain to me…especially when it comes to feminine hygiene products! The one-on-one personal interaction means so much to us b/c it shows that people genuinely care about what we are going through and most importantly our well being.  Something as small as the Dove Cucumber Body wash I use, or Women’s Running Magazine would have me dancing down the halls! After all, there isn’t a Walmart nearby so specific items are scarce out here!  Not every deployed troop has family back home to depend on or someone to write to… or even call!

I was notified the same night that my request was received and immediately contacted by Alessandra Kellermann-the President and Founder of Homefront Hugs.  She assured me that my needs were going to be taken care of and even offered great mentorship!  This program is what we need out here in the desert b/c it is an overall morale booster.  On our “not so good” days there’s always a reminder (even through a care package) that people really do care and support us.  It’s the little things that mean the most and can bring a smile and brighten up our day!

Thank you so much.   I really appreciate everything ! And thank you for corresponding with me. It really means a lot.


CPL Destinee Johnson

Somewhere in Afghanistan


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