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Traveling to a far away land to face the unknown is a daunting task – a test of mental and physical toughness. The military prepares us through constant training and excercises to be ready to stand strong and resilient in the face of the enemy. But when there’s down time in the area of operations – when there’s quiet time – a soldier’s mind drifts back to home. The place where comfort lives. Where you don’t have to be on readiness; on guard. Where the simple things, the mundane things, matter.

Nothing fills that void like a kind word from home. We do get MARS morale calls when posted far from infrastructure and some lucky ones get a hardened site with internet to skype. Neither can replace mail call. That very real, tangible re-readable letter that we fold into a crew bag before walking up the ramp of a C-130. That folded paper carries the burdeon for us. The slack hours when we let go of the adrenaline and our arms feel like they weigh 100 pounds each. The words and pictures are real and anchor us to hope and happiness binding us to the reality that there is a place back home that wants us.

All good for the guys with people that care to write often. Nothing sucks the life out of you quicker than being that guy at mail call that never hears his name. That’s where the adopt a soldier programs pick us up. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know me or I know you. What matters is that you cared enough about us – your service men and women – to take time out of your day to pen a quick note or a card. Even if you don’t adopt any of us but help send a personalized Homefront Hugs package – that support matters .

Something so simple takes the weariness away from every serviceman in need of reassurance, comfort in the knowledge that at home we are not forgotten and to someone – even someone we’ve never met – we matter.

Brian Canada, TSGT




Help missions continue supporting our wounded and deployed troops who need support -every donation of $18 covers postage of 1 personalized care package and we invite you to add a personal message :



We send over 100 care packages every month to specific heroes keeping us safe here and overseas and veterans healing in hospitals . We have been doing so without any compensation for 16 years .

Thank  you for your support and honoring their sacrifices with your gift .