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October 8, 2017

Are you ready for any type of storm? Do you know all the resources for Maria victims ?

Our hearts and prayers are with Puerto Rico – our fellow citizens. We are so sorry for the slow response and want you to know with General Buchanan now there – so many troops from all branches are deployed to help now .

Check yourself against our list below compiled after years of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods which finally brought us to calmer, beautiful Michigan .







Hearts and prayers with all the 1st Responders /military heroes who left families behind to help millions of citizens affected by all these hurricanes . Just do your part and be prepared for a natural disaster of any kind .







Why Many Do Not Evacuate – Appeal to Media and 1st Responders








🔸 Look after your neighbors and elderly – many who are vets, disabled  and military families . If you need help and it is not an emergency for 911 but important – call 211 or 311.  



Thank our heroes and offer them a sandwich & cold drink or coffee  when you see them out in the storms’ aftermath  …they have families too waiting for them to come home safe after they finish helping all of us! 



Are you prepared for upcoming  snowstorms, flooding,tornadoes and blizzards especially this hurricane season with Irma now our very possible next one  ? For the electric outages? Water shortages? Extra medications and prescriptions ? Photos of prescriptions ? Extra food and crate for pets ? Emergency numbers in cell phone ? Extra battery pack to charge cell phone ? Documents in a fireproof waterproof  safety box and photos of all of them on your phone ? 



🔸For Spanish Help and Storm Guidance:

🔸For English –

Checklist for storms, blizzards, hurricanes:

  1. Extra Tarps
  2. hot cocoa and marshmallows for the kids
  3. Sleeping bags and pillows ,extra clothes ,have them ready as the washer and dryer won’t work when electricity is out
  4. Instant coffee
  5. dog food/ pet food
  6. Tea and honey for sore throats
  7. Throat lozenges and Ibuprofen
  8. flashlights for each member of family and batteries ( crankable ones are super as there is no need for batteries )
  9. weather radio
  10. extra sets of clothes and raincoats packed
  11. IF you have funds – a generator ( we don’t have one either so don’t feel bad )
  12. stock up food and medicine for one week for all
  13. Water ,water and water stock up for 1-2 weeks if you can – drinkable and bathable water .
  14. Charge up all electronics ! And buy an extra battery/cell phone charger with outlet for plugging in small appliances for electronics. Our favorite on QVC but there are smaller ones :




15.  Get cash out of ATMs in case credit cards can’t be used with electric outages

16.  Activities for kids including poster board and coloring items so they can write thank you cards to National Guard, and all military branches and 1st responders !



(If you are ready or even safe and sound in the middle of the storm , go see how you can help and give thanks to our troops and wounded warriors in need  in thanks for all they do for us at NEVER FORGET )







1. PREPARE PREPARE      PREPARE…at least a week before…do not delay and consider preparing before storms ever are forecast 


FIRST, if you have a smart phone – DOWNLOAD the RED CROSS TORNADO APP for FREE :

Tornado Warning App for iPhone and Android |American Red Cross >

Remember to stay prepared , run drills with kids, and the bathtub in the central part of your home is safest if you do not have a basement especially for tornadoes which accompany many storms especially hurricanes.

Tornado Guidance wherever you shelter 


DOWNLOAD any other local weather warning apps for your area that your local TV stations recommend for other inclement weather like floods, tornadoes, etc and the Weather Channel where our favorite Sam Champion works now ! But we also send a special Michigan hug to Ginger Zee on ABC !

KEEP 311  or 211 on speed dial as this is for anything that is almost an emergency but not quite and to help you find resources and help after a storm = UNITED WAY. This is also for elderly or disabled citizens who need help removing snow and ice during blizzards .

Keep all your electronics fully charged and their backup batteries fully charged to minimize stress when the electricity goes out ! Check out this Halo charger today on QVC – before they sell out.






1st  KIT include all your vital  documents to include insurance papers, marriage and birth certificates, will, transcripts, passports, licenses, diplomas, health insurance cards  for everyone, copies of all as you do not want to hand anyone originals if needed AND photos of your personal belongings, all documents and car. This should be kept with your laptops and electronics with chargers in a waterproof case or tote labeled  “Vital Documents/Electronics” and don’t forget your cameras !


2nd KIT – YOUR  1ST AID KIT make this one your 1st aid supplies and all medications for your and pets and vitamins, labeled well in case you have to leave pets or anyone in care of a friend or Samaritan for a moment. Make sure your 1st aid kit has the following:

  • Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes
  • 2-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6)
  • 4-inch sterile gauze  pads (4-6)
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive tape
  • Triangular bandages (3)
  • 2-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls)
  • 3-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls)
  • Scissors/Tweezers/Gloves
  • Needle
  • Moistened towelettes
  • Antiseptic
  • burn ointment and 4×4’s for burn wounds
  • paper tape
  • stronger medical tape
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers
  • Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant
  • Assorted sizes of safety pins
  • Cleansing agent/soap
  • Sunscreen during summers
  • small scissors or your Swiss Army Knife
  • gloves, several pair
  • emergency warming blanket ( one for each member of your family)
  • large and small ziploc bags for wound care or grabbing a few items if needed
  • some fun silly bandages for the kids
  • black sharpie pen to label anything

Prescription drugs for your 1st Aid Kit:

Make sure all your prescriptions are filled and ready – all labeled officially and with names of each family member at least a few days before the storm if possible. as even pharmacies can run out or not be open due to weather.

Non-prescription drugs for your 1st Aid Kit:

  • Aspirin or nonaspirin  pain reliever
  • Anti-diarrhea medication
  • Antacid (for stomach upset)
  • Syrup of Ipecac (use to induce vomiting if advised by the Poison Control Center)
  • Laxative
  • Activated charcoal (use if advised by the Poison Control Center)
  • Include  a list of every family member’s meds and allergies in case of emergency

HINT: You can make yours out of a soft lunchbox ( Lands End has super soft square lunch boxes with pockets ) or order one from the Red Cross…

   3rd   KIT  make this kit the one in the largest rubber tote with water, canned goods, snacks,  extra treats/rewards for good behavior in kids, travel games, flashlights crankable or with batteries in bag, peanut  butter or Nutella is a great choice with crackers,juice, canned fruit, garbage bags, protein bars, dried fruit, can opener, beef jerky, Slim Jims, Twizzlers, crystal light or Gatorade packs to add to water, napkins, paper plates, toilet paper or baby wipes , battery operated radio. Remember, if  troops come by with supplies, you will be given water and MRE’s (not so tasty)  so bring things to heat up  or mix with water if your food runs out …

DON’T FORGET BABY WIPES, toilet paper,trash bags and towels . Nothing worse than feeling grubby and kids like to feel clean too .


3 GET GAS for the car or truck now whether you plan to evacuate or not as gas lines will be impossible later. If you are not leaving , get some extra gas canisters and fill up as it may run out with panic and storms.  Keep these canisters OUTSIDE of your home in garage but with ventilation. SAFETY FIRST.

Download Gas Buddy App to find available gas :

4Stock up  on supplies and water now  before shelves are bare and public rushes to do it all at the last minute.   You can be home relaxing with the family, keeping everyone calm as others panic. You should have a gallon of water per person per day and plan for at least 3-5 days without water and electricity minimum .

Can’t forget our best friends during storms ! This was my son and George after Hurricane Ivan …



Have enough food and medications and cozy blankets for your four legged family members as they get stressed and have all the same needs we humans do during storms.

If you can’t keep your best friends with you, make sure you have a reservation for your kennel or a crate to keep your pets secure and feeling safe as they will get hyper and nervous as storms approach. That means make certain their shots are up to date at all times so they are accepted at your kennel .

Whether they are in their crates or at the kennel give them some soft blanket or bedding with YOUR scent to feel at ease and their favorite toys labeled.  Make sure you always have your vet’s number and your pet health records with you or you may not be able to use a shelter that allows pets if they are not current with shots with proof. MAKE COPIES .

Photos are equal to copies but make sure you take photos of all important documents and keep those on your phone at all times .


ALSO, this is a good time to MICROCHIP your pet so if he or she gets lost, your best friend is returned to YOU !

6. Have a PLAN OF ACTION ” A FAMILY EMERGENCY PLAN”  and 2 contacts who everyone can call OUT OF STATE and OUT OF STORMS way during and after  storm is over, and assessment of damages begin, as your electricity may be out, your cell phone may not work locally at all due to local tower damage, and roads may be blocked. Have a plan as to where you will evacuate if worse comes to worse and let your contact/family member know.  The worst is not knowing after a storm if everyone is okay. Write your plan down. Make sure everyone in the family is on board. Make copies. Remember copies can also be made by taking a photo of anything you need with your phone.

💙♿️ Do you have a disabled family member ?


7.  Have laminated updated ID cards of your kids and any elderly family members  if you have time with their height, weight, photo and address, meds, allergies, and health insurance info and YOUR cell phone number in case for some reason you get separated. You keep one and the other stays in your child’s backpack or pocket at all times. Include any additional info if your child is special needs. This is good to have all the time and update once a year. Make your own and  laminate can be found at any pharmacy or sometimes even grocery stores for small photos which is all you  need… you will have photo on one side and info on other you print out  small from your computer. If they are missing, you can hand this to 1st responders immediately with NO lag time ! You may also have a laminated ID with the same info for your pets too.

8.  Make sure the kids prepare too  and are involved due to fear. Have them help you and pack their own favorite items in their backpacks and pillows.  Make it an adventure ! Have them pack their toiletries too in plastic baggies and  anything they need for personal care in their own backpacks no matter how young. Let them have responsibility !  Have them reassure their dolls and  pets as this works BOTH ways (hint)! This is the time too to get them some fun flashlights and the hand crank ones are great with no need for batteries! Of course we love the mini maglites made in the USA !






9.  Kids need to feel involved and they can even learn to track the storm or hurricane so they can feel like young meteorologists ! Let them know that our troops, especially the National Guard and our Coast Guard are already getting  everything stocked and ready to help as soon as the storms leave and it is safe to go out.  They are heroes and that is why it is so important to be grateful for our troops and all they do. They protect us and keep us safe here on US soil every day .







10. Music is vital so allow kids to  listen to theirs and purchase a small charger to keep their Ipods and  other Mp3 players charged from the car in case nothing else works !  Allow the kids more flexibility and more room to act out a bit understanding they are stressed too and talk  about it. Realize they are trying to understand and yet feel helpless in  many ways too. Pack travel games,paper and colored pencils and washable markers .

Give kids responsibilities and praise as they help and remind them you can get through anything together !! Bring books too to read to your kids no matter how old and travel games they love. You may be at home or in a shelter with no  TV or computer for a long time. Make sure you remind them what heroes they are too and learn how to play games like Tic- Tac – Toe or Hangman which only require pen and paper !

11.  For kids, pack their winter coats or raincoats and boots for splashing around afterwards if it is safe  as there may be flooding with some storms and lots of frogs and animals they usually may not see coming out of the storm’s path…and a wonderful science adventure …or for sledding afterwards with neighbors or building snowmen !

12.  Go over safety rules with children before, during and after storms no  matter how young or old. Do not assume kids understand what a downed power line is, or how dangerous it can be to “ EXPLORE” after a storm until you have designated everything safe. SAFETY FIRST.

And then remind your kids consistently how safe they are, how this is just another adventure to write and tell others about one day ! 

13.  Know how to shut your electricity off as it can spark a  fire with natural gas leaks after a storm but contact your electric company for instructions if  unsure for safety.  This includes having a fire extinguisher that everyone in the family knows how to use. SAFETY FIRST.

14.  Fill up  your tubs and extra containers with water in case your water has to be shut off for any reason due to the storm damage. Label water for bathing/cleaning and water for  drinking. You may also want to get some Woolite to clean clothes by hand  if you are without electricity for a while.

15.  If you  have to evacuate, unplug all appliances and cover any and all items  with large trash bags and plastic (shower curtains work well) that you do not want getting wet in case of flooding inside.  Purchase several large rubber totes to place paintings or valuables in to  avoid water damage.

16.  Insurance fact: One fact about groceries in fridge or freezer, most renter and house insurance policies cover your lost groceries UP to $500 so do not worry about trying to save everything when you have so much to do. For our military families we KNOW USAA does from experience …and in Florida it’s the law !

17.  A non- electric grill  is a plus when  dealing with storms to cook food you  may have placed in a cooler and that may go bad if not eaten….it’s also great to have if electricity stays off for a while !

18.  If you have extra time, trim trees and branches that may fall on property  or cause damage during a storm. Remove all loose items from porches and patios  to prevent them from becoming dangerous projectiles !! Try to help your neighbors too with this issue especially any disabled or elderly neighbors …be there for each other .


19.  GET  CASH; PREPARE for ATMS to be closed  or unavailable including any check cashing places, so store some cash away, or even exchange them for  travelers cheques if you feel more comfortable, so you can buy items  needed after storm when things open !

20.  GET A TRACKING MAP FOR THE FAMILY if dealing with hurricanes to follow along the path of the storm      which is not only informational, but eases stress and fears as you know what is going on at all times.

21.  REACH  out to the Elderly, Disabled, Military families who may need help getting supplies together and preparing for the impending storm. Be a good neighbor and compassionate.  Help them get to  shelters if it seems it would be easier for them.  And remember to pay it forward. That is what Americans are all about, right? Even after the storm has hit, check on those around you and make sure everyone is okay. Never endanger yourself though as that will just make more work for our 1st responders and more victims to rescue ! Finally – exchange phone numbers with neighbors so you can check on each other once it is safe …



22.  Know the  evacuation routes if you  do leave and are permitted to be on the roads,and do not try to take your own path due to danger, no matter how jammed roads are. AND DO NOT LEAVE too late as you may end up out of gas, stuck on evacuation routes,  during the storms which is the worst feeling ! SAFETY FIRST.

23 If possible, purchase a small generator if you deal with many storms or potential big storms arnd purchase it in advance of storm season so you are not paying outrageous prices or from someone moving from the area.

24.  You should also have photos of all your possessions and valuables including documents, and if short on time, take photos with your phone esp of documents like insurance papers and birth certificates ! Be prepared.

25. A MUST HAVE: INVEST IN A WEATHER RADIO wherever you has saved lives ! They cost about $30. You can also buy them on the Red Cross Site at their online store but they cost a bit more.

26. ABOUT CALLING 911  PLEASE remember not to clog emergency lines up 911= unless it is life threatening as the first 48 hours are just as dangerous for 1st responders who have families too…to  come and help you for little things ! The first 48 hours you may be on  your own and you need to prepare and realize this as a fact. PREPARE please.


27After the storm passes, remember our heroes:

Make some thank you cards and sandwiches and bring cold or hot drinks to your first responders, our Coast Guard and National Guard and all heroes there after the storms. Their heroism can not be measured. Teach your children about their sacrifices and how they keep us free and safe every day.

Resources for Military Families :


28. FOLLOW the WARNINGS of POLICE and Temporary Restrictions/Curfews: Although inconvenient , listen to the warnings and  temporary instructions to stay off roads, remain at home, etc so you do not ENDANGER others and even worse 1st responders who are trying to get help to those in crisis with real emergencies. Penalties are stiff, costly and can even cost you jail time. Stay safe and smart.

If it is safe to walk outside, check on neighbors after the storm and remove any debris if safe, or SNOW from all fire hydrants which will help 1st responders in case there is a fire which can occur even in winter blizzards too !


29. Remember the Red Cross, local food banks, the Salvation Army, United Way, ASPCA for donations after or during storms, they are always there for everyone and every need. Just know that is you donate, you need to specify the area you want helped with your donation or your help just goes into a general worldwide fund.

To donate by phone to the Red Cross:

English    1-800 RED CROSS

Spanish   1-800 RED CROSS

TDD Operator  1-800 220 4095

TEXT HARVEY or REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation !


30. Please visit CDC online and take precautions during recovery times for Mold and CO2 which is so dangerous for vulnerable adults and children – anyone .










31. 🆘 CRITICAL NUMBERS to put in  your cell phone for any emergency

🔹FEMA : (800)-621-3362

They even have an app too :

( this is where you register ASAP after storm to get help and get into the system even if you don’t know total damage & needs yet )

🔹Red Cross Help

1-800-733-2767 or 202-303-4498

To download their app just text EMERGENCY to 90999



🔹🇺🇸 Red Cross for Military Families, troops, surviving families of veterans ,military civilians, merchant marine needing emergency help financially, communication & more :




🔹Neighbors cell phone #s to share info after storms hits

🔹Pharmacy Phone Number 💊

🔹Veterinarian 🐶🐱🐴

🔹Children’s Schools 🚌

🔹Your boss

🔹Therapist numbers for you & any family members including case manager if you have an exceptionally challenged child or adult

🔹Physician and Pediatrician numbers for family 🏥

🔹Electric Service Provider 🔌

🔹Water Utility 🚰

🔹Internet Service Provider

🔹Cable TV 📺

🔹Waste Management /Trash Pickup 🚛

🔹Place of Worship if you have one 😇

🔹Shelter Phone Numbers if you know (many can be found on Red Cross Website)

🔹Local Police NON- EMERGENCY  🚔

🔹United Way for resources 211 or 311

🔹Poison Control Hotline   (800) 222-1222

🔹Family/Friends phone numbers out of state


🔹Disaster Distress Helpline (800)-985-5990

Or TEXT  TalkWithUs to 66746

🔹Disaster Distress Helpline for Spanish Speakers :

1-800-985-5990 and press 2

or TEXT Hablanos to 66746

🔹Disaster Distress Helpline has 150 languages to support you so please call and know they can help :


🔹Disaster Distress Helpline for English Speakers in US Territories like Puerto Rico

     TEXT  TalkWithUs to 1-212-461-4635.



🔹Suicide Prevention Helpline -any age, anyone and even if you are worried about someone


Or TEXT to 741741


🔸 for Veterans – press 1 🇺🇸

Or TEXT to 838255

You can always visit their website too :




🔸for  Spanish Help

(800)- 628-9454  or 1-800-273-8255 press 2

(For you or anyone you may meet or  know – dealing with disasters and emergencies affects everyone differently -we are all human)






32. Resources for helping kids cope after a storm .🐬🎸⚽️

🔹Remember to remind them of the heroes who help come even before storms with supplies and ready to rescue anyone .

🔹Teach them who a 1st responder is .









🔹Teach them about our National Guard and Coast Guard who even rescue pets !




🔹Get kids involved in helping and thanking during and after storms .

🔹Guide younger children to console their pets and dolls, with what they hear from you . Help them pack a snack and draw a thank you picture for a hero they see helping .

🔹Remind them over and over they are safe . Remind them why and show them photos of our heroes here and on social media.

🔹Music and reading stories to kids of all ages helps calm everyone.

🔹Have older kids read to younger children, play board games, help and praise them when they do .

🔹Remember Tic Tac Toe and Hangman ? It’s time to reach a few old games to our younger generation .

🔹Sleep is critical and it is difficult during stressful times for all of you but try to make sure every child is getting at least 9-10 hours . And don’t forget about you . 💛









🔹if your children want to give thanks after storms – we have an amazing project and they can get volunteer credit with us : ask us about Homefront Lunchbox Hugs 😎

🔹If you need more serious help with your children coping here is some great reading with more resources  :













33. Specifically for military families – please don’t forget Military One Source  which is a fantastic resource for all topics with real help  : 

      Military One Source website





34. Last but never least – register with Disaster immediately after storm passes even with only half your info and with your insurance company !









Please share this page so everyone has a chance to prepare and knows what to do afterwards too . 




Homefront Hugs wants to send a huge hug out to all our 1st responders and military who are always there when the worst happens to help us stay safe and secure . And don’t be surprised to find out many of our police, firemen and paramedics were or are still serving in our armed forces.





Consider being there with a sandwich or drink to help your heroes when you see them working hard and serving us all. Their appreciation will humble you. They are our heroes , America. United we stand .

Freedom Endures (TM)

Thank our heroes and send us the photos of what you did even if it was just sharing a brownie or drink with a hero for some fun prizes to


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