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Sponsors We Trust


“Our troops serve with pride and never ask for anything, so it is our honor to say thanks and do our part in thanks for our freedom.  How we treat our veterans affects the soul of this country. ”  

Alessandra Kellermann




Updated July 5, 2016

Sponsors/Businesses You Can Trust who support our Heroes

We recommend and list these wonderful companies here who have helped us without hesitation to support our wounded and military families, and lift morale of our troops deployed or serving anywhere. We want you to know so you can thank them and shop there for their products that are family friendly, enjoyable, and improve our overall wellness and lives.

We also add companies who care about our military sacrifices and give generous discounts to help all our  heroes with integrity and  loyalty over the past decade or longer like Sprint 

Just go to:





Lawyers you can trust, advocate for veterans and always win!Aylstock,Witkin, Kreis and Overholtz, PLLC, they helped us become a non-profit organization when we lived in Florida and are our attorneys at Homefront Hugs to help veterans ! Now we are just a volunteer org in Michigan until the economy improves …but we are forever grateful…If you live in Florida and are a veteran having any legal issues, call them !

(888) 255-2956









GO BLUE FOREVER and thank you for the 20% military discount MDEN !

image image 


Zingermans’ Roadhouse 5 star casual restaurant in Ann Arbor,Michigan shown on FOOD NETWORK and voted as having the best Mac N’ Cheese in the nation…amazing !!



Zingermans’ Deliworld famous Jewish deli located in the midst of Wolverine Territory,amazing bread,cheeeses, and sandwiches ( you’ll take half home as they are so huge!) an Oprah favorite – yes, they ship !


Choice Lube in Ann Arbor – a place you can trust for your oil change and more …







  • Fantasy of Flight of Florida…the best aviation experience you will ever have  – for all ages. Our family has been there too many times to count . Homefront Hugs was honored there at their annual super air and car show where we ran a huge care package drive and wounded vets were invited from the Tampa VA ! This amazing place is run and created by aviator and genius Kermit Weeks so make sure you meet him . Fantasy of Flight is open for special events all year long now .


  • Busch’s Fresh Foods thank you for your support of our wounded warriors and helping our missions in suporting those who serve our country and our veterans
  • ZULILY online and your smartphone  – you will find incredible deals from favrotie stores here every day  but you must act fast. A hint. Order something small and lightweight and after the first order of the day…even one item…ALL shipping is FREE.  Check it out…download the free app or find them online..they are a real steal of a deal every day….
  • ANNABELLE’s  SALON in Ann Arbor  – up to date stylish haircuts for the whole family…and they offer a 10% military discount for any military family or veteran ! They are located right off Eisenhower Pkwy by Panera Bread…make sure to call as they are always busy. No matter who your stylist is, you will be pleased !

  • JEWEL  – thank you to Jewel who has always been a huge help on Twitter when troop adoptions and needs were posted…she truly loves our military and families and even studied here in Michigan at Interlochen…an amazing music academy known all around the world. Read her bio…it is fascinating and her talent extraordinary.

  • Concordia University of Ann Arbor, Michigan…welcomed us to Ann Arbor and raised funds for our troop missions on Veterans Day ! Spending Veterans Day there has almost become a tradition .








  • PHILOSOPHY…makeup and scents to change your life and lift spirits, motivate women to be their best and men love their shower scents too . Our kids  loves the flavored bubble baths..super stocking stuffers and perfect if you have adopted a military family ! Founder of Homefront Hugs loves “Hope in a Jar…”





Maxim Magazine : Thanks to Joe Levy – editor- strong support of all who service…and make sure you check out the fun helpful support they have for our military









  • MALLY BEAUTY…makeup that lasts for the busy but picky woman ! Mally is a Military Mom too…thanks Mally ! And yes, the founder here Alessandra uses her products and loves them especially her waterproof eyeliners, eyeshadow sticks , pore defender,and top silk mascara !
  • Special Thanks MALLY, for the wonderful makeup eyeliners you sent with sharpeners for our women deployed and Operation Healing Angel  !

  • Dr.and Mrs. Dan Leviten of Lakeland, Florida…a loyal Army family…Shalom!



  • SMILEMAKERS Stickers for Teachers, Families,Volunteers,Troops this is a super place to get stickers to send to troops and wounded vets so THEY can send these home to loved ones and keep them smiling while Mommy or Daddy is away…
  • ”  Life is what you make of it.  We believe in making it FUN.”
  •  20% off, no minimum order required and FREE shipping with any order of $29 or more
  •   Use promo code HUGSUSA at at checkout





  • Paradise Asian Cuisine of Ann Arbor, Michigan off Eisenhower Pkwy...incredible cuisine! ( make sure your try their Vietnamese Spring Rolls  with a lettuce wrap) – they offer a 10% military discount !




  • Whole Foods, Inc. – thanks you for helping our troops and military families for Homefront Holiday Hugs





  • Whip City Candles….candles that bring a smile and are perfectly safe  made by amazingly talented special needs adults ! And your homes will never smell better  any time of year…










  • Dr.Ron Bidinger, DDS...a quality gentle dentist you can trust and who is an ardent supporter of our veterans and families. This dedicated dentist is also a proud alumnus of one of the best universities – University of Michigan – Ann Arbor . Go Blue !







  • Anne Gabarini of New York…a very special angel who works with the USO and has helped our missions at Homefront Hugs for years never asking for any thanks.
  • Laura Paschold of Canada whose father served in WWII…a very special angel who helps our missions at Homefront Hugs never asking for any thanks.
  • Bryan Aylstock and family of Gulf Breeze, Florida- congratulations on wee Westley now two !! 





  • The Harlem Globetrotters thank you for treating our military families to your wonderful show…always supporting those who serve !




  • Country Singer – Toby Keith has helped Homefront Hugs troops from the start ! xo  Toby has always responded and been a true patriot without wanting thanks or recognition.. Thanks Toby for helping others know about our needs for adoption too of deployed and wounded warriors without support.
  • Luellen Sutton and family of Alabama – with family members who have also served, the Suttons have been long time supporters of our military and  we have enjoyed meeting them too !
  • Photography by Mindy McNaugher– order holiday cards early – exceptional talent from Pennsylvania and a huge supporter of our veterans and families !

  • Tiara Cleaners – 20% military discount -881 W Eisenhower Pkwy, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Keith Fuller…who donated his time and talent to redo our web site so we could serve our heroes best !
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  • Are you a quality company with excellent customer service and wish to help our missions and work with us? 

 Support our Troops, Vets and Families throughout 2016:
We accept paid advertising from family friendly companies on our site if you wish to support our mission and our troops, contact  for pricing.
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