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Special Thanks from Deployed Airmen during the Holidays

Special Thanks from Deployed Airmen during the Holidays
First Email…
Nov 4, 2012

Consider Adopting a Hero…these awesome troops are waiting !! Just email for info on how to suppport our heroes.

Hi, Im trying to sign up my unit for care packages.

We also represent countless Marines, and Army troops that we airdrop packages to at forward operating bases around the area.
Unfortunately we have limited contact with them, so we send what we get. As far as us, we are about 100 troops with 6 females. We are in dire need of sand t-shirts and green socks and a rifle cleaning kit. We would also love snacks.
Anything sent will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support.
SrA  Kevin Suarez
 and later…..
3rd email

Hey just wanted to let you know that I got your rifle cleaning kit.

Thank you so much. We have already cleaned about 5 today.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely Kevin Suarez


4th email
 November 21, 2012
Just wanted to thank Homefront Hugs and its entire staff for everything sent. We can’t tell you enough how much it means to get letters and packages from you. We know Americans have not forgotten about us even with the economy as it is. We wanted to let you know that all the time and effort put into sending us packages is really appreciated. Its nice to come in after a 14 hour shift(which was 12hours) work day and find a package with your name on it. We are really pleased to learn that you are helping us get sponsored by volunteers. I also wanted to tell you a little more about us. We are from all over the US, but we are a C-130 maintenance unit from Little Rock AR. We have about 60 troops(3 females). We are deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan. For most of us, this is not our first deployment. In fact some of us have deployed 8 times. We work very hard to keep planes flying to support all the troops’ needs. Our planes are about 40 years old, so they keep us busy. Well thanks again for all the support.
SrA Kevin Suarez, USAF
 Just email for info or read all about what adopting means and how easy it can be at
AND PLEASE share the need and this post with anyone you can as we have hundreds waiting for adoption. Your country needs you. We want to make sure no hero is forgotten.