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Soldier Speaks from his heart from the war zone

Soldier Speaks from his heart from the war zone


December 20, 2014 – Received via email to Homefront Hugs President Alessandra Kellermann



This is the first time I have ever written something about my soldiers so please understand that my soldiers trust me and I know each of them better than they know each other. I will not give up who is who. So with that said, here you go.

About why support matters from the homefront, the Soldier/Reservist that I lead come from many different walks of life.
Some from a total support family setting where it is always behind the next door or to a room they call their own, now missing that support group they struggle to find that mother, sibling, or father to help them get though the time spent so far from home.

One is a kid that lived in orphanages his whole life and as an adult has been homeless, having very little to his name he struggling with the fact that people are willing to send comfort items he has never had before.
Some have families of their own with children and newborns.
From the perfect setting to the worst and all in between,organizations like yours definitely fill these gaps, just knowing that people care makes the difference.

Yours Truly

CW4 Carter, III William G.
Somewhere in the MidEast