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Simple Words from a Soldier

Simple Words from a Soldier


February 2, 2014

Simple Words from a Soldier


Us Joes love the support. we dont need much but a piece of home

no matter were it comes from is the best.

Baked cookies a simple note anything from anyone

puts a smile on our faces 

makes the days go by fast 

and the time kept from our loved ones goes by quickly to.

I, like a few other GIs. lost a person so dear to me this week,

and couldnt go home.

So those care packages may be small in the grand skeem of things

but there huge to us

when we feel down depressed or homesick.

So please keep sending them we need it . 

For my battle buddies and for myself

thank you so much for all of your support.

SGT. DelUniversita

Somewhere in Afghanistan





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