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Real Patriotism

Real Patriotism


October 1, 2017

We are the most free country on Earth thanks to our dedicated brave troops and veterans. We are free to stand, sit or kneel in front of our flag during the anthem at any venue.
We do not live in a dictatorship where we are told what to think, how to worship, when to stand or kneel, especially from a man who never served one hour in our armed forces. Do not allow our president to divide us from each other deciding who is a patriot based on this issue.


The very day he questioned the patriotism of black athletes kneeling during the anthem, President Trump neglected to acknowledge or honor our Gold Star Mothers on the one special day in the military when we remember these grieving mothers and their sacrifice . Every branch of service honored our Gold Star Mothers last Sunday as we did here . Noone at the White House mentioned them and we felt their pain at Homefront Hugs USA. The hypocrisy is deafening.





Still unsure of how to feel ?

Listen instead to the voice of my son who lost his Air Force Dad after 25 years of service, flying A-10s in Desert Storm; who still misses him desperately . Despite his pain, our son told me that part of being free includes the freedom to protest without fear of retaliation or arrest.

His father died for these freedoms he told me ; his sacrifices even more meaningful now.
Every wound, every sacrifice, even the ultimate sacrifice for one’s country, matter to those who protest as they are grateful to our veterans. Patriotism is not defined by whether one kneels or stands for the anthem and flag. We must not find more ways to divide from each other as Americans.


My son will continue to salute our flag and place his hand on his heart when the anthem is played –  his choice – his freedom in honor of his Dad and the veterans we serve. Yet our son will not judge or condemn anyone if they choose to refrain . He understands the message and the pain their actions represent based on their life experiences and desire to trigger change for their beloved country . He understands clearly our athletes are not protesting his late father or veterans we support each day at Homefront Hugs USA.

My son told me as Americans, as long as we live, breathe and think in freedom without fear, we will have honored his Dad and our veterans . Patriotism is defined by what we do to make positive changes in our young nation. If my son is at peace with these protests, having lost his father forever, then we all can be and respect the freedoms of our athletes without hate and division.

As an organization at Homefront Hugs USA, we honor the diverse experiences of citizens and believe peaceful protests are patriotic.
Our troops and veterans,just as diverse as all American citizens, remain resilient  warriors not easily offended .

Actions not words demonstrate how a citizen honors our freedoms and recognizing the heroes who gave this gift to him. There are so many ways to support and thank our vets . The day we begin to lose our freedoms by following the tweets & orders of a temperamental leader, is the day the United States of America begins to lose its soul.
Freedom Endures.

In peace, Shalom.

Alessandra Kellermann

Founder and President
Homefront Hugs USA








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