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Operation Pillow Hugs for Parkland

Operation Pillow Hugs for Parkland

Ed Kellermann, VP of Homefront Hugs, above – transferring to the amazing Boston University in the fall . College students – join us too!


Operation Pillow Hugs for Parkland

Calling all teachers, students and citizens to join us in sending Homefront Hugs via Operation Pillow Hugs  to Parkland,Florida Students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School .

(🌷If you live in Parkland or closeby – we can coordinate so you can just send it to them directly on April 2nd . But let us know how many so we can keep count up here ! We need to get 3000 hugs made  ! )

These brave students just survived a school shooting Valentine’s Day and are mourning friends, siblings, teachers, and coaches lost.  Some have been mourning by using their freedom of speech to try to make some safer changes to our schools and country and others have found different ways to grieve .

Feeling helpless and frustrated, so many of us wish to reach out . The students and families need time and privacy but we can prepare to wrap them in Homefront Hugs now and send support later.


We need all pillowcases at or headquarters by March 29th or mailed directly there to the school on March 26th to arrive by April 2nd at the latest .

If we get an amazing response, which we expect, we will send extra pillowcases to the middle and elementary schools in Parkland too. Everyone has been affected by these tragic shootings .

FLYER for Printing ⬇

Flyer Operation Pillow Hugs



We have a resource page here for parents in Parkland and everywhere trying to put our kids at ease (and ourselves) :

💛 Operation Pillow Hugs

1st – Buy some white soft pillow cases and start decorating with positive messages and all your creative talents with permanent or fabric markers ! Both work fine .

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High has about  3000 students there so let’s see how many we can get made as a nation for our friends who have been through this tough time ! We’re all in this together .

You can even get volunteer credit for this if you want to help organize this project in your classroom or school and become a permanent volunteer here with us .

What should I write on these as I decorate my pillowcase ?

Anything you wish with lots of designs or wherever your creative mind leads you . Here are some phrases you could include with your decorations (which mean a lot to these brave students) :


🔸Shine 🔸Never Again 🔸In our Hearts 🔸United We Stand 🔸Stay Strong 🔸 We Hear You 🔸Misty Rocks (therapy dog) 🔸Hold On To Your Dreams 🔸Never Give Up 🔸We Believe In You 🔸You Inspire Us 🔸What You Do Matters 🔸You Are Not Forgotten 🔸You Are Never Alone 🔸We Love You 🔸A Homefront Hug for You 🔸You Rock 🔸We’re all in this together

🔹You can also add your favorite quotes


🔹 On every pillowcase, add your first name, age and state . You can add more if you wish but if under 18, please get adult permission first  .

🔹For anyone 15-18, you can add your phone number or email if you want to hear back since these are going to fellow high school students with parental and teacher permission.



We are sending them all off March 31st so please send  them here by March 30th and add a photo of everyone helping together – the whole group, a few students , participants , family and pets , or class  if you can


Final Step 

Contact us below and mail all pillowcases to our address to arrive NO LATER than March 30th :

Homefront Pillow Hugs 

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48103


If you want to mail directly to MSD High – which is the best idea – mail no earlier than March 26th so your surprises arrive by April 2nd after the Easter holiday ! Email us so you know exactly how to address and label box . The box must have

Operation Pillow Hugs – please do not open before April 2nd !

We don’t want any students left out and all boxes opened at the same time 😎

Call 734/330-8203 or even better, email subject “ Operation Pillow Hugs “ to

Please include some photos of the students or your group or family making these … or even you holding up your creation !




We will show off your kindness for Parkland students here as your masterpieces arrive or you send us photos . Just remember the deadline – March 30th !

Remember what we do at Homefront Hugs : We try to make this world a gentler place, together, in thanks for our freedoms .


While we are making them – the children received some amazing comfort hugs today :





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