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Where No Hero is Forgotten

Operation Missing You

Operation Missing You





imageOperation MISSING YOU is in full swing this Spring !


BLANK cards of all themes are being requested by our wounded and deployed vets …


•all holidays

•for spouses ,girlfriends, boyfriends

•for parents & retirements

•for kids to encourage and support them – remind them they are heroes too and loved

• for Mother’s Day &  Father’s Days

• Simple ‘Miss you’ cards

• graduation

•postcards of all kinds

• get well soon cards


Remember many children love the animal humor cards which troops also love sending home to them 🙂
Our heroes we support ask for loving fun blank cards to send back home to family and friends …Since the morale of our troops and wounded vets is critical, we are asking for your help .

•Send cards to :

Operation Missing You

Homefront Hugs USA

1881 West Liberty St.

Ann Arbor, MI 48103


” Why do you need blank cards , stickers for kids or even stationery ?”

Because our veterans like to send hugs home too – and especially to loved ones / family for all occasions when they are gone so long or healing in hospitals far away…They don’t have a way to go shopping for a cute card or send anything but a note home on some scratch paper …so this helps their relationships with loved ones back home especially their kids !


” Do they need stamps ?”
Yes please ! Please send some stamps too as sometimes the cards are over the allotted free mail – 1/2 ounce – and they have to add a stamp .
” Can I send a bunch together ?”

Sure , start collecting some and then send them to Homefront Hugs to pack into care packages please !


” I am a Hallmark store or own a gift shop and would like to collect some as customers check out – is this possible ?”

If you are a Hallmark or Gift Shop type store selling cards, stationery , etc… , every time you have a customer- ask if they want to choose a birthday or anniversary or any blank card for the troops and wounded to send home to loved ones they miss …as they make a purchase ! Tell them about Operation Missing You …and we all win !

HINT : You can even decorate a box with

” Operation Missing You of  Homefront Hugs USA “


” How else can I help ?”

Wherever you live , ask your local gift stores like Hallmark or smaller specialty stores or photography shops to join the operation.
It’s called Homefront Hugs’ ” Operation Missing You ” and we are asking all stores to collect blank cards,stationery and/or stickers for wounded and deployed
troops to send home to loved ones of all ages including their kids !


” I’ll send some fun blank cards but can I send my own handwritten cards for a wounded hero or deployed soldier ?”


You can also send some of your own ” Homefront Hugs ” handwritten cards or letters to our troops and wounded warriors but mark on the back of your envelope for WHOM ( ” for a wounded warrior ” or ” for a deployed hero “)


•Then send to :

Homefront Hugs USA
1881 West Liberty Street
Ann Arbor , MI 48103


One last hint to those of you who already adopted your own hero with us – include blank cards , a few stamps and stickers for your hero too in your care packages …

Our goal is to help our veterans maintain and strengthen their closest relationships while they are away from home …so their support systems are still there one day when they finally come back home for good .

Thanks for helping make certain we keep our pledge “where no hero is forgotten ” .

If you are serving – please stay safe and know you are never just a number to us at Homefront Hugs . We are grateful for your daily sacrifices . Sign up for care packages anytime : 


Freedom Endures (TM)

In peace ,

Alessandra Kellermann
President and Founder
Homefront Hugs USA
Recipient of Four Chaplains Award
1st Prize National Recipient for Volunteerism

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