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Where No Hero is Forgotten

Operation Healing Angel







March 21, 2018

Welcome to Operation Healing Angel.

Through our missions for our troops and wounded warriors and their hero medical staff and caregivers ,which started after 9/11, we will honor the memory of our loved ones and heroes lost that fateful day over over 17 years ago . Freedom Endures (TM)

Thank you for coming here to find out what Operation Healing Angel is all about .There are so many different ways to help and you jump in and out at your convenience .  Operation Healing Angel is also an excellent way to begin  introducing the concept of giving back and volunteering to children .


For our Wounded Warriors, sick veterans and hero medical staff, support is all year long . Operation Healing Angel is where you can thank all our brave veterans and families in so many ways even adopting a hospital to send care to as a group or individual throughout the year .





Adopting a Veterans’ Hospital to support can be quite easy and you decide the amount of time you have and wish to dedicate to this day rewarding experience . If interested email with your reason and address and agreement to confidentiality and we will explain the program to you . You would be sending cards and even items listed below if you wanted but would need to at least send 20 letters or cards per month including to our medical staff heroes .


We are hoping our teachers nationwide and students see this list most of all as they are always amazing at helping others and giving back ! 

  • We also need cards , letters, decorated pillowcases and mini calendars .
  • We need lots of hugs so we hope teachers and places of worship will spread the word ! Remember. make them personal – add a photo even if it is a photocopy – let your heroes know a little about you 🙂 Never just sign a card .


  • 🧦❤We always need knitters and quilters  for lap blankets, twin/full size blankets, soft scarves in black and brown for deplayed troops, and soft neck scarves in all colors for wounded men and women healing at home and in hospitals . We also welcome patriotic scarves in navy and red for children of wounded troops . Knitters and quilters are Operation Healing Angels to us as your talent and devotion is in short supply . You can always send your gifts to our address with notes/cards about the angel who made their gift and for our wounded or deployed especially for the Nee Year. Thank you so much.






Funds are needed for February comfort care packages for our wounded and seriously ill vets. You can help below or to the right. We have almost 47 wounded warrior care packages which need to ship to our wounded troops and seriously ill here and overseas . Each package to ship costs exactly $18 to ship. The best way to help Operation Healing Angel is with a monthly gift here . 

Monthly Gift to Help
Where My Gift is Used
Is this in honor of anyone ?
Do you have a message to add ?


Operation Healing Angel is our mission serving our wounded heroes, and their brave medical staff in the war zone as well as hospitals where our wounded are treated overseas and stateside. 



Personal Cards and letters needed for our wounded and sick veterans for Easter and Passover by April 1st. Valentines Day Drive may be over but you can send hearts and anytime of year to share real “Homefront Hugs “ because we ship monthly to our healing heroes . Don’t worry if you miss any deadlines- just don’t add specific holiday wishes but all other expressions are fine ! 😇


  • Always include thank you cards & letters for our medics ,chaplains ,social workers ,techs, doctors & nurses. That is why we are different -we know what heroes medical staff at our Veterans ‘ hospitals are too.
  • Important note : Walter Reed does not accept letters and cards, but we have so many hospitals and wounded at home who would love to hear from you any day of the year if you would not mind writing a note that is more than just grabbing a card and signing it.  




Please when you send a handwritten card or letter to lift morale : label each one so we know whom it is for … You can put multiple cards in one envelope but just write in a corner of each one whom they are…

  • ” For a Doctor “

  • For a nurse

  • For a social worker

  • For a Medic

  • For a wounded vet

  • For a sick veteran

  • For a tech

  • For a chaplain

  • For any medical staff

  • For a physical therapist

  • For an occupational therapist

Homefront Hugs 

Operation Healing Angel

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor,MI 48103

❄Next Deadline ? No later than April 1st for Easter and Passover for our wounded and sick veterans and medical staff …but we accept them all year long just because … if it’s just a “ Thinking of  You or Thinking of My Hero “ card or letter …

“  What happens if we miss the deadlines and we mentioned specific holiday ?

Sadly this  happens as everyone rushes and then thinks it won’t matter . As long as there are no dates on your letters and cards , they are saved for the following year . And if they are just cards not meant for any specific holiday – we can use them any day . Thank you so much .

P.S. This is a great project for teachers, students, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts ,businesses, VFW groups, and places of worship. You can even adopt your closest Veterans ‘ hospital to help but it must go through Operation Healing Angel here due to security so we can set it up for you and your efforts are not rejected or sent back . Email 



image image








And if you have children, teach children, mentor children, babysit children, lead kids in a scout troop like Brownies or Cub Scouts,  sit down with them and have them learn who a veteran is and what sacrifice means and then….who a wounded or sick vet is and how he or she could really could use a smile !

  • Imagine how this experience can  help your children learn in a positive way what sacrifices are all about…and how giving back to others lifts a child’s own self-esteem to feel needed.
  • Do you have a Starbucks near you ? Talk to their manager and see if they will help OHA . We have had Starbucks across the country help including in Gulf Breeze, Florida , San Francisco, and Ann Arbor .  We even have a flyer you can use and then call you once a month to pick up donations to send to us or deliver to your local VA hospital once you let us know and are registered as an official volunteer .

  • Email ” Starbucks ” to for more info .


HINT: Our wounded warriors, sick veterans and medical heroes LOVE Girl Scout Cookies and postcards from wherever you live or visited . We receive so few – and it takes less than a few minutes to write .

Please show your support to a wounded veteran.  Sometimes those wounds are not even visible but they exist .
Again, any talented knitters out there ? Our sick and wounded veterans would love some warm soft socks , lap blankets and even scarves because they can get quite chilly in a hospital  . Another big request are fingerless mittens so they can still hold on to their cane , walker, and use their cell phones easily . Please email if you can help . We serve our heroes 365 days of the year .

 ***********To all our heroes and their amazing families no matter when you served,

Thank you. We thank you every day not just on holidays. 



Applauding Kimi Shah who is our Homefront Hugs Board Member  and attended University of Pittsburgh ! Kimi has volunteered for us since high school and will be worked especially hard to develop a strong Operation Healing Angel program with the Pittsburgh VA Hospital . Now for the great news :

Kimi was accepted into University of Michigan Medical School ! We are so proud of her ! 💛💙💙 Go Blue !

N *


  • Our current mission is making sure the days of our wounded and sick veterans are a bit brighter as we serve them all year long.
  • In addition to your wonderful cards and drawings from children, we send lots of other items they need and appreciate your help for postage and items for our wounded heroes. 


You can help right below safely and securely .

No one earns a penny here.  100% of all you donate goes to our wounded hero needs and postage for their care packages to ship.  

You can help us make sure no hero is forgotten.

Thank you for any help getting our care packages mailed to our wounded and sick veterans in over 8 hospitals for 2018. Remind our heroes they are never alone with us.  

Your help is so appreciated as no one earns a penny here . We are all volunteers and a grass roots organization . We do not hear about wounded or sick veterans who need us – they do not make the news unless it is from one organization that pays themselves millions before ever helping a wounded vet. We do not  make salaries here and just ask for exactly what is needed .

All donations are used entirely for our wounded and sick veterans of Operation Healing Angel . 

We need to mail 47 comfort care packages for our hospitals  . Each one costs $18 to ship .  Thank you so much . 


Your gift above helps our missions continue as we serve our wounded warriors and hero medical staff 365 days per year – thank you .        

This heroine and wounded hero could inspire anyone..especially us!



  • Alex Etheredge above was an amazing volunteer for us in Gulf Breeze, Florida for over a decade !
  • To send a personal card, banners ,letters or drawings to a wounded hero ( please add humor, favorite quotes , photos  and make them feel like a real personal hug, share about your day…give them an escape for a few minutes from their own challenges and pain… And NEVER just sign a card with just your name – always add a few sentences ) SEND TO :

    Operation Healing Angel

    Homefront Hugs Foundation

    1881 W.Liberty Street

    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

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    Here is our flyer for OHA

    Operation Healing Angel Flyer



    Operation Healing Angel was started when we received a letter from a frustrated medic at Landstuhl Hospital in Germany years ago, saying that support was almost zero now that time had passed since  9/11 and our wounded troops and staff were in need of a morale boost.  Say no more, Operation Healing Angel began immediately sending cards of thanks and comfort to our troops and medical heroes who took care of our heroes…many of them military themselves and seeing all kinds of trauma come in through their hospital doors.  With the help of thousands of Americans and friends , young and old, support cards as well as small items requested began to come in through our doors for our wounded and sick  warriors and our amazing medical staff heroes.


    Having been a medical professional myself, working in University of Michigan Surgical Intensive Care Unit with husband , Steve Schmidt, before he joined the US Air Force , and later the Cardiology department at University of Michigan Medical Centers, I understood the needs well . We were willing to take this challenge in full force .

    My experience also included other intensive care units in Atlanta at Piedmont Hospital and then for Baptist Hospital as a crisis counselor in Pensacola,Florida which helped me to form this  program that recognized every member of the medical team as well as our hero patients…our wounded warriors and sick veterans. So often the medical professionals are forgotten during war, yet they are in need of support and thanks as well . The response to Operation Healing Angel..or OHA as we called it…was tremendous and humbling. Cards of support and thanks came from all over the country from families, teachers, businesses , places of worship and of course, veterans and medical professionals themselves who understood the sacrifice. Physicians and nurses jumped at the opportunity to offer a long distance hug to fellow nurses and doctors. Medics and chaplains did the same. In fact, right now we have several medical professionals and nursing staff adopting troops who work at University of Michigan Medical Centers and other hospitals across the country. We always need more as you understand what the medical teams need in support while caring for patients and some of you are veterans yourselves…


    Email us at for more info or if you would like to be a part of our Operation Healing Angel team!


    Homefront Hugs adopted whole medical units deployed for a year or more and many were kind enough to keep in touch and send thanks like this wonderful unit from Ft. Polk, Louisiana.          


    Current Needs for Operation Healing Angel:

    Consider adopting one of our hospitals  or your local VA hospital but let us know so we acquire permission and sending any or more of the items needed below…this is a super project for a business, school, classroom, or social club…even a place of worship and we also have a few families with wounded troops who need adoption for mor

  • Congratulations to Siblings Jacob and Lauren Aylstock starting the 1st Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club at Gulf Breeze High School …they plan to do a great project Homefront PillowCase Hugs as their first project for their local VA !











  • If you do send items to us to ship, please consider helping with postage as well which we will need to raise. Any donation is welcome to help missions continue for Operation Healing Angel. 

  •  What is needed most :
    • Body lotion without too strong a scent ( stick to vanilla , coconut , lavender )
    • Soft scarves (knit or crochet) or bought for chilly hospital rooms ( silk or soft handmade chenille)
    • Your letters and cards that feel like a real hug of comfort to our heroes.
    • 2018 Calendars of all types to count down days until home wherever they are healing
    • U Shaped travel pillows for neck support in hospital beds
    • iTunes gift cards for music
    • Dry erase small boards for communication with dry erase pens
    • New Books of humor like Far Side, Garfield or Favorite Quotes Books
    • Pens on lanyards for nurses, medics  and techs
    • Homebaked treats for medical staff
    • Cards not just for our Wounded Heroes, for our Nurses, Techs and Doctors too ..thanking them and please make them personal…any gift card you want to enclose is appreciated too !
    • Drawings /posters/banners from kids for our wounded warrriors,sick veterans  and medical staff who are heroes too !
    • Tea/ coffee and honey for medical staff long shifts 
    • journals and pens
    • Adult coloring books with sets of colored pencils
      SPECIAL THANKS to Mrs.Vergeres’ 3rd graders  of Lovettsville Elementary School in Virginia who are made a really special banner for our wounded veterans ! 
      • Stickers to send it give  to their children when visiting…we suggest SMILEMAKERS always -see discounts on our Sponsors page ! Use ” HomefrontHugs ” as coupon code and get free shipping and 20% off any orders over $25. 
      • Flameless Candles of all sizes for medical staff and our Wounded Heroes
      • Hand-knit or by crochet fingerless mittens for winter only, lap blankets and soft warm scarves
      • Humorous and spiritual books of motivation and life to help morale while healing
      • Hand cream like L’Occitane & Philosophy & Burts 🐝 Bees for our nurses and techs
      • chapstick and lipgloss for our medical staff and hero patients (dry lips happen with medication and winter)
      • Angel pins for our hero medical professionals who are often military 
      • 💕Decorated white pillowcases with messages of support and hope written in permanent colored markers ( we accept blank white and light blue regular to queen size  pillowcases too for children to decorate here )
      • GIRL SCOUT COOKIES  ( accepted all year long ) sell your boxes for Homefront Hugs heroes and you will sell even more !  Then send them to us!
      • Did we mention heartfelt cards, drawings ,letters ?
      You can send any of these items above to:
       Operation Healing Angel 
       Homefront Hugs Foundation 
      1881 West Liberty St.
      Ann Arbor, MI 48103

       Why ****    

      Making a card for a Wounded Warrior


      Please remember we love teachers and students who choose this as their project anytime of year…as we need cards , drawings , posters every month…our wounded and sick veterans don’t just need us for the support on holidays….



      Operation Healing Angel helps Pensacola Navy Hospital

       OUR 2ND WAR AT HOME: We are facing a second war now at home of invisible wounds…and our country needs to educate itself so we all understand PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder . In the weeks to come, we will be adding more information here so we all can learn about this painful wound and help our heroes know it takes courage and faith to ask for help but there is NO SHAME.





      A National Tragedy

       and Emergency:


      Every hour, a veteran commits suicide. September was national suicide prevention month but for us it is every month. 24 veterans a day or over 8760 veterans losing their emotional war every year ! Have you heard one politician running for president mention this critical crisis more than once ? 

      Faces of Fallen – their Emotional War





      It takes a hero to ask for help. We need you here, veterans .

      We care and you are our nation’s treasure . Please call if you are not yourself in the war or after coming home . It is confidential and there are veterans who are counselors waiting 24/7 for your call. Just pick up the phone and call 1-800-273-8255. Then press 1.

      Or talk to someone you trust before it’s too late as it was for Captain Jamie Brunette. If she could , she would plead for you to call and give hope one more chance .




      If you know someone who has PTSD or is just not the same since he or she came home from the war, don’t wait until it’s too late… go to: FACTS:

      • THERE IS NO SHAME in asking for help.

      Vets, if you are a frustrated, lost,depressed 

               YOU ARE NOT ALONE – PEOPLE CARE , there is CONFIDENTIAL help                         

    •   **********************************
    • Please also remember our hungry… including many veterans and families which is a national disgrace…There is no shame in asking for help.If you know anyone who is hungry and needs help, please call 1 866 3 HUNGRY *******
    • *******

      • Do you know a hero who is homeless?

      If you know any veteran who is homeless, please contact the Salvation Army or the Red Cross and your local VFW and places of worship first. The community of the veteran needs to step up and surround their hero in support and love. Here is another resource for our homeless veterans and a number they can call whenever they need emotional support as well : Open 24/7, please do not hesitate to call 1-877-424-3838


      Finally – a reminder again – any help to continue our missions is appreciated as no one earns a penny at Homefront Hugs , so your donations are used 100% for our heroes – where no hero is forgotten .

      Please share Operation Healing Angel with others especially our teachers and students , our seniors and places of worship , who may wish to help our wounded and sick warriors …our support continues 365 days of the year .