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Get your official Volunteer Cards here!

Get your official Volunteer Cards here!



If you volunteer with us already or decide to join our volunteer family, become a proud card carrying member with the Homefront Hugs Foundation . By donating $3, you will receive an official volunteer card signed by our CEO which you can present to places for discounts and to help you with whatever project/mission you are helping with here as it includes our charity EIN # and all our information verifying you are a registered volunteer for life with us.

Click below to receive your card or let us know if you donate $3 or more how many you need , we will register you and send you your card(s) immediately . Your private information is never sold or shared . We value our supporters and volunteers too much.

If there are any other members in your family or group who need registration, please include names for each additional member at or we will email you 🙂 if you forget !


Official Volunteer Registration Card
Each card signed by CEO
Email address & names please
















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