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A Note to Heaven this Memorial Day

A Note to Heaven this Memorial Day




May 30, 2016

A Note to Heaven this Memorial Day 

Dear Gary ,

Your son misses you every day and reminds me more and more of you as the years go by Gary. I know you are watching over him and keeping him safe . The pain runs deep for him but he is comforted with his music and singing – just as you always were. You would be so proud of him Gary, as he approaches manhood.
His chuckle and his humor – just like yours . He is as true to himself as you tried to be – and does not deny the American Indian heritage you said you had to deny to be part of some groups .
It used to be hard for him to see anyone on a bike – now it gets easier . I remind him you are in his heart and will be there until you see each other again.
He remembers your visits like they were yesterday . He remembers your strong arms and the ride down Pensacola Beach on the back of your bike . He keeps your helmet and bag with patches and coins by his bed . He is still growing – a late spurt just like you had – and may just reach your height as he is 6ft already .

He wants to become a brain cancer physician / neurologist so no one else has to lose a parent that way . He begins work this summer at the University of Michigan under Dr.Max Wicha . Knowing him , and your angel wings over him – he probably will help find a cure .

Yesterday we found a new small tree to grow along his tree …the one we got when you died in 2012 did not make it through the winters. Ed picked out a sapling that changes colors each season …he thought it would please you . It reminds him of his Scottish and American Indian heritage through you – a heritage of many colors.


Your son helps so many other vets in your honor and memory . He excels in all he does …just like you when you flew the A-10s in Desert Storm or trained your men and women at Fort Polk for war and to ensure they came home safe. Rest now Gary.
I remind him of your favorite phrase  “Anyhoo” to trigger a smile on tougher days.I remind him of the long letter you wrote him when he was 6 ,on days and months you could not be there . It is in a safe place but still to hard for him to read again. It is hard to forget you every time I look into our son’s face and smile , and those strong eyebrows.image


RIP Mad Dog . Rest easy now .We know you are probably enjoying a cigar ,with your guitar and finding a way to keep on riding …your fierce and passionate spirit will live on through our son who is simply amazing from this unbiased Mom’s perspective . He is a survivor and will continue to shine despite the hole in his heart.


In peace ,




Memorial Day  – May 29, 2017

Just One More Day

Wishing you could be here just one more day,

One more day to tell our son how proud you are of him and whatever he chooses to be,

One more day to remind him it will be okay,

One more day to tell him you are sorry you missed his singing , his soccer games , his track meets he won, his birthdays, his turning 18 and trying his first cigar (like his Dad),

One more day to share some jokes and funny stories about when you were his age,

One more day to share a ride together on your Harley by the beach,

One more long strong hug between you,

One more “man to man” talk,

One more day of war stories and flying Warthogs,

One more day reminding him not to forget to mind Mom and how much she loves him,

One more day – just one more day – to have him hear ” I love you, son .”

In peace –


ps You would be so proud of him Gary – he is 6ft and wins every track race . He graduates in 6 days and will be looking up to see if you are watching . He helps run Homefront Hugs and is always giving back to our vets and elderly here in our neighborhood- it helps him grieve you and his singing helps which he does non-stop ( like you) . He met a WWII vet today while shopping for care packages and his mood brightened .


He is strong,courageous, outspoken and compassionate . He holds everything inside and is every girl’s best confidante and bodyguard. They all depend on him . His dreams are big but he is excited about going out into the world and making a real difference . You’d better be beaming as I am . He is neither yours nor mine but trukyba gift from God and it’s his time to fly now .

Just please watch over him like a guardian angel . I am depending on it .