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Where No Hero is Forgotten



Remember the sacrifices as we live in freedom by helping care ship to vetted troops overseas from all walks of life,religions and races without conditions and our wounded warriors.  Can we please count on your help today ?

Thank you to all our 1st responders and troops from all branches for all you are doing to help citizens during Irma and Harvey and now preparing for Maria . You are why America shines.

Right now we need everyone else’s help please. Many care packages sit here needing to ship to some very deserving service members and wounded vets .

One care package costs $18 to ship via USPS. Could you sponsor just one ?


We are losing 22-24 active duty troops and veterans to suicide every single day. Everything we do here helps to fight this national mental health crisis. September is National Suicide Prevention Month . For us it’s every month and every month of pleading with our president and politicians to recognize this national crisis . 

Since Homefront Hugs began after 9/11/01 , we have sent 21,000+ care packages to specific military personnel needing support and 10,000+ from Homefront Hugs volunteers who adopt their own heroes directly . We also help during natural disasters coordinating resources and helping families and troops in distress from all walks of life .

Bottom line , your support makes a real  difference and please add a short message we will include . 

September 19,2017

Postage funds are urgently needed for shipment of care packages . Please add a message of support .


📫 Our snail mail address to help is :

Homefront Hugs

1881 West Liberty St

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103


To donate quickly if you are short on time , click here :




Not one person makes a penny here at Homefront Hugs. We are all volunteers proud to do our part as a US Air Force family serving all branches . Thank you for helping in any way .

(40 x $18 postage via USPS)  is exactly what is needed now to mail these personalized care packages for vetted needs. We have to pack more but right now this is what is most urgent . 

We are going on very little sleep but thankful for our blessings and realizing this is our part and mission with our troops and wounded sacrificing so much.

$10 helps towards postage.

$18 mails 1 care package. 

$54 mails 3.

$108 mails 6.

$200 mails 11.

$300 mails 17. 

$500 mails 28. 

$1000 mails 57 care packages .


” What is the best way to help ?”


A monthly gift is the best way to support our missions all year round and you can make a gift in honor of anyone special , in honor of a veteran or loved one, a birthday or wedding gift , a 1st responder or anyone who makes you proud ,changing your message anytime you wish.

My monthly gift to help
Is this in honor of someone?
What message may we include?

Or make a 1 time donation of any amount to ship critical care, just click here safely :


Homefront Hugs began 1 month after 9/11 and on the birthday of our founder’s husband and Air Force pilot, her best friend and hero, Steve Schmidt of gorgeous Charlevoix, Michigan . If you have never been to the dunes of Charlevoix and watched a sunset with a loved one, never enjoyed their Cherry 🍒 Festival , the International Venetian Festival, Apple Fest, etc.. Charlevoix is a charming gem for anyone wanting an escape and place to ” savor the moments ” as Steve always reminded his wife to do. Put this memorable town on your bucket list .



They met at University of Michigan –  as college sweethearts and then Steve joined the Air Force . Though their marriage did not last due to tragedy, Homefront Hugs exists to help support military families and veterans better than how they were supported years ago.

We will never forget the sacrifices. Your generosity here makes a real direct difference as 100% is used for our troops and wounded to receive care .










📫 KEY REASONS troops might not have support while deployed anywhere:

📌 Divorce or Separation from Partner/Spouse
📌 Financial issues so family cannot afford to send more than letters or cards
📌 Time constraints for spouse or partner as they have to work 2 jobs now to make ends meet or just longer hours to keep family business going
📌 Children – Their partner or spouse is literally a single parent now
📌 Child or Spouse is ill and requires all the attention and care stateside
📌 Family disapproves of military service

📌Natural Disaster affecting ability to send anything ( re: Harvey and Irma)

📌 Family might be dealing with natural disaster of its own and hardship as in Hurricane Harvey
📌 Pride or Depression so hero asks family or loved ones not to worry about him or her while deployed

You make a real difference at Homefront Hugs and support these heroes . Adopt or help send care packages today. We need the kind of support our World War II veterans had from the Homefront over 75 years ago.

Homefront Hugs are much more than simple hugs . They are real support for those who offer their sacrifices and sometimes lives for our country and our freedoms .


Homefront Hugs support helps to prevent some of the feelings that makes a service member more vulnerable to PTSD , depression and even giving up.

Why? We are losing too many to suicide every single day both active duty and veterans . Support is critical before,during and after deployments .

What is needed most critically now? 

✅ Funds for postage to mail care .This is the most secure website to donate funds with any means . We have not had any security issues in 16 years . 

✅Volunteers to adopt troops and families.

✅Web designer guru or team to donate time to spiff up website and develop an app to serve our thousands of troops and vets best .  

✅Social Media help to share messages and needs , resources for troops,vets and families especially on Twitter. 

✅College students and teens to help make short 1 minute videos to help with suicide prevention . 

✅ Homefront Hugs Kids, Teen,College and Seniors’ Clubs across the country .

Email us with any questions :









🔹 100% of your donation is used for postage to mail specific needs to our wounded , sick , cancer patients and homeless sick veterans as well as our brave deployed . We cover the cost of filling the care packages ourselves and with actual supplies sometimes donated . These critical care packages to our hospitalized vets include specific requests from hospital staff here and overseas in war zones. 

Our support at Homefront Hugs USA is unconditional ; to ensure no hero is forgotten. Freedom Endures (TM). Support Matters .


How do we receive names of troops in need ?

Great question. We have commands and chaplains signing up troops who have no support for Homefront Hero Hugs and hospitals we have worked with for years with our mission Operation Healing Angel . We also have families and troops who sign up heroes in need  or themselves many who sign up every deployment knowing us from experience .



How can I help quickly ?

Safely donate below. We pay for top security so donations are safe, fast and easy . You do not need a Paypal account to help at all.

🔶If you prefer you can use your Paypal account to “send money” to 

🔶You can also send a check,Visa Gift card, or money order for postage to :

Homefront Hugs

1881 West Liberty St.

Ann Arbor, MI 48103






The two quickest ways to help :

1. The best way to help is with a monthly gift and most appreciated as summer ends to help missions continue at Homefront Hugs after 16 years of service . 

My monthly gift to help
Is this in honor of someone?
What message may we include?











2. Or make a 1 time gift safely and securely here of any amount :


Thanks to all our heroes serving and who have served with courage and endless sacrifices . You are never forgotten at Homefront Hugs USA.

Consider adopting a service member with us if you prefer : 

Ease of Adopting Your Own Hero at Homefront Hugs USA