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Where No Hero is Forgotten


Welcome! It’s personal here at Homefront Hugs as we are a US Air Force Family who founded Homefront Hugs Foundation and no one earns a penny- not in 17 years . The founders are just a Mom and her son as Dad passed away from brain cancer a few years ago after serving 25 years as a combat pilot in the US Air Force.

📍Our monthly care package mission requires donations in filling boxes and shipping care .

One personalized critical care package costs $18-$18.90 to ship via USPS. We don’t just ship just candy and fun . We ship requested needs, protein snacks and letters from grateful citizens worldwide and comfort healing care packages for our veterans in Veterans’ hospitals that do not get much attention. Of course, we add some stress relief items too to help the days go by like favorite magazines, sweets and baked goods, board games and soccer and footballs . Water guns in summer are always a favorite as well as calendars to count the days until they are finally home again.

How many care packages must ship today ?

Currently we have 85 comfort care packages waiting for postage. They are already over 2 weeks late.

A monthly donation is the best way to help . It’s easy to do as you just check the lower left box when you donate, to designate your gift as monthly . When you do -you become a sponsor and we in turn can help advertise your business or share your hero’s story in honor of anyone you choose . Or just donate once without checking any extra box.

When you donate, you may add a message for our veterans receiving your packages . Your funds can also be used to help our other missions continue including children and teen volunteer projects,trauma & disaster relief, or suicide prevention & advocacy for service and therapy dogs through our Healing Canines Mission .

  • You are the boss. Just let us know where you want your funds to go .
  • Where to donate ? Click on any yellow button below. We pay for secure monitoring on this website to ensure donating is safe & secure .


    We support all our troops and veterans who serve our country and their brave families, all volunteers who wish to give thanks ,politics aside; from all walks of life . There is so much to do in thanks for our freedoms that the sky is the limit.

    Your support makes a real  difference here .



    April 21,2018

    We thank you for your tax-deductible gift for our charity in advance . Our work continues all year for our troops and wounded vets who need us and to wrap children and our most vulnerable in our communities with “Homefront Hugs “. 

    Homefront Hugs is here 365 days a year not just on holidays. We need your help urgently.



    Here at Homefront Hugs, we honor our fallen heroes including our vets lost to suicide every day. We honor their sacrifices by supporting their brothers and sisters who still need us . This would have been their wish. They also would want us to support any citizens who are giving thanks for their freedoms by inspiring positive changes in their communities. Anywhere our military helps, we help as well as in disaster relief and humanitarian missions. Our values are simple : integrity, gratitude, empathy, diversity and inclusion.



    If you prefer to send a donation via mail ,here is our address:

  • Homefront Hugs Foundation,Inc.

    1881 West Liberty St

    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

  • 🔸
    “ Can I send a card or letter to include in the care packages you send out ?”

    Absolutely. Thank you so much !


    Short on time?

    Click right here ⬇️



    You never need a Paypal account with any of our yellow DONATE buttons . You can use any credit card or bank account to donate safely and securely. 


    Again, please consider a monthly donation  which goes a long way and a message we will handwrite on a card and pack into your care packages. If you wish your donations to go towards our other missions, just let us know..

    🔸$5 helps ship any care package and is never too small a donation . Imagine if  even 1000 Americans and friends gave $5 per month how much we could get accomplished ! Never worry your donation is too small . 

    🔸$10 helps cover 1/2 care package.

    🔸$18 mails 1 care package. 

    🔸$54 mails 3.

    🔸$108 mails 6.

    🔸$200 mails 11.

    🔸$300 mails 17. 

    🔸$500 mails 28. 

    🔸$1000 mails 57 care packages .


    ” What is the best way to help ?”

    We pcA monthly donation is the best way to support our missions all year round . Designate your gift in honor of anyone you wish for any occasion or from your business in thanks for the sacrifices of our volunteer military heroes.

    My monthly gift to help
    Is this in honor of someone?
    What message may we include?


    Or to make a 1 time donation here of any amount to ship comfort care or for our missions in general, just click here safely :




    Homefront Hugs began 1 month after 9/11 and on the birthday of our founder’s husband, an Air Force pilot af the top of his class, her best friend and hero, Steve Schmidt of sparkling Charlevoix, Michigan . If you have never been to the dunes of Charlevoix or watched a sunset there, never enjoyed the famous Cherry Festival , the International Venetian Festival, the Apple Fest, make time . Charlevoix is a hidden gem for anyone wanting an escape and place to ” savor the moments ” as Steve always reminded his wife to do. Alessandra still escapes to Charlevoix for a recharge and to unwind with her son. Make sure to put this memorable town on your bucket list. Be prepared to soak in the exquisite sunsets and the best coffee and breakfast treats at That French Place to watch a sunrise on the beach.



    Their love story :
    They met at University of Michigan in a class for special needs children and instantly became college sweethearts. When Steve joined the Air Force after a perfect score on his entry exam and a 4.0 GPA, he was accepted into UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Program). Though their marriage did not last due to an unforeseen tragedy while stationed overseas, Alessandra never forgot how support during their military marriage would have made a big difference .

    Years later when our country was attacked on 9/11 , Alessandra needed to shake off the feeling of shock and helplessness . She founded Homefront Hugs with her young son by her side, to help support troops, military families and veterans without conditions and unite citizens to volunteer together. Had that support been there for her own lost marriage years before as Desert Storm broke out, she knew they might have survived the turbulence and tragedy . They were so young as newlyweds deployed overseas in Europe as war broke out leaving their marriage to sink into oblivion. Now with Homefront Hugs, military families and troops had support as they deployed and even 9/11 families volunteered in thanks .


    KEY REASONS troops might not have support while deployed overseas:

    📌 Divorce or Separation from Partner/Spouse

    📌 Quarreling / Misunderstandings with Loved Ones

    📌 Financial issues so family cannot afford to send more than letters or cards

    📌 Challenges for spouse or partner back home as he or she may have to work 2 jobs now to make ends meet or just longer hours to keep family business going

    📌 Children – Many forget the service member’s partner or spouse is literally a single parent now sometimes for months or even years with a few quick visits inbetween . Raising children alone is a fulltime job

    📌 Child or Spouse is ill or disabled and requires parent’s full attention and care stateside

    📌 Family disapproves of military service

    📌Natural Disaster affecting ability for family to send support to loved ones

    📌 First Deployment and single

    📌 Pride or Depression leading service member to tell family or loved ones not to worry about him or her while deployed but in actuality they still need support

    You make a real difference at Homefront Hugs helping to support these heroes in need but you can always adopt your own soldier or sailor or any service member to directly send support to if you wish . We have an award winning adoption program to adopt a hero or get adopted . Just email

    We need the kind of support our World War II veterans had from the Homefront over 75 years ago when every single citizen stepped up to and served in some way to support our heroes .

    Homefront Hugs are much more than simple hugs . “ Homefront Hugs” are metaphors for real support for citizens who serve our country sacrificing daily, sometimes even with their own lives for our country and our freedoms . Our heroes come from all religions, politics and walks of life – volunteering for a country they love and protecting our freedoms. We also have extended “Homefront Hugs” to include support for any citizens in need from a disaster or traumatic event, any community needs which our volunteers of all ages identify. Our five values are simple : Empathy, Integrity, Diversity, Inclusion and Gratitude


    Homefront Hugs support helps to prevent some of the feelings that makes a service member more vulnerable to PTSD ,depression and even suicide.

    Fact : We are losing countless troops and veterans to suicide every single day both active duty and wounded no longer serving . Support is critical before,during and after deployments . That is why we are also still here after 17 years.

    What is needed most critically at the Homefront Hugs Foundation now? 

    Funds to fill our comfort care boxes and for postage to mail necessary care monthly . Our secure website here allows one to donate funds with any credit card, bank account or Paypal .

    Volunteers to adopt troops, wounded veterans and military families with our award winning adoption program from far. 

    ✅🆘 Web designer team and app developers to donate time to tweak website, update forms and develop an app to serve our thousands of troops,military families,volunteers and vets best. We have asked for over 8 years and no takers. We have no funds for marketing being such a new charity. We are hoping maybe an IT or website developer company will want to take any part of this on as a volunteer project. Right now our CEO Alessandra keeps the website updated and though she tries, this is clearly not her strength.  

    ✅ Employees to donate with their employers matching their donations to our charity . Many employers have a matching gift program . Please ask your employers and ask if they count your volunteer hours as well. Please share our flexibility ways anyone can help support our missions or become a sponsor with free advertising on our website. They can email our CEO Alessandra Kellermann directly at or call 734-330-8203.

    ✅40 Official Social Media volunteers to share messages and needs , resources for troops,vets and families and for volunteers especially on Twitter , Reddit , Instagram and Facebook.

    ✅College students and teens to help make short 1 minute videos to help with suicide prevention ,writing letters or cards ,volunteering at local VA hospitals or with our homeless, creating their own projects as in helping citizens to register to vote, helping with disaster relief, and preparing needs and decorating pillowcases for our hospitalized vets and deployed troops for morale . 

    ✅ Continuing to start Homefront Hugs Kids, Teen, College and Seniors’ Clubs across the country reflecting our values and missions in thanks for our freedoms ..

    🔸Email us with any questions or how to begin:




    🔹 100% of your donation is used for missions to mail specific needs to our wounded ,sick ,cancer patients and homeless veterans as well as our brave deployed unless you wish for one of our other missions to benefit . These critical care packages to our hospitalized vets include specific requests from hospital staff here and overseas in war zones including our special Operation Healing Angel . 




    How do we receive names of troops in need ?

    Great question. We have commands and chaplains signing up troops who have no support for Homefront Hero Hugs and hospitals we have worked with for years with our mission Operation Healing Angel . We also have families and troops who sign up heroes in need  or themselves many who sign up every deployment knowing us from experience .



    How can I help quickly ?

    Safely donate below. We pay for top security so donations are safe, fast and easy . You do not need a Paypal account to help at all.

    🔶If you prefer you can use your Paypal account to “send money” to 

    🔶You can also send a check,Visa Gift card, or money order for postage to :

    Homefront Hugs

    1881 West Liberty St.

    Ann Arbor, MI 48103




    The two quickest ways to help :

    1. The best way to help is with a monthly gift and most appreciated as summer ends to help missions continue at Homefront Hugs after 17 years of service . 

    My monthly gift to help
    Is this in honor of someone?
    What message may we include?





    2. Or make a 1 time gift safely and securely here of any amount :


    Thanks to all our heroes serving and who have served with courage and endless sacrifices . You are never forgotten at Homefront Hugs Foundation.

    Consider adopting a service member with us if you prefer : 

    Ease of Adopting a Hero at Homefront Hugs






    If you know a veteran – or an active duty service member -check on them when they come home or if deployed especially if something doesn’t seem right . Ask how they are doing and what is wrong . Ask him or her if everything is okay . Do not tiptoe around the topic. Tell him or her that you are worried and why. Sometimes asking alone can be enough to remind them they are NOT alone or forgotten ; someone cares .
    You can also call the hotline for them too if concerned and they don’t seem ready.
    1-800-273-8255 or if overseas speak to a chaplain or a designated leader you trust. You can also email us here if you are not sure what to do as we are trained in crisis intervention if you have already ruled out that your fellow warrior is not planning to hurt him or herself and has no means to do so . Trust your instincts . You know when something is not right .

    Ask the tough questions :

    🔹I know you said you were a little upset or down, but are you thinking of hurting yourself ?
    🔹Are you thinking of killing yourself ?

    If they say yes, ask the next necessary question:
    🔸How would you do it ? And with what ? Where ?

    Know when they say “yes” – it is time for professionals and NOT to leave them alone or armed . This is not the time to worry about careers or disciplinary action . This is not the time to worry about what others will think .
    We are talking about life or death even if they tell you that they did not mean what they said and changed their minds. They are not weak needing help. They are human.

    Praying, hoping more sleep will help, ignoring the issue and your buddy’s feelings will not help . Of course you can pray while reaching out but not instead .
    The brain is too powerful when depressed or feeling changes of PTSD and wanting to end things . We have seen concrete visible brain changes on MRIs when filmed in hospitals .

    And if the person feeling lost is you, know you are simply human and although a brave incredible warrior for your country – you are not superhuman. Reach out – get help now and respect the changes that are going on in your brain. You can’t handle it by wishing or praying it away.

    If you are feeling like ending it all and back home , you could not only hurt yourself but also hurt others who will have to endure the pain of losing you or get caught in the crossfire .

    If you are thinking of ending it all and deployed, those thoughts alone are hurting your focus on the mission and putting your buddies at risk in everything you do .
    Honesty is best . Blunt honesty with someone you trust or the person you come closest to trusting.
    Don’t try to deal with that type of pain and numbness by yourself. Get some help before it’s too late because we need you here and you have so much yet to live once you get a handle on the pain and what is haunting you.

    Whatever happens, don’t ignore the silence or isolation or mood swings . Don’t hope someone else will be there and do something. Take action and know you matter to others even when it does not feel that way at the moment. You will always matter to us here . Keep this number in your cell and on your person : 1-800-273-8255 (press 1 if military or calling about someone who is but know this number is for any age and every one.)

    In the end, once you get help and your brain is mentally fit again, you will need support to stay mentally fit so reach out before things flare up again including to organizations like ours . Everything is confidential and we can wrap you (and your family) in support and help make life easier if you are still dealing with different types of challenges . We know the resources and work hand in hand with other organizations to help make sure you have the support you need with your permission and following OPSEC.

    If you deploy again, or feel the need for support anytime for yourself or someone else for any reason as you deploy or come home from a deployment whether wounded or not, email .

    It’s our honor to say thanks. We’re all in this together.

    Sincerely in peace,


    Alessandra Kellermann
    Homefront Hugs Foundation



    2018 Copyright. Homefront Hugs Foundation,Inc. 501(c)(3) Charity-
    EIN# 82-3486955 , All Rights Reserved.