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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

RIP Blake…never forgotten



Rest in Peace

Mourning Sgt Regan

Memorial Day

I do not know you. yet I do.

You are American, like me, like you.

I left my wife, my child, my home.

I left my parents to serve alone.

I left my job, my life, my loves

I volunteered, I served with pride.

Hoping I would return alive.

Hoping I could hug my kids.

Hoping I could kiss my spouse,

Hoping I could start anew ,

Serving our great country

Under the Red,White and Blue.

I died for you, for freedom, for peace,

I died so you can choose your life.

I died so children sleep at night.

I died so our troubles might well cease.

I died so we could all be free.

So we would not divide and hate.

So we could all choose our own fate.

So we could live in harmony

So we could choose as we believe.

I died for you and hope it mattered,

I hope our dreams are not just shattered.

I hope it meant something to you.

I hope my loved ones know I knew

How much they missed me every day

Still in their hearts in every way.

I am a veteran, proud and free

Among the angels now to see

Please live in honor to us all

Who gave our lives and gave it all.

Do not forget those lost in battle.

Reach out to wounded vets whom you might meet.

Who might never ask for help,though on the street,

They need your care, your love, your vote,

Not just some words or a brave quote.

Reach out to all our families who mourn

Find a way to honor their pain

Helping find hope,to live again.

Find a way to do your part,

Reach into your patriot hearts.

Honor us in life and death,

Find a way to live lives well,

So that we may truly rest in peace

So that worries may surely cease,

As we watch from above and hope

our deaths had meaning,while loved ones cope.

Homefront Hugs USA

Memorial Day 2012

Rest in Peace Brian