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Where No Hero is Forgotten






 April 24, 2017

WELCOME KIDS & TEENS ! Welcome Teachers and Families ! It’s national volunteer week and we hope you join us . You can even come up with your own ideas and project anytime as long as you are giving thanks for your freedoms ! 

Hope you are having a great beginning to Spring  and remember why we have our freedoms to enjoy ! Hope you had a great Easter & Passover . 

Did you remember to thank our heroes somehow even in your hearts? We have lots of exciting new ideas for Spring 2017 if you can help us bring hugs and smiles to our troops and vets …and hope you are getting excited now for warmer weather ! 

Writing our Troops

 How about doing something to give thanks for your freedoms ? You can choose any idea that helps someone else, our environment , and even animals .

No need to ever be afraid of storms or anything because you are so safe . Your parents , our 1st responders like our firefighters,police,doctors,nurses, our FBI ,our CIA and our brave troops keep us safe every single day !

At Homefront Hugs, you can thank them or just give thanks for your freedoms and being safe here in the USA by helping anyone even animals too like the Humane Society . We bet many of you have pets you love .

Catch your kids being kind early to one another … and teach them empathy and how to give back in small and bigger ways …that helps develop the best of volunteers and  qualities of inclusion, integrity and compassion.
This starts at home in each of our families …and at school with teachers who care.


image image


EVERYONE is welcome here no matter who you are…what religion you choose or none, no matter how old or young you are …where you are from …what language you speak …what you like on your pizza …you are awesome!

and…in case you forgot, you are already amazing for wanting to help someone else and make a difference in this world ! You will be a Homefront Hugs volunteer for life and can come back and join us anytime whenever you want to volunteer again .












🌀This is YOUR page just for YOU to find out ways to give thanks for our freedoms, to thank our troops , veterans and families, to get support if you’re a military kid and that makes you a hero, and maybe to start a Kids or Teen Club where you are with Homefront Hugs !🇺🇸💙


You can choose any kind of volunteer project you want as long as it shows you are giving thanks for your freedoms…and welcome . We have lots of ideas but you may even have a better one and that would be awesome ! Email us with your ideas .


We have a NATIONAL SHORTAGE of postcards,posters,handmade cards and drawings for our wounded troops and deployed heroes and we sure need them for every day and holidays or any old day to bring a smile to a soldier or a Marine or a sailor or an airman or a pilot or a Coast Guard hero – men and women who keep us safe every day . Our troops are even there for you during storms like snowzillas/ blizzards, tornadoes,floods and hurricanes…our National Guard. You can also write our wounded troops anytime through Operation Healing Angel ! 





Bottom line we need some real cards or notes or drawings or posters because our mailbox is way too empty again and we need cards, drawings and soon Easter and Passover cards  ! Pre-school teachers ? Teachers ? Parents ? Athletes ? Scouts ? And we also never say NO to Girl Scout cookies ! Our troops and wounded vets love them and we never have enough ! We pack them all into care packages so they REALLY get into the hands of heroes the past 15 years .


We love your artwork and creative ideas anytime! Just send away ! 

Our address :

Homefront Hugs

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Deadline for Get Well cards & General Support Cards & letters ? NONE ! Do you know we even love pillowcases decorated with permanent markers – messages to make our troops and sick or wounded vets smile 😇!






****SPECIAL THANKS to Mrs.Vergeres’ 3rd graders of Lovettsville Elementary School in Virginia who are made a really special banner for our wounded veterans of Operation Healing Angel ! WOW ! It was absolutely awesome ! Liam who helped us with this project is now in middle school and our 1st State Volunteer Representative for Kids in Virginia ! Liam is now working with his class now on a big letter writing campaign to lift morale of troops overseas .  Way to go !






Meet the 1st Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club led by Founder Ed Kellermann and friends started in Florida but continued on in Ann Arbor, Michigan . Ed ran the club two years at Pioneer and now at Greenhills school . The students  have helped collect jeans for our wounded heroes, helped a WWII hero who was assaulted, deciding to give back to their community in many ways. They had a fundraiser for their local no kill animal shelter, wrote to the Newtown kids, decorated some of the kids floors at C.S.Mott Childrens’ Hospital and finished a book for kids with cancer stuck in the hospital… WHY DON’T YOU START ONE IN YOUR SCHOOL?




Meet our two service dogs George and Maggie who help our founder with her disability but also work with our wounded warriors…

SPECIAL THANKS to Cub Scout Pack 594 who made 500 plus cards for our wounded warriors this past holiday season !
We were so excited at Operation Healing Angel especially as we were so low for our wounded warriors who love to get cards and drawings !! We sure need you or any scouts who want to help again this season…our mailbox is empty !!

Keep Smiling = the theme for the Homefront Hugs Volunteer book for kids with cancer…


Co-President of Homefront Hugs  Ed Kellermann helping ship care packages

Meet Kimi and her awesome Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club at Huron High in Ann Arbor ! Kimi is now our Pennsylvania rep as she attends University of Pittsburgh and her sister Amy  just became our University of Michigan rep – Go Blue ! 




We have a dream…..we want to see our volunteer clubs in every school in every community and state with all ages and colleges too !


Why don’t YOU start one? Email us at to find out how at your school or community !

THANKS for your passion and being interested in starting one where you live !

Hurricane Katrina Victims Get Some Homefront Lunchbox Hugs

There are so many ways to help …to volunteer from where you live .

There are lots of great ways below to thank our heroes and help others !


And you can start at any age sending drawings

or photos to keep our heroes smiling !

Giving back actually makes our lives better too….

So why not choose a project this school year ?

We need your help and we even made a list !

image image


  • adopting a deployed hero ( which we REALLY need now)- check out all about it on our CARE PACKAGES page
  • We have troops who are lonely and stressed and never get any mail ! YOU can bring a smile !
  • collecting goodies for care packages like protein bars, beef jerky, baby wipes,
  • Stickers and BLANK cards to send home to family and kids !

  • collecting smartphones used or new that we need for wounded troops
  • writing our wounded troops or families as cards are needed all year long
  • making cards for kids whose Dads or Moms are far away at war 
  • starting a Homefront Hugs volunteer club at your school and doing any of these projects


  • helping homeless veterans in your own community

  • helping give thanks for your freedoms by helping on ANY needed community project
  • helping with natural disasters and disaster relief where our troops help too like Homefront Lunchbox Hugs
  • visiting veterans and elderly in nursing homes
  • putting together a singing group or band to perform for military families or your community or your local VA Hospital


  • helping military families with chores because their Dad or Mom is gone away at war or wounded, etc. ..maybe even adopting a military family from far !! 

image image

  • helping your local Humane Society ! 
  • Helping fight hunger in America
  • Thank a veteran in your neighborhood by helping him or her with petsitting, pet walking, bringing over a dessert or meal with some thank you notes you bring over with your class or family.
  • Thank a military family in your neighborhood with free babysitting,petwalking, petsitting,making a meal or dessert for them with some thank you notes which you bring over with your class or family.


  • making or collecting 2017 calendars …for our wounded and deployed heroes 
  • collecting slippers and blankets and other needs for your local VA hospital or one of ours we support
  • helping disABLED kids join in sports and activities with you
  • helping Special Olympics or UNICEF or the Red Cross with relief efforts
  • adopting a military family from far to cheer them up while their Dad or Mom is away : ( do it as a group or family !)


Did you know? Our troops, vets and families come from all religions,

politics and ways of life, all sorts of families,races, cultures,

sexes, ages, disABILITIES and abilities…:)

….and they are all heroes so we support every single one of

them here at Homefront Hugs USA !

And you know what else?

Our volunteers are all different and wonderful too…

just like our veterans and their families.














Writing cards to a Wounded Warrior for Operation Healing Angel


HUGE HUGS AND THANKS to Fort Rucker Elementary School Students of Alabama who made the most wonderful handmade cards for heroes! WOW !


Shout Out to Ann Arbor Slauson Golden Bears for making cards for Veterans Day for our Deployed and Wounded Heroes on Family Fun Night ! 

Their Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club assisted with this project. Thanks too for collecting items for the Huron Valley Animal Shelter through the holiday season with the help of your awesome history teacher Mrs.Mohrlock ! Your cards for Sandy Hook were super too and then the amazing book for kids at C.S.Mott’s Children’s Hospital …


Our nurses loved their Operation Healing Angel poster from so many kids !

Angels like Emma in Heaven inspire us every day at Homefront Hugs

You matter and volunteers rock. Being free did not just happen easily. Our troops keep us free , and not all countries have all the freedoms we do. Being safe happens because of our family, our parents, relatives,people who love us and also our brave men and women in uniform. So why not join thousands of other Homefront Hugs volunteers across the country and say thanks to our brave soldiers, or cheer up a wounded veteran – Either way , thanks for wanting to help make someone smile and wanting to be a volunteer, not caring if you don’t get paid !

Remember volunteering and giving back to others in thanks for our freedoms can make us all feel better about life .

Remember you define who you are and each and every one of you is special and has a place in this world. If you see anyone being bullied, speak up and be a hero. At Homefront Hugs, we know every child and teenager rocks no matter who they like, what they believe or don’t believe, what clothes you wear, what color your skin or hair is, what language you speak, what music you like, whether you have a Mom and Dad, just a Dad or Mom, or two Moms or two Dads raising and loving you. We even know that there are some hero grandparents out there raising some of you and that is pretty awesome.

If you see someone being harassed or bullied, speak upbecause you would want someone to do that for you too. There are lots of ways to be a hero, being a soldier and defending our country and freedoms, or sticking up for others when they are being treated with ignorance and cruelty. Being mean is a waste of time and usually the bully is the one who needs the most help and feels the most insecure.

CYBERBULLYING is a very bad choice…speak up before someone you know gets really hurt …it coud be you next time. We need to care about each other. Cowards cyberbully. And there is no war to hide even if you think you are online. Police can always trace you sooner or later. If you don’t like someone, just leave them alone. Tell a parent or a teacher. Tell an adult if you are not sure what to do. They’re not just words and it hurts.

This was the first family we ever adopted while Daddy was away at war


For our teenagers and college students, count those hours, as we will be happy to write you a great letter for college or jobs later if you help by being a great Homefront Hugs volunteer ! We do it all the time but you need to volunteer for 6 months minimum and have a teacher or parent verify your hours…

Meet Alex…he has been volunteering since age 5 and is our creative engineer !


What’s  important is that you just remember our pledge/our oath which basically says that we are all special and worth something no matter what you believe in or who you love or what language you speak…or whether you are disabled or not….and we include everybody to help our communities and give back if we are part of Homefront Hugs Kids and Teen Volunteer Clubs. That’s a pretty easy concept but these days with bullying and prejudice still around, we want to make sure everyone gets it and we work on reaching out and getting along. Being proud of our troops and families and freedoms is just part of our Homefront Hugs Kids Clubs , the rest are values we hope you will remember for a lifetime with the help of your community leaders, teachers and parents.


If you live in Ann Arbor or close, make sure you join the University of Michigan Kids club so you can join us at the different sports events as they are so much fun and exciting to watch ! GO BLUE ! Can you tell that the founder and CEO of Homefront Hugs is a Wolverine?

On the 10th anniversary of 9-11

On 9-11-11, we were at the Michigan Men’s Soccer Game and saluting our troops with some songs we performed with our Homefront Hugs Teen Club for middle schoolers, age 12-15 ! We wanted to thank our troops for all they have done to keep us safe the past years. Now we are in our 14th year…and wishing all these wars were over.

A Michigan Wolverine Grad Teacher and her students

Special Note to all our TEACHERS and all Educators:

We love our teachers at Homefront Hugs ! They help mold our kids with us to become awesome caring citizens…

Please ask us for more info on how to adopt a hero with your class, or write to our wounded for Operation Healing Angel or contact us with any ideas you may have for helping or thanking our heroes. If you are a teacher and adopt a soldier or his or her family with your class, you are only required to send ONE care package a month, but can send more if you want of course. We have classrooms nationwide working on projects all year long. We love our teachers and you can even start a Homefront Hugs Kids or Teen Club at YOUR school. Applications for all are on our INFO/FORMS page or just

 email us at or .

  • Congrats to  Pioneer Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club on their work on suicide awareness and where teens can go if depressed or just needing someone to talk to ! 

  • ” Have you ever wanted to volunteer but don’t want to be told what to do? Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club gives YOU the choice – YOU VOTE on what you want to do in thanks for your freedoms . Call 734-330-8203 for more info.
  • Congrats to California’s Valley Center High School Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club led by sisters Maggie and Kaylin Ryan !! This awesome club has adopted a soldier with no support from California and is helping support our wounded warriors through Operation Healing Angel at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany 


Congratulations to Greenhills for starting their first Homefront Hugs Volunteer Club led by Ed Kellermann – they meet every other Wednesday during lunch . They  adopted a hero in Iraq, worked on our #HireAVet campaign and had a fundraiser for the Ann Arbor VA Hospital to receive an ambient sound machine ! They also ran a beef jerky drive for our deployed troops !

Alex and Ed getting gifts ready for needy military families in Florida a few years ago ..

Brochures You Can Request from us at

or download here:

1. Kids & Teen Club Brochure for Everyone

2. Kids & Teens Club – Parents & Teachers Flyer

3. Homefront Hugs Kids and Teen Club Application

4. Adopt a Hero Application

5. Operation Healing Angel for our Wounded Heroes

Thank you to all our volunteers @HomefrontHugs


6. Adopt a Military Family Application

7. Adopt a Family just for the holidays 


PLEASE JOIN US ON FACEBOOK if you have your parents permission !

There are 2 pages : Homefront Hugs USA and Homefront Hugs Clubs for Kids and Teensand we are on TWITTER @HomefrontHugs.

Slauson Middle Schoolers sign a poster for wounded veterans

You can start a club at any school or place of worship…you can start them anywhere…and do the type of projects you decide on together as kids and teens with the help of supervising adults.

Use your imagination or ask us for ideas ! Our brochures and flyers have lots of ideas too !

Our troops love to help and make friends with children too


Our email?


Online Resources for Kids and Teachers:  Teaching the beauty of diversity,equity,tolerance & inclusion in the classroom National Museum of African American History and Culture the VA explains a little about the military and our history to kids The Smithsonian and everything you wanted to know for kids ! NASA Kids Club AZA Association of Zoos and Aquariums for Kids Fantasy of Flight Adventure Museum National Holocaust Museum


NATIONAL SHORTAGE….our empty mailbox !!!! We have a handout too :

We have a huge need for simple letters, notes, drawings from kids and teens for our wounded and our deployed veterans. We don’t care if you handwrite your note on the back of a paper bag or scrap piece of paper ! PLEASE do not buy an expenive store bought card and just sign it…make it feel like a real HOMEFRONT HUG from home.–> ie HomefrontHugs (our name ) !

We love homemade cards and letters and even posters .

We love drawings and all your creativity.

So,get your stamps, glitter, stickers,markers, colored pencils,and crayons out and have some fun!

Send your letters,drawings or cards to :

Homefront Hugs USA

1881 West Liberty St.

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Our troops miss home and we are stil at war sadly . Let’s cheer them up. And our wounded warriors need to know they are not forgotten either whom we support through Operation Healing Angel.

YES, you can put all your cards in one envelope…but please whether it is one envelope or a bunch of cards…label clearly somewhere WHO it is for...

” For a Wounded Soldier “,” For a Hero Nurse”, “For a Deployed Hero “,

“For a Hero Doctor “, ” For a Hero Medic”, ‘ For a Sick Veteran” , ” For a Hero Chaplain ” , ” For a Hero Social Worker “, ” For a Hero Therapist ” 

This saves us enormous time so we don’t have to OPEN your card and envelope . This way we know whether these go to Operation Healing Angel ( our wounded and hero staff ) or Homefront Hero Hugs (our deployed).

YES ! Add an email or an address because you may hear back but no promises… but always get permission from an adult first…maybe even add an envelope or postcard with your address on it so they really get the hint that you want to hear back !


What if I don’t make a drawing…what do I write?

It’s so much easier to just sign my name and say thanks …”

Making a Heart for Wounded Hero

tell your hero about YOU, your day, your pets, your town, your school,your favorite subject, your worst subject, how your brother or sister drives you silly…add a funny photo of you and your best buddy .

– tell him or her why you are grateful…did you ever meet a vet? Did someone in your family serve? Do you like your freedom and living in peace?

– talk about your hobbies, school, interests, the weather, share some jokes,some inspiration, a quote, a newspaper clipping, even a photo or riddles or your favorite music !

HINT: Teachers, students with parent permission, add a self-addressed postcard so they can answer you and let them know it is a big hint so you hear back because it would mean so much to you !

AND we love getting your photos of you working on these projects so please send them to us so we can post them here or email them to


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Homefront Hugs USA

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor,MI 48103

BIG HINT : SCHOOL DAYS WITH TEACHERS, VACATION DAYS and EVEN WEEKENDS WHEN YOU ARE BORED …are super days to make us cards for our heroes too !





A Special Mission for YOU

Whenever you see a veteran from now on, reach out your hand to shake his or her hand, look him or her in the eyes and say slowly and clearly :

” Thank you for your service “.

Say it like you mean it and don’t be surprised when you do this if you see a tear in your veteran’s eye because not many people remember to say thank you to our heroes . But as Homefront Hugs volunteers, that is what we do in thanks for our freedoms.

We never forget. Here at Homefront Hugs – we act like it’s Veterans Day every day ! 


















 SHARE A HOMEFRONT HUG TODAY ! And before we forget congrats to Jacob in his 8th year of volunteering with us and just selected to be our Florida Teen Rep ! Jacob is working hard to help our chaplains overseas right now . 


More ideas here:

Writing our Troops

Remember you can choose a project and get volunteer credit wherever you live – or come up with your own ! Email us with any questions :