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Just One More Day

Just One More Day

Memorial Day – May 29, 2017


Just One More Dayx

Wishing you could be here just one more day,

One more day to tell our son how proud you are of him and whatever he chooses to be,

One more day to remind him it will be okay ,

One more day to tell him you are sorry you missed his singing , his soccer games , his track meets he won, his birthdays, his turning 18 and trying his first cigar (like his Dad),

One more day to share some jokes and funny stories about when you were his age,

One more day to share a ride together on your Harley by the beach,

One more long strong hug between you,

One more “man to man” talk,

One more day of war stories and flying  Warthogs,

One more day reminding him not to forget to mind Mom and  how much she loves him,

One more day – just one more day – to have him  hear ” I love you, son .”

~Alessandra Kellermann



Addendum June 10, 2017

Our amazing son graduated this past week …he felt you with him and knows you are there in his heart…but it never makes your loss any easier .