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Where No Hero is Forgotten






NEW HOMEFRONT HUGS POSITION in all 50 states for adults:


– Do you enjoy helping our troops and veterans in need ?

– Do you enjoy helping children and teens  learn about volunteering and giving thanks for their freedoms ?

– Do you believe that our heroes come from all walks of life and should be supported without conditions ?

– Do you want to help remind our citizens of ways they can thank those who serve ?


THEN this may just be for you !

If you are interested in being a volunteer Homefront Hugs state representative in your state – sharing what we do with schools, places of worship, communities and media – apply today.

Your email address will be an official one through our organization Homefront Hugs USA and we will provide business cards and materials needed for resource development if you are chosen .






What we need :


Email/ Send a few paragraphs of how you meet each of the qualifications below and a photo -and why you would like to represent Homefront Hugs in your state .


No time obligations – you do what you can and share our news when and how you can .


The goal is to forward everything to headquarters BUT to be someone that people can email and ask about our programs if they want a local contact.




Qualifications Sought :


1. friendly, caring, professional representing Homefront Hugs and our military families with honor, grace and humility , conducting yourself ethically with honesty and empathy at all times .


2. Accept our core values of diversity and inclusion accepting no hate or indifference towards any groups ,families,cultures,races or anyone different from you as our troops and veterans represent all walks of life .


3. Ability and agreement to leave politics at home. Homefront Hugs does not endorse any political party or candidate at any time .


4. Willingness and agreement to reach out to teachers, with private and public schools, as we have a strong goal ofgetting kids involved in giving back at all ages .


5.  Willingness and agreement to reach out to seniors who are an amazing resource and understand the sacrifices of our veterans well .


6. Willingness and agreement to reach out to foster homes and disABLED children and adults because they too have so much to give .


7.  You need the ability to write well and communicate with ease verbally .


8.  You need to be familiar with our website and these programs :


a. Operation Healing Angel

b. Homefront Hero Hugs

c. Homefront Hugs Kids and Teen Clubs

d.  Resources for all

e. Holiday Missions


9.  You will need to know how to apply to adopt a deployed hero and a military family


10. You will keep up with Homefront Hugs updates on Facebook or on Twitter @HomefrontHugs


11. You will know the crisis number for military families, troops and vets 1-800-273-8255 press 1 and stay familiar with our Resources page for all veteran needs .


12.  You will  become familiar with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder .


13.  You will know how to steer a deployed serviceman or woman to our adoption page and help them receive support prior or during a deployment .


14.  You will report directly to President Alessandra Kellermann.

15.   You agree to keep Alessandra  Kellermann updated and on the 10th of each month in a short email summarize any news and contacts made, as well as number of volunteers recruited .


16.  You agree to know Homefront Hugs history , brochures and programs .


17.  You will have brochures ,fliers and your business cards with you at all times so information can be shared when unexpected meetings occur with interested volunteers or troops in need of support .


18. You will not agree to any media events or public interviews through any companies or websites without approval from supervisor first .


19.  You will need to understand the 5 main branches of the military and our National Guard and their roles in current conflicts and humanitarian relief efforts .


20. You will need to keep up with current events generally .




General info :

This is a serious but flexible position and fun ! You will be helping our missions and most of all our troops. so none are forgotten.

Keep track of your hours because we write strong ,solid references (after 6 months) and they count just like any job you might have. Ask any employer. You will be given a log to keep track of hours .


One final note – we will have more than one representative eventually in each state so do not feel overwhelmed as we keep growing . There  is potential for this volunteer job to become a paid position within the next 18 months .


Document requirements :

1.  Must be a US citizen or in the process of becoming one with rare exception.

2.  State and federal background check

3.  2 professional references

4.  1 personal reference

5.  High School Diploma

6.  Photo

7.  Copy of Transcripts

8.  Address and phone number

9.  Explanation of how you meet qualifications above

10. 1-2 paragraphs as to why you wish to represent Homefront Hugs

11.  Must be 18 yrs or older by January 1, 2015 .

12 . Copy of Driver’s license or Birth Certificate


Deadline for all applications :



Send to :


Alessandra Kellermann

Homefront Hugs USA

1881 W.Liberty St.

Ann Arbor, MI 48103