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I was delighted to receive this quick note yesterday from LTC Lance Rodgers imageabove,whom we had adopted with his team during his deployment . He was home safe and sound which for me is the best news to hear each time we are fortunate enough to receive a letter here at Homefront Hugs . And then he shared this below which is a tribute not to me but to all our amazing volunteers some who have been with us all 14 years  . These letters inspire us every day and why support matters especially when we are losing 22 veterans a day to suicide . This country cannot afford to ignore the need for support when our troops need us or ask for something as small as some diabetic foot cream. Once he made contact – we wrapped him in support until it was time for him to return back home .

Alessandra – Homefront Hugs Founder 




Below are a few words on how I feel about Homefront Hugs.

When you are deployed in a war zone, especially if not with members from your home unit, it is easy to start feeling lonely and depressed. Homefront Hugs helped me stay positive during my most recent deployment to Afghanistan. Homefront Hugs is a tremendous organization founded by Alessandra Kellermann, a single mom. The organization solicits donations from eager Americans who want to help deployed troops. A care package or two while you are deployed goes a long way toward your own morale as well as the morale of everyone else in your unit.

In my case, I was mentoring Afghan physicians. The logistics system in Afghanistan is practically non-existent. It is a big deal to order something as simple as a pencil. So, anything we could help provide was greatly appreciated and needed. The support I received was incredible. Homefront Hugs asked what I wanted, and found donors who would send it to me. I requested some diabetic socks and foot cream for the Afghan physicians’ patients. They couldn’t get any of this in Afghanistan and were truly excited when I came through. Homefront Hugs made me look like a hero in the eyes of the Afghans, when in fact they were the heroes with their selfless donations. Though most of our humanitarian assistance came from military-purchased items, these unique items such as the diabetic socks and cream came from Homefront Hugs donors who generously supported the mission. Though that was not the intent of the organization, they found a way to make it happen.

Being the awesome and caring person she is, Alessandra wanted to make sure I got something out of it as well, so for the next package, I requested some soft toilet paper. I was so excited that I asked if I could do anything for them. Alessandra’s son collected foreign currency, so I exchanged a few dollars for some Afghani bills and mailed those to him.

So, for anyone who is getting deployed, I strongly suggest signing up for Homefront Hugs. It’s a great organization.

Lt Col Lance Rodgers, USAF

*If you are deployed or know anyone who needs support – please email