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Where No Hero is Forgotten



Our missions have been going strong now at Homefront Hugs USA for 15 years since the fateful day of 9/11 which inspired us to start Homefront Hugs one month later. No one earns 1 penny here. We do not abandon our service members at their time of need and really need critical donations for vets in need including our deployed troops. Please help in honor of the quiet daily sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. 

TROOP NEEDS  February 8th 2016

The best way to fight terrorism is to support our heroes who keep us free and safe daily and not just hope someone else will . 

What is the most urgent need ?

We have 15 personally packed to specific individual troop needs based on location and requests for critical care packages – which need to ship -now . NOT everyone has someone there for him or her to even send a postcard . Help make their deployments a bit brighter when they are so far from home as these go to troops with no support . And remember we send needs in these care packages not just morale items. These care packages help prevent depression, isolation , stress, lack of sleep and even PTSD .



$15.90 is what we need for each box to ship via USPS – the postage required to ship to troops overseas who have no support system and are deployed or wounded healing in hospitals overseas or here in the United States.

We wrap our troops in support with your help to prevent depression ,isolation and yes, even suicide as we have a serious crisis with 23+warriors taking their lives every single DAY and yes ,this number has increased.  Your help does make a difference .  

Right now ,today,we have 15 care packages packed for 15 troops waiting . We just need postage to ship these please .






Click here to help our troops and veterans in need : 



You can also always send a money order or check to:

Homefront Hugs 

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4147

Here, at Homefront Hugs, we remind troops and veterans they are never forgotten. Thank you so much .



We send to both our wounded and sick vets monthly  in over 8 hospitals and our deployed heroes wherever they serve .

Our troops shine with compassion and courage at Homefront Hugs USA

” There is no better feeling than hearing your name called during mail call when you’ve had a tough day or are just missing home – thank you Homefront Hugs “, one soldier shared with us.








Go to our NEWS section: you will see how one can adopt a hero quickly and easily from home.  Or just email

” One forgotten soldier is one too many.”  Alessandra Kellermann


TRAGIC FACT: Every 80 minutes, a veteran, including our active duty members, commits suicide. This fact has not changed .

We have received more than a few emails from troops who are down and sharing that their battle buddies are too with the recent attacks resulting in deaths and many critically wounded overseas.



How we began….

Our 14 year anniversary was on  October 11th, 2015. The Homefront Hugs concept was born on 9-11. We  officially began on 10-11-2001 in honor of US Air Force veteran and pilot Steve Schmidt of Charlevoix,Michigan – whom our president and founder was married to years ago and misses still today . He served our country in the first Gulf War when the support was not what it should have been for him or their USAF family.  His dedication, integrity,humor and ability to perservere through the toughest times makes him the epitome of a true warrior and hero. The marriage fell apart when Alessandra and Steve lost their twins in utero . Family supports were poor and nonexistent where they were deployed overseas and one of the reasons Homefront Hugs now focuses on these amazing silent heroes now – the children and spouses of the serviceman or woman.  . Their well being is critical and the word ” dependents” has too often hindered the support they needed and critical support they give our military heroes in return . 

Despite these challenges and others in life,  Steve became a dedicated Delta Airlines pilot who never forgot his humble American Indian roots and sparkling friendly town of Charlevoix thanks to a kind,strong, wise mother, Claire, may she rest in peace

Charlevoix’s quiet beauty, mesmerizing lake sunsets and American Indian heritage along Lake Michigan is one of those towns that belongs on everyone’s bucket list. 

WHAT WE ALWAYS NEED AT HOMEFRONT HUGS IS YOU. We know after 3 to 6 deployments, morale can get very low and the ones who are left there to serve, have tough assignments in the middle of nowhere in the harsh winters of Afghanistan or intense heat of Africa. Our wounded in over 8 critical hospitals the media do not visit, also need us as they too are stuck sometimes far away from families as they just begin to heal physically and mentally.

Morale is key as Operation Enduring Freedom and other missions continue all over the world as attacks continue  from ISIS and unstable world leaders .


Thousands of troops have deployed for at least 6 months to 1 year tours of duty and many signed up with us for support as well as  families who need moral support while their hero heals or is deployed again and again.



Why do some of our troops need adoption when they have families or loved ones? The sad fact is many families are struggling to even put food on the table and keep the home fires burning with children, jobs and businesses to keep going if they have not failed already in our economy. Many military families even qualify for food stamps. It is a sad story so few even mention out of pride and privacy but we are here to help. We cannot donate funds but we are here to at least adopt their hero and help send care packages and sometimes even adopt a family to help with morale…and help them find resources when needed. The gratitude will humble you but that is not what we care about or expect. We are honored to thank these silent heroes on the homefront too.
Sometimes supporting their family emotionally is the best gift you can give a soldier who is trying not to worry, some home safe, and focus on his or her mission. We thank all our veterans from ALL wars and their brave families.  




After 14 years of war, our families are weary and stressed and deserve as much thanks and support as we care to give .


We hope you join us for updates on Twitter @HomefrontHugs  or on Facebook at Homefront Hugs USA



We wish all our awesome kids,teens and college students a great school year ! Tell your teachers about us !

We love our students who volunteer from home and many who even make Homefront Hugs their Tzedakah project for Bar Mitzvahs, confirmation stewardship projects  ,  or count those volunteer hours for jobs and college…as we do write references after 6 months of volunteering…Mom,Dad or teachers just have to verify you did the volunteer hours.We  love our teachers as well who inspire our students to make this world a better place .

Email for more info .






Hope you have visited our Kids and Teen page too! We don’t think you are ever too young to start volunteering. In fact , we believe kids who volunteer don’t bully . 




As we mentioned, you can also adopt your own military family of heroes….just look at this easy application and how little it involves…just a kind heart long distance…especially now.



Right now we have some wonderful  families waiting and hope you will consider asking for one to spoil a little with emotional support and only one care package a month. 






  • We welcome homemade cards and drawings from children and citizens anytime for our wounded and deployed heroes. The price of cards is so high and we prefer your words say more than the cards. Please do not just sign them.
  • If you can add humor or a little prayer or photo, it makes the cards so much more like a hug from home = A Homefront Hug !
  • Right now our mailbox is completely empty even with thousands of followers on social media.
  • We know what wonderful cards you write ! Just sit down and write a note to a wounded hero,a sick vet or deployed soldier. When you send them PLEASE sort them for us during this busy winter season ! 
  • Make it feel like a real hug from home… a Homefront Hug!

Send to:

Homefront Hugs

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Homefront Hugs makes a difference for our troops and Afghan children who need a smile

Morale is low over in the sandboxes of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan, in Qatar and Kuwait . They have lost their brothers and sisters this past year already both in training Afghan and Iraqi soldiers.accidents.suicides,RPGs/IEDs and even training as in the 12 Marines in Hawaii where the search was just suspended .

We are also involved in our fight against ISIL/ISIS and in Iraq, Kosovo, Syria, Africa as well as fighting terrorists in all areas including now Boko Haraam who kidnap young girls and have done far worse to them . Our military is stretched thin. They deserve our thanks, our continuous unconditional support . 


Our troops also spend time trying to find common bonds with their Afghan and Iraqi villages and families…many of them children and with Syrian refugees.  Along with specific serious needs, they have asked us for the following items to help them break the ice and bring a smile to the children caught up in the middle of the wars and ugly conflicts :

washable markers and colored paper

stickers of animals and fun ( non-religious)

Hot Wheels & Lego 

Deflated Soccer Balls with pumps if possible

( has wonderful cheap balls and pumps)

Nerf and real Footballs 

Frisbees and YOYOs 

Dog treats

(so many troops make new buddies over there in wartime for stress relief and even sometimes bring them home )

Our troops spend a lot of time with children for morale and to help improve their education and way of life including education…

Where to send these above items and any heartfelt postcards or cards  ?

Homefront Hugs USA

 1881 West Liberty Street

 Ann Arbor, MI 48103 

HINT: This is a great project for a family or classroom !

The love of soccer is universal and helps form friendships and trust – a great volunteer project for a soccer league or team here !


MORE  NEEDS for our deployed and wounded heroes  

  • stamps, stamps, stamps for mailing care packages and for troops to send heavier letters home
  • small travel games
  • small scented candles to remind them of home
  • Neosporin, waterproof bandages
  • soft slippers/socks of all sizes for our wounded and sick heroes 
  • coffee/specialty teas for our nurses and docs who care for our wounded
  • blank funny, romantic cards for holidays and birthdays for children and spouses for our troops to send home
  • playing cards, frisbees, footballs, and soft footballs for wounded
  • handwarmers, footwarmers due to harsh winters
  • iTunes Gift cards so troops can download music..super for morale
  • harmonicas, musical instruments for morale
  • BEEF JERKY and hot sauce of all kinds to make those MREs taste better
  • home-baked cookies and chocolate only from Nov to March 
  • poker cards 
  • chess
  • mag flashlights (especially the very small kind – all made in the USA)
  • U shaped neck pillows for travel for our deployed and wounded heroes
  • Soft cozy hand knit socks and scarves for our wounded troops
  • handmade lap blankets / quilts for wounded and sick veterans
  • New Years calendars for 2016
  • Colored pencils and adult coloring books
  • White pillow cases we decorate with positive messages

  • We  welcome NEW magazine subscriptions to our Homefront Hugs address below which we send monthly to heroes: 
  • Readers Digest,  Fishing, Hunting, Golf, Oprah, Ebony, Latina
  • Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Mens Health, Self, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, People, Maxim, Parenting, Family Circle, Real Simple, Cesars Way, Car and Driver, Cat Fancy, Field and Stream, Hot Rod, Kiplingers, Family Fun,Field and StreamRoad and Track, Nascar, Motorcyclist, Bow Hunter, Hot Bike, Time, Flying, Plane and Pilot, Air and Space , Popular Science , Essence, US News, Fishing/Sailing Magazines,People in Spanish, anything to help them not think of the war for a little while and not miss home too much.


Send new subscriptions to :

Homefront Hugs for Heroes 

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor,MI 48103



THANK YOU as our heroes need us more than ever giving their all for our safety and freedoms.

Over 300,000 troops have come home from the war with some form of PTS/ PTSD and yet we can help cushion the pain and wrap our veterans in support during their deployments and even when they come home if they need us at Homefront Hugs USA.

 PSA announcement: 


Our US troops overseas need us more than ever as the fight to end ISIS continues and their humanitarian work shines going wherever they can be of assistance in natural disasters like the Nepal earthquake, the refugee crisis  or world epidemics like Ebola and floods here at home .

BE A HERO, ADOPT A HERO (TM) through Homefront Hugs dot org or email as brave troops hope and wait to be adopted who don’t have ANY support. Your country needs you. You can also  help in so many other ways.

Please help us make sure NO HERO IS FORGOTTEN.  

Thank you for wanting to thank our amazing troops and veterans from all 5 military branches who serve all over the world keeping us safe and free .