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Coping with this Crazy 2018 Flu Season

Coping with this Crazy 2018 Flu Season


🆘Strengthen your bodies now and create some natural defenses against this horrible flu:

🔸Make certain you are taking extra vitamin C and D  and consult with your pediatricians how to boost up your kids the same way.

🔸Increase natural vitamins through foods like orange juice and 2% milk, green vegetables, apples, green tea for your kids and you .





🔸SLEEP . Make certain everyone is getting MORE than adequate sleep every night .



🔸If the above is tough to do – our pediatrician recommended BOOST drink (comes in different flavors) for kids to get all their vitamins daily and Gatorade or water  and green tea. And for adults too there is a BOOST formula and even diabetics who need low glucose formula .






🔸Keep yourself and kids WELL hydrated even in winter . They may not feel thirsty but it matters .






🔸Exercise matters to stay strong and be able to fight whatever comes your body’s way . Kids tend to want to wedge out in front of video games in winter . Stay active but avoid malls and movie theaters – where flu can be caught so easily .







🔸Wipe down all surfaces morning and night daily with a strong disinfectant like Lysol wipes including ( this is key !) :
Doorknobs, room knobs , bathroom toilet handles , bathroom fixtures, doors and knobs and handles everywhere , tv, DVD players, video game players and remotes , tv remotes , exercise equipment, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, combs, lotions you share ,
kids toys , 🆘your briefcases, backpacks and purses ( some of the worst offenders ) and 🆘CELL PHONES and home phones

💙If your kids’ backpacks are cloth and washable / wash them at least once a week .


🔸Your bed linens should be washed ( esp pillows and pillowcases once a week ! ) during flu season.


🔸Often forgotten are our winter coats, boots , gloves ,scarves and hats which can carry the flu ! Wash them weekly or wipe those coats down at least gently once a day .






🔸PETS : Pets cannot get the flu from humans or vice versa but there is a very bad dog flu going around now so keep your pets at home out of dog parks during flu season . If you suspect your best friend has the flu , alert your vet ahead of going in so they make preparations and your pet does not infect other pets coming for checkups or surgeries .


🔸Wipe down all vehicles inside especially with carpooling and kids and all the germs that grow in warm environments . This is not the time to let your cars accumulate trash and belongings … during flu season . Keep them cleaned out .


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🔸Finally, give every child and member of your family instructions daily about staying away from anyone sick , washing hands hourly and carry with each one of you : baby wipes ( to clean cell phones too ) ,tissues, and hand sanitizer .






Pack some chapstick and  hand lotion too for everyone as your lips and hands will dry out fast with constant handwashing and winter weather .


🔸Confirm with your children’s schools and after school programs that they are wiping down desks,chairs,etc and sending kids HOME when sick . Ask for copies of protocol. We have lost nearly 60 children so far this flu season . This is no time to be complacent ,


What happens if I get the flu ?

If anyone comes down with the flu, know that Theraflu (already in short supply) only works in the first 48 hours. If you haven’t seen a doctor by then you will be needing to wait this thing out perhaps for weeks.







While you have the flu – stay hydrated , stay in one room of your home away from others ( just breathing on someone can give them the flu ) call your physician with any fevers or inability to stay hydrated, use over the counter meds like Ibuprofen and Mucinex with your doctor’s support of course .

Use your own trash can for your tissues and empty regularly even cleaning inside of waste basket with Lysol wipes, etc.


REST as it will wear you out and keep doing all of the above as you can get reinfected!
Keep a bag packed for the hospital in case your symptoms worsen . This is no time to be laid back especially with kids, medically vulnerable family members and seniors.

😉🔹Warning : Everyone will get tired of your obsessive attention to cleanliness and germs but this is the most serious flu season we had in decades .




Is it too too late to get the flu shot?

According to Dr. Tom Frieden of the CDC , in an interview with CNN today , he recommends getting the flu vaccine even though it is 10-30% effective to give us all at least some protection .

Bottom line , get your flu shot . You could save a life or someone else’s you love . It takes up to two weeks to be effective at all in your system so get it now . Now – 63 children have died from the flu . PLEASE – if you get the flu -STAY HOME. You may be handling it fine but others who are more vulnerable may get seriously ill .











🔹Special Education teacher on Life Support

🔹16 more children dead from flu; peak still to come, CDC says – WPIX 11 New York

🔹The flu season is getting worse, especially for children






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