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Easter Morning Email from a Deployed Chaplain


An Email and Request from a Deployed  Chaplain 


April 16, 2017

Dear Alessandra:

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for all you’ve supported U.S. Military Chaplaincy. Believe or not, your prayers and thoughtful care mean a lot to our soldiers, especially those chaplains who serve alone in a combat zone. A few chaplains have received support either prayers or any type of care from their home church but almost 90% of chaplains don’t have any support from outside of the military.

What I really would like to have support from your group is daily prayer.

Pray for my soldiers those in harm’s way to move forward to carry on a very dangerous mission. Allow me that I can’t let you know the detail of our mission in here due to OPSEC, but you may have some sort of idea what is going on Syria and Iraq now.

In the nature of war and conflict, we assume casualties either wounded or killed in action, but it is really painful when someone who dear to you dies. Maybe some of your team have served in the military or have someone who is serving in the military understand what I mean.

I’ve seen so many death in my life and provided ministry when a situation likewise ‘life or death’ moment. But the shadow of sorrow still heavily weighted on my heart. I already lost two soldiers even before we deployed. It is still painful. Pray for me and my family as well.

You may ship to me any available items in care packages, such as non-perishable goodies (i.e. hard candies, small size can food, microwave food, granola bar, chips, beef jerky – something not junk food) and some basic aid medicines (eye drops, band-aids, first-aid antibiotic/pain relieving ointment or cream, hand sanitizers (small size; 59ml). These basic items are the most welcomed to my soldiers whenever I visit them as my routine pastoral/morale visit.

Again, thank you so much for your prayers and support.


Name of Chaplain withheld due to OPSEC

Deployed to Middle East



If anyone one would like to adopt our chaplain, please email us with info below and subject : ” Chaplain Adoption ”