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Comfort for a Grieving Mother

Comfort for a Grieving Mother



On September 18, 2016, Penny found out her Navy son was gone .  She was then told she needed to go to the airport and accept his remains as he had committed suicide on the USS Nimitz . As a volunteer at Homefront Hugs, she had always shared the resource numbers and help available knowing there are 24+ military veterans taking their lives every single day . She just never thought it would happen to her family and especially not her Ben. Last December, Penny found out her son Ben had reached out to one fellow sailor but she who went shopping instead thinking he would get over it .

We can never be bystanders. Ben might be here today still making his Mom and siblings grin as he loved to do.  Do it in his honor.

Get involved . Make sure someone is okay and help them reach out to a chaplain or parent or someone they trust or watch them make the call to

1-800-273-8255  (press 1 for military)

If they can’t, YOU CAN . You can call the Veterans Crisis Line which is also the Suicide Hotline for anyone, and get advice and guidance. It’s confidential .

















Homefront Holiday Hugs Project for Any Volunteers 

We are collecting cards, drawings from children of Christmas and winter scenes to lift spirits for Penny for Christmas  –  they will mean so much to her . She is in deep pain as any mother would be – a veteran herself but continues to pay it forward and wrap troops in support at Homefront Hugs …the holidays are always tough . Remember never to just sign a card – add a short message at least.

Please postmark send by December 4th,2017 :

Homefront Hugs for Penny

1881 West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48103 















💙March 11, 2017 

Penny reached out in thanks for all the amazing heartfeltcards and letters everyone sent . There were so many sheand her husband open a few daily as she says it is very hardstill to accept her Ben is gone forever. Please help convince our president and politicians we need to tackle the daily 22-24 military suicides with money and solutionsmore than any $12 BILLION dollar wall . Even 1 billion dollarscould help our veterans and active duty troops like Ben …and ourpage below has many solutions /ideas based on research and 15 years of this national crisis .

This past holiday season mission :

Thank you for  reaching out with positive messages of support to Penny who is a veteran herself . Let her know she is not alone and this country cares . Thank you so much .


Penny has been a rock despite her own grief at her son’s suicide on the USS Nimitz in September . She is a veteran herself . She has adopted troops, sent help when needed to ship care, written letter and cards with her husband and his special needs students . She has been stronger than one can imagine – and represents the 140,000 families affected by our military suicide crisis of losing 24 heroes a day .



Please email with any questions



To read more about our clinical ideas of solutions for suicide crisis :

A Nation in Denial – Our Military Suicide Crisis