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Letter from Chris in Afghanistan- Homefront Hero Hugs

July 2010

Thank you so very much. The help is needed more than you know. Just in case you hear it on the news, most our guys are ok. We had 9 get hurt on Monday. Rocket attack. Most are out of the hospital, just one was real bad, he lost his right leg. He is in route back to the states. My soldiers were not any of them but in my unit. Just a few hours ago we were rocketed again. This time no one got hurt. We were very lucky. My guys stayed strong through it all. Did what they do without even thinking about it. The next two hours will not come soon enough. I get off work at 2200 (10pm) 1230pm your time. It’s been one long day.

Thanks again for your support
Have a good weekend


August 2010

Hey, sorry that I have not gotten back sooner. I have been swimming in paint…it feels like it anyway. I am getting out new building ready for our move next month. Can’t believe that this thing was just a pile a bricks 3 months ago. I am in it almost 14 hours a day, building, painting, mounting lights. you name it. Tomorrow I’m laying the floor, some type of thick rubber type linoleum. 150 lbs rolls of it that i have to glue down to the most uneven concrete work i have ever seen. No not my work. Afghanis built the building its self. They are not one that takes pride in their work. It’s kind of hard when they leave for the day and go back to a mud hut like house. I have seen so many that don’t even have a floor…just dirt. But they have a nice car, and a cell phone.

Anyway, i am ok. Just working way too much. I will send you a picture of before and after. Thank you for worrying about us. Its nice to know that you’re missed. The soldiers are wore thin, we still have some on leave, i have one working with me on the building, and the others still have to work our normal 12hr shift.

Thank goodness that it has stoped raining. for a week streat, it rained everyday. one day we got 2 inches. In a desert like land scape, we had a few flash floods that we had to go save a dozen Afghanies cause their cars got washed away off the road. it all turned out real good. the villager elders and other locals praised the Army for helping them when the Talaban would not. So mark one us for the U.S.

I do have a few request from the soldiers. If you can. its not food this time…we realy still need some, but

2 pair running shoes size size 10 and 12 (we have others that need them but are good for now)
2 flat black sheets any size (Solders need them to make a wall from the other solders)
Excedrin – Back and Body
Hygine items like men stuff (Body wash, axe, good razors) we get a lot of the hotel bottles, but you use one aday, its messy and they stink)

I need a pair of macanices work gloves (like the ones at a auto parts store) mine wore holds building
I really could use a jig/saw blade for my Dewalt Jig saw and rip saw. (i dont know if you can get that, its kind of different request.)

thank you so much for helping support my soldiers. I will write more later and send some pictures



November 2010

Sorry that I have not replied in a while. After the loss of one of our MPs out at one of our camps from IDF. We have been very busy, have not had time to get on the computer much. It’s been more like sleep, shower, work, sleep, repeat. A few more attacks than we are normally use to having. Can’t go in to details, but we had a few this week here on Salerno. All my guys are ok. Here are a few pictures of the memorial that we had last week.


I can’t believe that its 22 November already. Nov has flown by. That’s a good thing. The weather way low and fast. Its 38 deg outside now. We might 55-60 tomorrow. Time to pull out the long johns. The guys are hanging in there. We have some new guys in here now, the National Guard unit that works with us are changing out. You can tell that they are new at being deployed. Just a little green around the edges. Lol I guess I was 9 years ago.

The Mess Hall is planning a big turkey dinner for us. I hope it’s better than the food they have been having. You can only eat chicken so many times in a week. We are already getting in the Christmas Spirit, well trying too. I played Christmas music last night like back ground music you would hear in a store. No one ever really said anything, could just tell that it got people in a better mood. We got a News paper tree in the mail yesterday, Something about wrapping tinfoil around a cone shape newspaper and then adding lights and tinsel. It turned out good.

I hope the next 2 months will not be the longest. We have a lot going on so it should keep us busy enough that time will go by fast. We have started pack out some of our containers to ship home early. My wife has mailed us a few Christmas decorations to put up. Going to wait till the day after Thanksgiving to put them up and our big Christmas tree. If I don’t, I don’t think anyone would get in the spirit.

Thank you for all the support you have given us the past 10 months. We are so much better off with your support. From the buildings you have helped us build to the food that the guys have eaten. You have really made a difference.

Don’t know if you get the chance to watch any movies, make sure you watch, RED, Knight & Day, and SALT. All are great action movies. I’m a guy, if they are not blowing thing up, or killing everyone in sight, it’s not a good movie…lol Peggy, my wife, is spending both Thanksgiving and Christmas over at one her friend’s house. Her friends’ husband is deployed also. They have a kid the same age as mine so it’s good for them to be with someone and not get depressed cause I’m not there during the holidays.

Tired of being tired, but hanging in there


Chris shared everything he received with everyone. He signed up all his buddies to be adopted and had to be coaxed to be adopted himself !