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April 10, 2018


First let us state that we are keeping our brave military families and troops affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in our hearts and prayers . We are helping as many of you as possible so please do not be shy.  We are here for all of you and families too . We also know 2000+ of you are in Syria and we follow OPSEC.  Let us know what we can do . is all you need to know .

We know this may be a time you need us and a little stress relief always helps. Or maybe you know someone who needs some support ?

We appreciate all of you every day of the year wherever you are and whatever your mission . Being away from home is never easy, friends . Sign up . You’re human and we personalize your support . You are never just a number to us. When you deploy, we’re right there with you . Wherever you need support -we are here. What incredible heroes you all are with Harvey and Irma relief and rescues and the West Coast wildfires and now snowstorms like the Nor’easter ! We think you must all be part superhuman 😉

🔸Are you abot to deploy or already there ? Sign up,warriors.

🔸Never feel forgotten …we are here to wrap you in support and we personalize your support . You just tell us what you want in those care packages or we can take some good guesses after 16 years and as a military family ourselves.

🔸We follow OPSECWe care about your safety and your families and keep you in our prayers every day .

🔸We are here for your families too without conditions. Just share both addresses if you want them adopted too.  We keep everything confidential.


🔸Stress Relief for Troops Flyer

🔸Sign up fast here and send us anything you need or miss, approx length of deployment and birthday :



Thank you for all you do 24/7, 365 days per year. We appreciate you every month and our work and support of you is in tribute to all our fallen heroes – your fallen brothers and sisters. Walking the walk is what our fallen heroes would want from us as Americans who support our troops without conditions. We have all seen your heroism after Hurricane Harvey and there should be no American left who does not want to support and thank you .

Let us offer you some stress relief and support now.  We work hard pro bono for all of you and pray for your safe homecomings . We are in our 17th year …

Short on time? Email:

What to include: 

•at least your address ,bday and approximately how long you will be deployed – remember, we follow OPSEC. No specific dates needed .


🔹 add any needs or wishes for you or types of cards/stickers/items you need to send to loved ones back home

🔹 add any other fellow warriors (names and address) who might like care packages and are not getting any mail or just need real support . We know morale matters . We don’t ask why.

🔹add any morale items like books, DVDs, music, magazines, snacks, games or sports items that might help you destress – don’t hold back !

🔹Share your religion (if any) so we don’t offend you and can send decorations and items for holidays !

Or don’t – it’s up to you .

🔹Tell us what type of movies and music you like . Are iTunes cards better or DVDs?

🔹Any family , partner , girlfriend , boyfriend …back home?  Their birthdays and ages ? Anniversary ? Pets ? Do they need anything ?

🔹Travel games or pick up games needed like a football or soccer ? Chess ? Cards ? Frisbees ? Air pumps for soccer or volleyballs?

🔹 toiletries needed ? febreeze? Baby wipes ? Pillow cases ? Sheets ? Socks ? Sun lotion ? Flashlights? Travel neck pillows?

🔹favorite snacks ? Vitamins ? Coffee? Tea ? Lemon? Soup ? Hot chocolate ? Don’t be shy – please .You will receive 2 care packages per month staggered and sometimes cards in between …if you don’t – let us know .

✅Small request  :  please email or write back at least a few times ( IF POSSIBLE ) so your dedicated registered and screened volunteers know you are alive and everything is okay ….our volunteers work hard. Sometimes your sponsors are kids and teachers who are beyond excited to spoil you and want to know you are okay . They are learning that giving thanks for their freedom matters.






We consider it a privilege to adopt you if you are deployed even a short while or while healing in a hospital or at home. Let us thank you for our freedoms and your sacrifices . Sign up a buddy who is not getting support or mail. We have some of the best volunteers in the world who leave the politics at the door, are officially registered, screened and follow OPSEC/confidentiality at all times . If you are a chaplain – you deserve support too .

All we need from you is to come home safe…Until you do, let us send you a little stress relief as you fight terrorism, help in world humanitarian missions, and keep us safe and free. 


We Mmmm

Attention Commanders and Chaplains, 

We take lists if that is all the time you have and we will get everyone supported. Excel spreadsheets are fine . We have received awards for our diversity, inclusion and respect for all (not just some) of our military who serve . We understand what it means to support all of you without conditions. We follow OPSEC and you will never find any service member info or addresses posted on our website or on any social media. We screen all our volunteers and monitor adoptions. Our volunteers are dedicated and offer serious support. All our volunteers agree to complete confidentiality and follow OPSEC at all times understanding that sharing info could endanger our country,our heroes and their families .

Thank you for allowing us to do our part.

In peace and gratitude, Shalom.

Alessandra and son Ed Kellermann




Deployed and short on time? 

Email with your address and name and/or  lists of troops who need support or just want some stress relief.  We take Excel spreadsheets too. Let us know about how long your deployment is and your birthdays if possible and your address. Remember we follow OPSEC.






We also adopt our wounded heroes and any elderly veterans who need a smile, dealing with a serious illness . Just email 

When you email us – we’ll get to work right away and you’ll receive 1 – 2 care packages per month and cards in-between . This is the fastest and easiest way… Send your address and about how long  you need us, birthday and email when possible and we’ll get started !

Did we mention that we follow OPSEC without fail…for the past 16 years? Tell us your hometowns too, and anything you miss and need if you can so it really feels like personal support.










( Ed Kellermann,age 2 ,when Homefront Hugs began October 11, 2001 ,a month after 9/11. Ed is now co-president of Homefront Hugs USA with his Mom . His father passed away from brain cancer after serving as an A10 pilot in Desert Storm , and training thousands of troops at JRTC at Fort Polk, to deploy to combat zones overseas. His son honors his late Dad , LTC Mad Dog Ducote, through his work here with our amazing troops and veterans.)


Be well and know we are here for you anytime, with stress relief support or advice too if you need to vent or have any stress-  just email our president : 

This email goes directly to Alessandra, a counselor,  and email her if you are worried about anyone you are serving with or go to your chaplain.

You can also call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1 for yourself or anyone you are concerned about and it’s confidential .




We are all human and everyone needs a place to vent . Alessandra , our founder and president receives all emails first and OPSEC and your privacy are key at all times .

You make us so very proud every day whereever you are serving. 

Your service & sacrifices are enough thanks. 






You wish to volunteer?



We welcome the help and we especially have military families needing adoption ! Spread the word too – we have the best adoption program around for troops and volunteers because we have that personal touch and give the best Homefront Hugs!

Read more about how to help in countless ways :

Making A Difference 



You can send in these forms or email us the answers to :


NO TIME? Just send in names and addresses of anyone needing support  and we’ll go from there… But please let us know male or female , and about how long deployment is without violating OPSEC of course.














( families-don’t be shy -we know you are heroes too -and if you need a smile and a Homefront Hug -check this form out)



Homefront Hugs Brochure










Wish to check us out? You can find plenty of testimonials on Volunteer Match  and some below. We are also have listed testimonials above if you click on the Testimonials page.

Our favorites from troops are under LETTERS FROM TROOPS on this website…we don’t need or deserve the thanks but it means a lot. Thank you heroes.

Remember we follow OPSEC:










We help all veterans from any era without conditions . Are you a veteran who needs some comfort and support because of a serious illness or wounds from war ? Email us here :


📌A special letter was received from the former Joint Chiefs of Staff – General Pace – when we helped a WWII veteran in need…our dear Charlie Trapp…RIP – found in the slums of Pensacola, Florida…forgotten until we united and wrapped him in support . It was an amazing moment as the whole country united with us to remind our World War II hero he would never be forgotten again. 





Thanks from the 160th

Signal Brigade








Did you sign up for support ?


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