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We are Americans First


July 14, 2016

We are Americans first .

Remember as you protest it is a liberty given to you – sacrificed for you by many police officers who are VETERANS as well .

We have a serious problem in this country with racism in every venue including the police force. Yet as you protest, remember how much good the ones – the majority – do in our country protecting us – helping us protest without harassment and violence. They go home to families who need them home safe and sound too .



What happened in Dallas, happened to a police force who was doing what was needed in community policing and led by a police chief who is an example for the rest of the country .

When was the last time you thanked a 1st responder ?


When was the last time you thanked a police officer or talked about thanking one with your child ?

When was the last time you brought them some cookies, a cold drink or said thanks when they help you get to your Michigan football games or whatever sports and music venues you attend throughout the year ?

Who do you call in an emergency ?

Who will be there 1st if your loved one has a car accident or is raped or robbed ? These are our 1st responders and not our enemy . They will be telling your loved one everything will be all right . They will be calling for assistance and even rendering CPR or 1st Aid . Take a breath and think about this .

To every 1st responder especially our police officers right now who feel the hate and fear – thank you for your dedication and sacrifices .
Our own Ann Arbor Police Department go above and beyond most police departments as they deal with our teens and college students from all races and religions . We feel safe in Ann Arbor because of our caring community and our amazing 1st responders including our police force .
Remember it’s not all that simple and blame is a waste . I don’t feel as if I can speak entirely for what has happened to African American families for decades including the murder of their loved ones because I am a white single mother in a US Air Force family . I weep with the mothers on both sides and I know we have some mountains to climb because of what has happened to our black citizens and families . Dividing from each other will not help though .

Let’s come together and talk about solutions . We are all Americans first . If we just pit ourselves against each other yelling and screaming – holding signs up of blame – we solve nothing and more decades will pass by . Our children need us to show peace and equality of treatment is possible without racism or brutality . No mother should worry about her son coming home safe each night if he runs into a police officer for any reason. We are better than this as a nation . We need all our children to come home alive and unhurt when they have any interaction with our 1st responders .


Keep protesting and make your voices heard but remember WHY you can .

In peace – Shalom.

Alessandra Kellermann
President and Founder
Homefront Hugs USA