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July 11, 2017


****Being away from home is never easy especially during times of unrest and war . And all we ask is that you adopt just one hero away from home for 6 or 9 month deployments . It is far easier than you think- more boots are on the ground in Iraq with more coming soon . They are not just boots on the ground.  They are husbands,wives ,sisters ,brothers, daughters and sons . They need to know they are not forgotten as morale is low; and they are on high alert . These men and women in uniform fighting ISIS ,helping refugees from ISIS,  trying to end terror worldwide are under a great deal of pressure ,

Your country needs you.  Our veterans need you. You can help from the comfort of your homes with so little inconvenience to you. You can even print your US postage out from home and have FREE boxes delivered and picked up by USPS when they are ready to ship. How convenient is that? 

And you send what you want and can. It’s not about what you send – it’s the fact that you remembered them – the fact that their names will be shouted out at mail call. While this nation is divided, unite with us and support vetted  troops who have no or little support while serving and willing to lay down their lives for our freedoms. 

Our missions ; these adoptions,  are critical, helping to lift morale , helping to reduce the effects of PTSD, isolation and depression.  Morale is especially low as politics seems to be the news these days and not our men and women serving and their quiet sacrifices .

Your help means so much by sending care packages each month of some of their needs and morale items to a wounded or deployed hero in need of a simple Homefront Hug.dMor


Our troops need us and some of  their brave families need us as well.  

You can make a big difference. 


We currently have heroes from all branches waiting to be individually adopted while deployed and we just got lists from commanders of names needing support . If you are a larger group, business, or place of worship, consider maybe adopting a group or just a large group for 3 months or longer . 

Remember, the support you would send is all US postage too even for the troops all the way in Africa, Jordan, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait,Bulgaria,Kuwait,Kosovo, or Afghanistan – many with missions and locations they cannot share .


We have military families needing support and adoption from afar and this is easy ! It only means 1 lift-me-up care package of emotional support not financial. Some of the military families are only 2 people…a grandparent and a grandchild…while the single parent is deployed.


Please consider adopting a single serviceman or woman or even a family .

Adopting a military family can be the biggest gift for a deployed hero when you support their loved ones .








Click here: A Special Thank you from Air Force Troops in Afghanistan | Homefront Hugs USA and

Click here: Special Thanks from Deployed Airmen this Holiday Season 2012 | Homefront Hugs USA


And if you cannot help…please help us reach media, businesses, places of worship, clubs so we can share the need and get enough volunteers who do have time…though it will take less than 2 hours a month to adopt a hero or military family.

Please use connections you might have so we can reach as many people as possible who may wish to adopt a hero or family, as support is critical for our troops. What few know is they are spread thin and we have 20-24 active duty and veteran suicides per day since 9/11.  Your help and support is a gift in itself to our troops even if you cannot adopt right now .

_Would you like someone to come talk about deployment or any issues concerning our families, veterans  and troops ? 

Our founder and president Alessandra Kellermann and her teenage son and co-president Ed, are available for  interviews anytime to help get the word out as are veterans & volunteers ! 

Alessandra is a counselor with specialty in family dynamics , PTSD, deployment, reintegration issues with veterans and families and children with special needs . She holds degrees from both University of Michigan -Ann Arbor and Boston University. Alessandra is available for public speaker needs with adequate notice .

Call 734-330-8203 for media inquiries or email her at




To adopt a soldier, please fill out this form below FIRST, then take a photo of the form or scan it or add it into an email . 

OR  just write the answers in an email

and send it to

You could have your adopted hero within days if you are lucky and we are  in need of immediate adoption .


If  you are a teacher or club or scout leader , we make it A bit easier asking for only 1 care package month when you adopt a hero .

VOLUNTEER SO NO HERO IS FORGOTTEN – think about it for Spring and Summer 2017 ! 

Thank you so very much.


(you can also send us all the answers in an email – click on this flyer below) 

****( *


As we said , adopting a wounded or deployed hero is one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in your life.

Right now we have 3, 6 and 9 month adoptions available based on deployment lengths .

You will receive exactly what you put in to it and be reminded of what it means to be a true supporter of our men and women who serve.  The word ” patriot” is used too often and it is marked more by actions rather than words.

Make it a family project, join with coworkers , do it with your class in college or school, adopt with your place of worship or social club, adopt with your roommate in college , but please open your hearts to our deployed men and women who just wish for a hug from the homefront…thus HOMEFRONT HUGS.



Adopting does not mean spending a lot of money and getting everything on our care package list. Adopting a hero means sending 2 care packages of any size a month, all explained again when you sign up to adopt and we are there to help you the whole way with ANY questions or guidance .

Your care packages are sent as if they were within the USA so you do not pay international rates.

BEST WAY ? You can use FREE FLAT RATE boxes from USPS to save a lot of money , you can have that shipped to you , and the postman will come pick them up when you are ready after you print out postage from your computer! How convenient is that ? 🙂

Don’t worry, we will share these tips again when you sign up  and they are also on our ” Care Package Ideas” page with many ideas of what you can choose to pack and what not to pack. Your hero will probably have  specific needs that you can help with if you want depending on the climate and what their mission is but you just send what you can or want . It’s the continuous contact and support that helps emotionally – never what you send .

Everything is basically ” top secret ” , confidential and no info can be shared when you adopt because we are at war and  under threat by ISIS. 

Sometimes our heroes share what they like and need, sometimes we just take excellent guesses based on 15 years of having this program. 

Adopting also means not expecting a reply or regular replies as our men and women are undergoing war and their own stresses so they do not have access to the post office, or email , sometimes at all. Most troops are good about writing when they can and some can email once in a while . We have no penpal program .

Adopting means understanding what giving of yourself without conditions is all about.  It is also never too early to teach a child this lesson and help them learn to enjoy giving to others and developing a sense of empathy and strong self esteem knowing they are needed and heroes too for helping .

YES !! You can let others help you fill the care packages, but you may never share your hero’s address or information.

Why? Because we follow OPSEC here and we also make a promise to our veterans that they can trust us not to divulge essential or critical information during wartime. What you  may think is a minor detail, could be essential to national security or to your hero’s safety .


Bottom line, your country needs you, politics aside.

Our troops are hoping Americans and friends will not forget them even when holidays are over.

Ps . Once you are a volunteer with us – then you are registered permanently and do not have to reapply to adopt again as so many do year after year !



Just read our testimonials.


A Michigan Family hugs Daddy tight when he finally comes home


Again,what is OPSEC? 

You will know this term and its meaning well when you volunteer with us as we adhere to this principle at all times…OPERATIONAL SECURITY.

Here is information you can read right now:




( TIP: you can just send the answers in an email to speed things up to

At Homefront Hugs, we hope that you will not request a certain soldier or airman as we prioritize by who needs support most and has been waiting longest……they are all amazing warriors who deserve support. Just like our wounded warriors, they all are heroes and all need us to help them make their deployment or injury or illness better.

We ask for at least a 4. 6  or 9 month commitment – through the length of the deployment – and if you must resign, please let us know so support is continuous.

Right now we have 4,6 and 9 month deployments available but we do have a few families you can adopt just for the holidays .

You will have access to our founder Alessandra Kellermann who is available to guide and supervise your adoption, offer suggestions which she does on Twitter and Facebook, answer any questions you might have. Just ask please . Our volunteers mean the world to us .


Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa watch the youngest heroes during deployments


Adopting a family is mainly for morale support and never for giving monies or critical support. For that we have our RESOURCES page you can share with your family, or contact us and we will work on advocating for critical needs for your family.

Adopting a family means opening up your heart and offering some thanks and hugs to a family dealing with a long deployment, injury, or illness. We ask that you only send 1 lift-me-up care package a month.

Adopting a family also includes cards and emails in-between depending on what you and your military family seems comfortable with in terms of contact. Others can add to your package as when you would adopt a deployed hero – but your family’s information and address can never be shared due to OPSEC. Right now even military families have great concern as ISIS has threatened their safety here and wherever they are stationed . Also, if terrorists were to get ahold of a military family’s information , this could endanger their deployed hero as well . 


  • emails and cards to lift spirits 
  • markers and arts and crafts to make cards for their hero away from home
  • flowers/plants
  • subscription to magazines ( try and go through EBATES first)
  • small gift card for Mom or Dad manning homefront
  • calendars for children or Mom or Dad at home
  • Itunes cards for teens or books, even magazine subscriptions
  • Stickers ( check out Smilemakers) and books for children
  • baked goods
  • Flameless candles 
  • hot wheels for younger children
  • fun holiday decorations 
  • In summer : fun for pools or sprinklers for the children ( squirt guns, frisbees, nerf balls)
  • Mrs.Prindables Apples, grocery gift card ( just ideas only !)
  • body lotion like Philosophy and Bubble Bath
  • cards, stickers and stationery to write to their hero overseas
  • Cards and drawings (if you have kids) reminding them they are heroes too !
  • Best Popcorn in the world : Popcorn Palace !

You can let others help you fill your care package every month, but you may never share your hero family’s address or information. We have amazing teachers who adopt families with their classrooms and the response from families has been incredible. They are so grateful.

Why is confidentiality so vital ? Because we follow OPSEC here and we make a promise to our veterans that they can trust us not to divulge essential or critical information during wartime. Our veterans are very worried about their family’s safety at all times especially during wartime.



Adopting a family is often one of the best gifts to our deployed heroes so they can focus on their missions and our wounded warriors so they can focus on healing and therapies. We love to have families adopting families as it gives all the children a way to appreciate each other and make new friends and pen-pals.

You can download the forms to adopt a family or adopt a hero right here on this page by emailing us with your info .

Thank you for considering a program where you will be joining some of the most dedicated volunteers in the world and we know we are just a bit biased.





 If this is just not a good time for you , please consider donating funds to us as we send  and fill the care packages monthly to our wounded and deployed servicemen and women who are not adopted yet and those who cannot be adopted due to security: 

Visit our page ” Never Forget ” to donate any amount for postage which is gratefully accepted . We will email you so you can send us a message to include in each of the care packages you sponsor ! 


How else can I help ? 

Choose to buy some of our most critical monthly items for us to pack : 

2017-18  calendars of all kinds ,beef jerky ,Neosporin , bandaids , U shaped neck pillows, small Maglites flashlights ( found at hardware stores like Lowes ), yankee candle scented candles ,travel games ,yo-yos, dartboards , deflated soccer balls and pumps ,letters & cards from YOU, all types of stickers to send home to children ,silly string, 🏈 footballs, and a huge favorite : iTUNES cards in any denomination , harmonicas, ground Starbucks coffee ! 


Homefront Hugs for Troops

1881 W.Liberty St.

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103


We are proudly an all volunteer organization in our 16th  year and no one receives any compensation except the satisfaction that fewer wounded and deployed troops are forgotten .


We wish you all the best

as you begin Summer 2017 🌺

To our troops,vets and families, know you are never forgotten at Homefront Hugs USA. Sign up for adoption with a simple email if deployed :


We salute you here without conditions all year long.