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My Pledge on Veterans’ Day

My Pledge on Veterans’ Day


November 11, 2017

To every veteran hurting today – my heart and love go out to you . We may have never met but I keep you with me every day as we try to make a tiny bit of difference here at Homefront Hugs USA .



I know your tears. I have wept for you and with you and for many heroes we have known and lost as a military family.
I promise we will not rest until we fix the care you receive when you serve and especially when you come home. I promise we will not rest until we fix the pain you endure because of a warped legal system while serving that forces you to handle violent crimes in-house within chain of command like the countless sexual assaults and hidden numerous acts of domestic violence . I know the suicide crisis daily is part of this challenge .

I pledge this to you today that when I say you are not forgotten, I mean these words. . We will continue to make our voices heard for every veteran here and every veteran we have lost, forever in our minds and hearts . Know that you inspire me and every volunteer here every day to keep fighting the good fight because you are holding on against all obstacles, the deafening silence, and unexpected challenges that attempt to harm your faith and spirit. As long as you can hold on, so can I . Please hear my voice and feel my love, gratitude and faith in you. You are not alone, my friend.

Sincerely yours,


Alessandra Kellermann
Homefront Hugs USA