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Letter of Thanks to A Heroine and Grieving Mother

A Letter of Thanks to a Heroine 



November 23, 2016

Dear Penny,

As we begin our holiday, I remember the wonderful people who make Homefront Hugs troops, military families and veterans smile and wrap them in comfort all year long . And I give thanks . I especially give thanks for you and your family Penny.
You honor your son every day and I love you for that Penny. Your strength and heart humbles me right now . I am sending you your soldier soon but want it to be a good match . Please give me a little extra time . When you volunteered so soon to adopt a hero after losing your own son – I was overwhelmed at such kindness and love when you must be in great pain.

Your grandchildren are very lucky to have you as their grandmother as are your children . I know you are a veteran and a warrior but grief it grief .
I mean what I said earlier, sincerely- I am here for you, Penny.
You inspire me on tough days when no one seems to hear us and our troop and veteran needs.
I thank you from my heart for all your family’s sacrifices but it will never be enough .
Stay strong and know your son – your amazing brave son Ben is in your heart ❤️ forever . No one can take those memories away either .
I know it’s tough but I will keep you and your beautiful family in my prayers . We will honor Ben forever more at Homefront Hugs .

We are his voice now.

Sincerely in peace and love ,


Alessandra Kellermann
President and Founder
Homefront Hugs USA
Recipient of the Four Chaplains Award








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