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Emergency to Save Home for a Grieving Military Family

Emergency to Save Home for a Grieving Military Family


 January 8, 2018  Update MIDNIGHT



Crisis for a Military Family at Serious Risk of Losing Their Home in the Middle of Winter Is Now Over thanks to some very kind heroes and angels . 

We will leave this page open for a little longer as requested in case anyone else still wishes to help set them solidly into 2018 . 






















Help remind a military family they are not forgotten and that in this freezing winter weather they will not be losing their home . The kids already lost their Dad.  Let’s restore their hope in humanity with all they have been through . 

This is an 🚨Emergency   – one day left to help – please read this . Share this story and please if you can – donate . We have vetted and confirmed all information and also attempted to advocate for them with no luck .

So far, we have 78 of 350 million Americans who have donated . The inflexible mortgage  company just informed the family they will lose their home if all the arrears are not paid immediately .













 This has been an incredibly painful and stressful time for this military family as they have been discriminated against just picking up some relief from the Red Cross too at a local grocery store during Christmas when they “ didn’t look right “ . Yet they have stayed strong knowing we are going to fight this fight together. We are exhausted but the kindness of strangers has reminded ya once again how America shines when we put politics aside . 

They wept when told we were trying to raise funds and help was coming in from Americans from all over who do care . Already scavengera have asked to buy the home out from under them sending emails and asking how well this family took care of their home and how many children and pets they have . This family does not want to lose their home – they don’t want to sell – this is their HOME they love for so many reasons and memories . Please stop contacting us about this family selling .


Their story :

After months of trying to work with their mortgage company – they hit a dead end . The mortgage company not only refuses to post the help they received via the Red Cross and AFAS  ( 2/3 of their arrears ) but has not given an inch of empathy or help to extend deadlines for last funds overdue. So we have a bit more left to raise . Nothing is impossible . This IS achievable. 

You don’t have to take time to know the whole story but know they have been vetted by our organization and 2 military specialists . We have tried local and state resources for them with no luck during the entire holiday season. They originally owed $10,000 but got help with 2/3 from the Red Cross and AFAS.

Anyone can donate safely clicking on the yellow buttons here . 100% will be applied to their mortgage .

You can also leave the family a message they will receive without sharing your personal or financial info :


This military family fell behind 4 months  because their hero and father of their children who served honorably, died of cancer. When his income helping to pay the mortgage  abruptly stopped this summer 2017, they scrambled and tried to find other income and work with their mortgage company . They were told to wait until they were 3 months behind . Then they were declined all help .




It doesn’t end there . They appealed to the military relief agencies and the Red Cross as all they needed to do was to catch up in arrears as the mother has acquired a part time job to contribute moving forward and their oldest son, in college full time, is also helping with what he can .  They will be struggling but can make ends meet if they can just catch up with arrears . This is their home and it holds so many memories just like for any of us .



Adding to their pain : 

When this family went to their local Kroger’s in Michigan to pick up the 2/3 in arrears the Red Cross wired them through Western Union to send to their mortgage company , they were humiliated and discriminated against based on how they “ looked “ . The young  cashier at the counter looked at the mother with a bandage on her head and hat covering it partially and her limp and cane , and said “ I don’t feel comfortable and I don’t need a reason to not release these funds. “ The store manager came when called and backed the Michigan Kroger employee up. The mother trying not to cry with her children and in physical pain , asked politely for a reason . They then were threatened with the police if they did not leave which had never happened to this family ever .

This is appalling that this is type of discrimnation is still happening and the mother, with a crowd of 30-40 Kroger employees and customers watching,  explained the children’s father had died and served our country and this was official help from the Red Cross they were trying to pick up. They were told again to leave .

Next day, they did find a Fifth/Third bank with a Western Union to release the funds and help send the funds overnight to the mortgage company . They were treated with dignity and respect and thanked for their sacrifices . There are still decent people in this world . All they need now is a very small miracle to come up with the arrears .


The mother is not in good health with all this stress but you have given her hope.  This stress and seeing her children worry about losing their home and missing their father is not helping . She has called the mortgage company almost every day and for resources daily asking for help with no luck . We have verified all information and called as well.

You can donate here below safely and securely using Paypal or any credit card or checking account and add a message for this family unless you wish to remain anonymous :

100% of your donations are used for our heroes in need and their families and to keep missions going all year .  100% will be used towards their mortgage .

Happy New Year from our own family , our charity and all our dedicated volunteers . Reminding this family humanity wins is what we can do together – this is when America shines. Thank you to all of you heroes helping now to give or share the need – you are the real patriots . We can do this ! 


Peace to all . Shalom.


Alessandra Kellermann
Founder and CEO
Homefront Hugs Foundation,Inc .

University of Michigan Alumnus 1988 








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