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Military Family Adoption for the Holidays

Military Family Adoption for the Holidays


Adopting a Military Family for the Holidays 

First, if you cannnot adopt from far, you can donate towards any of our 6 military families so they can have a bright Christmas and even add a message ;



Thank you so much for wanting to help make spirits a bit brighter for a military family this Christmas and Hanukkah season .

All we need is your full name, full address, home and cell phone, agreement to confidentiality and a few sentences why you would like to adopt a military family from far I n need of some Homefront Hugs . We will send you detailed confidential information about your family and ideas but it’s all up to you how you wish to lift their spirits . Our main message is to thank our families for their service and sacrifice and let them know they are never alone or forgotten by our country and especially here at Homefront Hugs Foundation .

Financial donations are strongly discouraged and if there are any crisis needs, that is when you contact our crisis counselor and also founder of Homefront Hugs, Alessandra Kellermann . We will assist with appropriate referrals and resources that we know well after two decades of helping families in distress emotionally and financially . We want your experience to be positive and rewarding as well. Leave the heavy lifting to us .

Here are more details of what an adoption can look like and truly meant to brighten spirits. Our goal is to let a military family dealing with a death, hardship or wounds or a long deployment know they are not alone . Although we do not want financial donations 1 gift cards are fine .

In fact right now we have 6 families still not adopted so we are suggesting gift cards sent to us to help or if you decide to adopt a family :

You may adopt your assigned family past the holidays if you choose which just means one care package and heartfelt letters or cards in between for 6 months . You must let us know if that is your wish and a regular adoption is explained here too :














For any more information , please email 

We wish you a beautiful joyous holiday season. Shalom and peace to all.

Alessandra and Ed Kellermann

Homefront Hugs Foundation  




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