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Where No Hero is Forgotten

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Where “No Hero is Forgotten ”  – our mission for 16 years with your help . Happy Veterans Day weekend .

Over the past 16 years, we have sent more than 21,000 care packages to troops deployed and wounded and seriously ill vets healing who had little or no support . We also work with natural disaster relief supporting victims and 1st responders . Support matters. 









🔸Here you can safely and securely make  a monthly donation of any amount.  Thank you so much. 

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🔶All Frequent Flyers donating monthly receive the following  with their pledge : 

🔹 Special mention on social media of your loved one who served or serves on all our platforms and here on our website unless you prefer anonymity .  We also will include any message you wish us to post for our grave troops healing or deployed . Your privacy is important to us so just let us know when we ask after your donation .

🔹If  your monthly gift is from a specific group,company  or organization ,we are happy to include your logo and message for our troops permanently here with any donations over $100 monthly.

🔹Personal  letter of thanks

🔹Homefront Hugs newsletter bimonthly.

🔹Your name and photo of anyone or group you honor will be added to our special wall of thanks unless you choose to remain anonymous for privacy.











Because of you, we will be working hard to make sure no hero is forgotten. We appreciate your unconditional support for all who serve and have served with your monthly pledge . 

Or make a 1 time donation of any amount to ship critical care and sign up later for a monthly pledge :





If you, yourself , have served our country – please know we are forever grateful .