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Homefront Hugs for the USS Fitzgerald

Homefront Hugs for the USS Fitzgerald Surviving Shipmates 


🇺🇸🎗 Regarding the surviving sailors on the USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) – it’s time for the real EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ! 🇺🇸🎗

Any request for supplies and monies can be halted as they are receiving more than enough items to replace lost belongings including clothes through USO and Navy Relief . They actually put out a statement 4 days after tragedy asking anonymous donations to stop as they were overwhelmed with the kindness worldwide .

Many shipmates did however lose laptops,iPads, cameras …so if anyone feels generous and would like to help in that way – we will not post their address here but you can send these items ( gently used are fine)  or gift cards to :

Homefront Hugs for USS Fitz
Homefront Hugs USA
1881 West Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103











📫 From our direct contact with shipmates and friends in Japan, they would appreciate  any of these items below for morale :

🔸ITunes Cards
🔸NEX cards for Navy Exchange
🔸 gift cards
🔸Visa Gift cards
🔸Journals with colored pens and pencils 📙📗📕🖊🖌




🔸calendars of humor,animals , patriotic,spiritual,sports,bikes
🔸scented candles to remind them of home
🔸movies on USB Drives
🔸spiritual or books of humor like Far Side, Garfield, Family Guy ,favorite quotes , etc .
🔸 New Workout books/Magazines

🔸 Tiny Maglites ( made in the USA)
🔸 Pedicure/Manicure Sets
🔸 Blank cards/Stationery to send home
🔸 Travel Games incl Chess
🔸 playing cards of all themes
🔸 Twizzlers,Beef Jerky, Saltwater Taffy
🔸 Footballs and soccer balls
🔸 Frisbees
🔸 Water Squirt Guns of all kinds (no bigger than 1 foot long due to size of care packages )

🔸Great project for kids and teens : Decorated Pillowcases 😎

Buy some white pillowcases and permanent markers and start decorating ! Add messages of support and thanks for their sacrifices ! We love these and collect these all year long for all our deployed and wounded troops so the more the merrier ! Make them fun and colorful !

📫 With these items above and hopefully many cards and letters, we are putting together uplifting care packages and will be collecting items through July 9th !
We will accept late items but this will be for our first shipment .

Thanks to everyone for being so patient as I know you wanted information to help in some way . If you can help and can give us a heads up as to what you can help with / please email:

🔸💙MOST OF ALL – we need posters and cards all handwritten and handmade for our brave heroes of the USS Fitzgerald – real #HomefrontHugs !


” What do we write ?”

✏️Thank them for their courage and service – let them know they are never forgotten – share a little about yourself and let them know you are a Homefront Hugs volunteer .

✏️Remind them they can sign up anytime for longterm individual support at

🖍And if your kids can’t write yet – drawings are awesome and attach a photocopy photo your child – the young artist so they know who made it !
You can add a return address or email anytime as you might hear back …


HINT : This makes a great project for any teenager and we will collect items until the end of July but the first deadline is July 9th !
Teens can get volunteer credit for hours helping and get registered here as official volunteers like any adult …

For all of us – what a super way to say thanks for our freedoms this July 4th and summer by helping with our morale mission for the survivors of the USS Fitzgerald ! 🇺🇸


Thank you everyone. Have a wonderful week .


Alessandra and Ed 

Alessandra and son Ed Kellermann
Homefront Hugs USA

Many times when someone you cared about is lost and yet you survived – ” Survivor’s Guilt ” can happen . Some tools to help :








If you prefer you can donate here specifically towards  morale needs for the USS Fitzgerald surviving shipmates: